Lene Lovich

Lili Marlene Premilovich

Also known as I.Premilovich, L Lovich, L,. Lovich, L. Lavoorch, L. Lovich, L. Premilovich, L.Lovich, Lena Lovich, Lene, Lene Lovitch, Lenolovich, Lovich, Lovitch
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Discography of Lene Lovich:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Lucky Number 3 Audio 1978
2 Lucky Number 2 Audio 1978 Stiff Records
3 New Toy 6 Audio 1981 Stiff-Epic
4 New Toy 2 Audio 1981-00-00 Stiff Records
5 Stateless 11 Audio 1978-00-00 Stiff Records
6 What Will I Do Without You 8 Audio 1980 Stiff Records
7 The Best Of Lene Lovich 23 Audio 1997 Repertoire Records
8 No Man's Land 9 Audio 1982
9 Bird Song 3 Audio 1979-09-28 Stiff Records
10 Lucky Number 3 Audio 1979 Stiff-Epic
11 Lucky Number 2 Audio 1978
12 Say When 2 Audio 1979 Stiff Records
13 Angels 2 Audio 1980 Stiff Records
14 Lucky Number 3 Audio 1979 Stiff Records
15 Don't Kill The Animals 3 Audio 1986 Arista
16 1980 Global Assault - Recorded Live In London And Boston 6 Audio 1980 Stiff-Epic
17 New Toy 6 Audio 1981
18 Stateless 11 Audio 1978 Stiff Records
19 Stateless 11 Audio 1979 Stiff Records
20 Stateless 11 Audio 1979 Stiff Records
21 Stateless 11 Audio 1979 TELDEC
22 It's You, Only You (Mein Schmerz) 3 Audio 1982-10-00 Stiff Records
23 Angels 3 Audio 1980-01-00 Stiff Records
24 Lucky Number 3 Audio 1979-02-02 Stiff Records
25 Lucky Number 3 Audio 1979-02-02 Stiff Records
26 Say When 3 Audio 1979-05-04 Stiff Records
27 New Toy 2 Audio 1981-03-00 Stiff Records
28 Shapeshifter 3 Audio 1999-12-00 Dollymog Records
29 Stateless 11 Audio 1979 Stiff Records
30 The Very Best Of 20 Audio 1997 Disky
31 Shadows And Dust 10 Audio 2005-09-13 The Stereo Society
32 Don't Kill The Animals 2 Audio 1986 Ariola
33 Blue Hotel 2 Audio 1983
34 The Night 2 Audio 1980 Stiff-Epic
35 Say When 4 Audio 1979 Stiff Records
36 Bird Song 2 Audio 1979
37 Flex 10 Audio 1979
38 Flex 14 Audio 1991 Line Records
39 Bird Song 2 Audio 1979-09-28
40 Stateless 11 Audio 1979 Stiff-Epic
41 Flex 10 Audio 1980 Stiff-Epic
42 Say When 3 Audio 1979 Barclay
43 I Think We're Alone Now 2 Audio 1978 Stiff Records
44 It's You, Only You (Mein Schmerz) 2 Audio 1982 Epic
45 It's You, Only You (Mein Schmerz) 2 Audio 1982 Epic
46 Wonderland 4 Audio 1989 Pathfinder Records
47 Lucky Number 2 Audio 1978
48 Lucky Number 2 Audio 1979
49 Lucky Number 3 Audio 1978
50 No-Man's Land 9 Audio 1982-00-00 Epic

Lene Lovich (pronounced Lay-na Luv-itch), is an American-born singer, musician and songwriter, born March 30, 1950 in Detroit, Michigan. She currently lives in England.

Born to a Serbian father and an English mother, the family separated when Lene was 13 and she, her three siblings and her mother emigrated to Hull, England. There she met her life-long partner, guitarist and co-writer [a=Les Chappell]. They both later attended the Central School of Art in London, and there Lovich first tied her hair into the plaits that became a visual trademark, though at first she did it to keep her hair out of the clay when studying sculpture.

In 1978, after several years of playing saxophone, dancing and performing in fringe theatre, playing in other people's bands, and having penned the lyrics to [a=Cerrone]'s [url=http://www.discogs.com/Cerrone-Supernature-86/master/223931]Supernature[/url], Lene came to the attention of [a=Charlie Gillett], who played her demo to [l=Stiff Records] boss [a=Dave Robinson (3)] who immediately signed her. That demo, a cover of the [a=Tommy James] classic "I Think We're Alone Now", was issued by Stiff as a mail-order only single. Shortly afterwards she appeared on the Be Stiff 1978 tour, a five band line-up touring the UK traveling as one company aboard a specially chartered train. The following year her debut album "Stateless" spawned an international hit "Lucky Number".

Singles "Say When" and "Bird Song" also charted and the second album, "Flex" (1979) made the UK top 20. Extensive tours followed, and she gained a large following. In 1979, she co-starred in the film "Cha Cha" with [a=Nina Hagen], who recorded her own version of "Lucky Number", "Wir Leben Immer Noch". In 1986, they co-wrote and recorded "Don't Kill The Animals", a vegetarian and anti-vivisection rap.

Lene's third album "No Man's Land" was delayed by an unenthused Stiff Records. Lacking a release to promote, Lene co-wrote and played the title role in a musical "Mata Hari", at the London Lyric Hammersmith. The delayed album was remixed and given a release by Stiff in November 1982, owing to the positive press for Mata Hari, and pressure from Lene's US label [l=Epic].

Negotiations to escape from Stiff Records entailed an eight year wait for the next album, "March" (1989), recorded in her home studio, and issued on independent US label [l=Pathfinder Records]. A US tour followed in its support. During the 1990s Lene and Les disappeared from the music scene to raise a family in the Norfolk countryside, Lene making occasional appearances.

After sixteen years, in 2005, Lene and Les returned to live performance with a string of shows at small venues in Britain and the USA. A self-produced fifth album "Shadows and Dust" was released in September 2005 by [l=The Stereo Society].

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