J. (2)

Also known as J

Discography of J. (2):

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 So High 4 Audio 2002 TUNEengine
2 Rise & Fall 5 Audio 2004-08-00 TUNEengine, Inc.
3 Without My One And Only 5 Audio 2003 TUNEengine, Inc.
4 So High 7 Audio 2002 TUNEengine

J. is a multi-instrumentalist from Brooklyn, New York. His debut album, ANIMAL, was self released in 2002 and picked up by TUNEengine, INC. in 2003, spawning first single, SO HIGH, which climbed to #36 on the national mix show charts with mixes by Georgie Porgie, Tony Cano, MYSTR E, and DJ Marc Anthony w/Josh Hartson. According to BDS, the record has aired on over 120 R&B, Top 40 and Rhythm Crossover stations.

J. has toured the country, performing in Miami, Kansas City, St. Joseph, Boston, Ogunquit and most recently performing in New York for the Billboard Dance Music Summit Afterparty at Splash. Often spotted with idol and former Expose vixen, Gioia Bruno, (FROM THE INSIDE,) J. gives explosive, high-energy performances, full of sexual agression and soul.

His second single, WITHOUT MY ONE AND ONLY, has been remixed by DJ Chris "The Greek" Panaghi, Giuseppe D. and once again, MYSTR E w/ Christopher David and hits the clubs in December 2003.

J. has been featured in HX, Innewsweekly, The Pub Report, The WIRE, Midwest Times, KC Exposures, GayCityNews, Tag Magazine, Hypursuit, etc., and although initially lauded for his body, is now earning respect for his considerable musical abilities.

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