Brentford All Stars

Also known as All Stars, The, Brenford All Star, Brenford All Stars, Brenford Allstars, Brenford Allstars, The, Brentford All Star, Brentford All Star Band, The, Brentford All Stars Band, Brentford All Stars, The, Brentford All-Stars, Brentford All-Stars, The, Brentford Allstars, Brentford Allstars, The, Brentford Harmonics, Brentford Harmonics, The, Brentford Rd All Stars, Brentford Rd Allstars, Brentford Rd. All Stars, Brentford Rd. All Stars Band, The, Brentford Reggae Band, Brentford Road All Stars, Brentford Road All Stars, The, Brentwood All-Stars, Studio One, Willy & Brentford Disco Set
Members of Brentford All Stars: Vincent Morgan

Discography of Brentford All Stars:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 The Jam Is On / Greedy G 3 Audio 1987-00-00 Greensleeves Records
2 Heavenless / Let Me Love You 2 Audio Studio One
3 King Solomon / Ska Tom 2 Audio Coxsone Records
4 Greedy G. / Granny Scratch Scratch 2 Audio 1998 Soul Jazz Records
5 Still Waters / Wigwam 2 Audio 1970 Bamboo
6 Six Pence 2 Audio 1973 Bongo Man
7 Race Track 2 Audio Studio One
8 Version 2 / Feeling Good 2 Audio 1970 Bamboo
9 Soul Shake / Moon Ride 2 Audio 1970 Bamboo
10 Soul And Inspiration / Purple Lights 2 Audio Studio One
11 My Sweet Lord 2 Audio 1971 Tranquility Records
12 Come To Jamaica 2 Audio 1975 Coxson
13 How Can I Trust You / Construction 2 Audio 1970 Studio One
14 Row Fisherman Row / Moon Ride 2 Audio 1970 Coxsone Records
15 Greedy G / Jack Of Spades 2 Audio 2012-10-00 Originals
16 Life Could Be A Dream / Love At First Sight 2 Audio 2013 Studio One
17 Everybody Talking 2 Audio 1975 Coxsone Records
18 Can I Change My Mind (Instrumental) 2 Audio 1970 Bamboo
19 Love At First Sight / Life Could Be A Dream 2 Audio 1970 Bamboo
20 Greedy G / Granny Scratch Scratch 2 Audio 2013 Soul Jazz Records
21 Jah A The Creator / What A Fire 2 Audio 1979 Studio One
22 Soul And Inspiration / Purple Lights 2 Audio Studio One
23 My Satisfaction / Blue Moon 2 Audio 1977 Studio One
24 Race Track 2 Audio 1978 Studio One
25 Soul And Inspiration / Purple Lights 2 Audio Studio One
26 Life Could Be A Dream / Love At First Sight 4 Audio Studio One

The main in-house bands through the 1970s were variously called The Soul Defenders, The Brentford Road All-Stars, The Brentford Rockers or The Brentford Disco Set but were essentially made up of the same group of musicians which included amongst others Vin Morgan, Leroy "Horsemough" Wallace, Bagga Walker, Cedric Brooks and Pablove Black.

Named after the address of the Studio One recording studio and label at 13 Brentford Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica W.I.

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