Chris Reece

Christian Hirt & Roberto Pagliaro

Also known as C. Reece, Ch. Reece, Chis Reese, Chris Reece Deluxe, Chris Reese, Chriss Reece, Christian Reece
Members of Chris Reece: Christian Hirt, Roberto Pagliaro
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Discography of Chris Reece:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Hallow 5 Audio 2008-03-13 Electric Candy Recordings
2 The Fall / Hallow 4 Audio 2008-05-23 Unreleased Digital
3 Autumn Leaves 5 Audio 2008-11-20 Enormous Tunes
4 Suave 5 Audio 2008-07-30 Enormous Tunes
5 Freeloader? 2 Audio 2007-10-30 Unreleased Digital
6 Brasil E.P. 2 Audio 2007-07-19 Unreleased Digital
7 Still Breathin' 6 Audio 2010-03-01 Pilot6 Recordings
8 Salvation 4 Audio 2010-04-28
9 The Notice 6 Audio 2010-07-12 Pilot6 Recordings
10 The Fall 5 Audio 2007 Mylo Recordings
11 Salvation 4 Audio 2010 Pilot6 Recordings
12 The Divine Circle 31 Audio 2010-06-28
13 The Divine Circle 16 Audio 2010-10-11 Armada Music
14 Never Let Me Go 4 Audio 2011-07-11 Pilot6 Recordings
15 Ready To Go 3 Audio 2009-12-04 PinkStar Records
16 Start Again (5 Years Unreleased Digital Anthem) 3 Audio 2011-11-04 Unreleased Digital
17 Start Again (5 Years Unreleased Digital Anthem) 6 Audio 2011-12-13 Roster Music
18 Miami Device 3 Audio 2012-08-13 Spinnin' Records
19 Life Is Amazing 5 Audio 2012-10-15 Unreleased Digital
20 Life Is Amazing 2 Audio 2012-10-01 Unreleased Digital
21 The Fall 2013 4 Audio 2013-04-22 Unreleased Digital
22 The Fall 2013 3 Audio 2013-04-08 Unreleased Digital
23 These Roads 3 Audio 2013-12-02 Unreleased Digital
24 These Roads 2 Audio 2013-12-13 Unreleased Digital

“Music needs to come from the bottom of your heart, no matter what kind of music.” A fitting quote of the diversity seeking producer/DJ duo Chris Reece. Individuals by body but musical twins in mind, the Swiss producer Christian Hirt and DJ Roberto Pagliaro joined forces in 2007, and have brought a warm and positive sound to the dance scene ever since. In perfect balance, Rob scorches the global clubs to bring the Chris Reece sound to the masses, whereas Christian picks up the right vibes in the studio by producing the Chris Reece originals and remixes. Together, they make an outstanding, promising joint venture of all talent and determination needed to make it to the top – if they’re not there already.

Both guys have years of musical involvement to back them up on the way. Christian always knew he wanted to pay the rent with music and started toying around with computers to find himself able to produce a track, from start to end, at the age of 13. As time passed and the scene went through a metamorphoses of styles, Christian didn’t only set up his own studio but also clocked up more than 70 weeks in the Swiss single chart, together with partner in crime Franky Fonell. After 10 years of partnership, Christian headed for the Chris Reece direction: one towards a more underground, tribal and progressive house sound. Christian:”My today’s sound is a mixture of modern house music, mixed with 80’s and trance influences.” That same sound can be heard in Roberto’s DJ sets. Roberto Pagliaro is the man with the clubbing spirit and sense of what gets the floors trembling and the global dance crowds move. Over the years, he’s made hearts pound faster – to the rhythm of his Rob Lemon productions, remixes and DJ sets. To guarantee the Chris Reece quality, in both clubs and studio, is kept high at all times, the guys decided to divide the work and each focus on their own part. Like a two-piece puzzle, Roberto and Christian bind their strengths into one strong whole: Chris Reece.

As a team, they’ve taken their success to higher levels, arousing the dance scene with tracks like ‘The Fall’, ‘Suave’, ‘Salvation’ and ‘Still Breathin’. With the debut album, called ‘The Divine Circle’, of this Swiss duo coming up at Armada Music in June 2010, including collabs with Nadia Ali, Sam Obernik, Abigail Bailey, Colton Ford and others, Chris Reece reaches higher than their very own Swiss Alps.

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