Tommy McCook

Thomas Matthew McCook

Also known as "The Great" Tommy McCook, 'Sir' Tommy McCook R.I.P., Cook, Cool, Jimmy McCook, Mc Cook, Mc. Cook, McCook, McCook, Tommy, T, T McCook, T. Mc Cook, T. McCook, T. McCookc, T. McCool, T.Mc.Cook, T.McCook, Tammie, Thomas McCook, Timmy McCook, TM, Tommy, Tommy M'Cook, Tommy Macook, Tommy Mc Cook, Tommy Mc. Cook, Tommy Mc.Cook, Tommy Mccook & His Group, Tommy McCook Quintet, Tommy McCook, Quintet, Tommy McCooke, Yommy Mc Cook
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Discography of Tommy McCook:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
101 Adams Apple / Everytime 2 Audio Island Records
102 What Does It Take To Win Your Love / Reggae Meringue 2 Audio 1970 Duke Reid
103 Carry Go Bring Come 2 Audio Treasure Isle
104 Brass Rockers 12 Audio
105 Road Block / Chatty Chatty Woman 2 Audio 2013 Port-O-Jam
106 Two For One / I Don't Know 2 Audio 2013 Studio One
107 Mother's Tender Care 4 Audio 1970 Duke Reid
108 Blazing / No Water 2 Audio 1977 Grove Music
109 Ska-Ba / I Know The Lord 2 Audio 1963 Island Records
110 Stick By Me / Windfall 2 Audio Baron's
111 Good News / The Fits Is On Me 2 Audio Treasure Isle
112 Fisherman Special 2 Audio
113 Fisherman Special 2 Audio
114 Feel Good / Soulful Mood 2 Audio 1968 Amalgamated Records
115 I'm Ready To Go / Flower Pot 2 Audio Humble
116 Soulful Music / Sound And Soul 2 Audio 2013 Caltone
117 King Tubby Meets The Agrovators At Dub Station 25 Audio 2007 Trojan Records
118 You Will Never Get Away / Rockaway 2 Audio 1970 Duke Reid
119 Girl I Have Got A Date / Yellow Basket 2 Audio Treasure Isle
120 Rock Steady / Last Train To Expo '67 2 Audio Trojan Records
121 One Life To Live / My Best Dress 2 Audio Treasure Isle
122 One Life To Live / My Best Dress 2 Audio Treasure Isle
123 Billy Joe 2 Audio 1975 Blue Canary
124 Cast Your Faith To The Wind / I Am The Greates 2 Audio 2013 Islam
125 Show Case 12 Audio 1997 Culture Press
126 One Life To Live One Love To Give / My Best Dress 2 Audio Treasure Isle
127 Horny Dub (Glen Brown Meets Tommy McCook At Cross Roads Caledonia Place) 10 Audio 1976 Grounation
128 The New President 2 Audio 1973 Lord Koos
129 Brass Rockers 12 Audio
130 Music Is My Occupation 15 Audio 1989 Trojan Records
131 Bongo I 2 Audio Coxsone Records
132 Soul Serenade 2 Audio 1978 Phil Pratt
133 Oh Lord / Hotter Dub 2 Audio Tesfa Records
134 Darling I Love You / Saboo 2 Audio 1967 Island Records
135 Cotton Tree / Punch You Down 2 Audio 1964 Ska Beat
136 Carry Go Bring Come / Hill & Gully Ride 2 Audio Treasure Isle
137 Dance Good / More Music 2 Audio 2012 Pantomine
138 Sensimena / You Wrong 2 Audio King Sounds
139 Riding West / Joyful Christmas 2 Audio Flames Records
140 Reggae In Jazz 12 Audio 2013 Pressure Sounds
141 Lovers Time 9 Audio 1976 Carl's Records
142 Exodus / Help The Weak 2 Audio 1964 Muzik City Records
143 Riding West 2 Audio 1978 Third World Records
144 Reggae In Jazz 15 Audio 2013 Pressure Sounds
145 Ain't That Lovin' You / Comet Rock Steady 2 Audio 1967-08-11 Trojan Records
146 Brass Rockers 12 Audio Striker Lee
147 La Paloma 2 Audio Angen
148 Road Block / Chatty Chatty Woman 2 Audio 1964 Rolando & Powie
149 Going Home 2 Audio Matt
150 Cheater / Harvest In The East 2 Audio not on label

3 March 1927 – 5 May 1998

Founding member of [a=Skatalites, The] and [a=Supersonics, The]. Very important jamaican saxophone player.

He was born in Havana, Cuba. When his father worked at Panama Canal, the familly moved to Jamaica in 1933. He went to Alpha School, which gave him a good musical eduction. His career started in 1943 when he performed in Eric Dean Orchestra, one of the best at that time on the whole island. Then he switched to Don Hitchman's sextet. This band was one of the first jamaican Bands ever got recorded (1952/1953). This happened at the first radio station in Jamaica, Z or Zed QI. In the early fifties, Tommy was a soloist in the greatest band to coalesce in Jamaica before The Skatalites, Roy Coburn's Blu-Flames featuring [a=Don Drummond], [a=Cluett Johnson] and [a=Ken Williams (6)]. In 1954 he moved to Nassau, Barbados to play gigs in Clubs next to [a=Ernest Ranglin]. 1956 he moved to Miami, Florida where he first got into contact with Jazz music. He was heavily influenced by hearing [a=John Coltrane], whose tunes he first played when he moved back to Jamaica in 1962. He played with a lot of musicians, which can be found on a lot of early ska recordings, but until 1964 he always denied offer by [a=Clement "Coxsone" Dodd] and [a=Arthur "Duke" Reid]. He was a known musician for adding Jazz to ska music. On sundays, he always went to play a regular session with other musicians like [a=Jackie Mittoo], [a=Lloyd Knibbs] and [a=Johnny Moore], which got later released as [r=1562855]. Out of this session emerged one of Jamaica's most important bands [a=Skatalites, The](June 1964). The Skatalites made several hundred instrumental recordings, mostly for Dodd's [l=Studio One] and backed the gamut of Jamaica's vocalists on hundreds more. After [a=Don Drummond] murdered his girlfriend in 1965, they crashed and split up. McCook was now producing records for Reid's [l=Treasure Isle]. At that point he started his new band [a=Supersonics, The]. Tommy led them until they disintegrated on a trip to Montreal Canada in 1969. In 1973 he went to the U.K. to work with [a=Jimmy Cliff]'s band for a BBC special on Cliff meeting Jazz artist Herbie Mann. After 1975 he played at [l=Channel One]'s studio band [a=Revolutionaries, The]. In 1983, Tommy started to reanimate the Skatalites, which worked out well and they as they saw that they could make out a living of touring, they restarted. He stopped playing around 1995, when his health condition got worse. He died on May 5, 1998 leaving his second wife, eight children and fourteen grand children.

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