Armando Trovaioli

Armando Trovajoli

Also known as Trovaioli, A. Travaioli, A. Travaioll, A. Travajoli, A. Trovaioli, A. Trovajoli, A. Trovazoli, A. Troviaoli, A.Trovaioli, A.Trovajoli, Armando Tovajoli, Armando Travajoli, Armando Travioli, Armando Travojoli, Armando Trorajoli, Armando Trovajoli, Armando Trovaloli, Armando Trovjaoli, アルマンド・トロヴァヨーリ, Travajoli, Trovaioli, Trovajoli, Vatro-Trovaioli
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Discography of Armando Trovaioli:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Profumo Di Donna (Original Soundtrack) 13 Audio 1991 CAM
2 Sette Uomini D'Oro / Il Grande Colpo Dei Sette Uomini D'Oro 25 Audio 1992 CAM
3 Il Profeta (Original Soundtrack) 16 Audio 2001 Cinedelic Records
4 Vedo Nudo (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Recording) 14 Audio 1997 Avanz Records
5 I Lunghi Giorni Della Vendetta / Se Incontri Sartana Prega Per La Tua Morte (Original Soundtracks) 25 Audio 1985
6 Treasure Of San Gennaro 10 Audio 1968 Buddah Records
7 Una Magnum Special Per Tony Saitta 12 Audio 2008-01-00 Beat Records Company
8 Il Pianoforte E L'Orchestra Di Armando Trovaioli 12 Audio 1983 RCA
9 Trovajoli Jazz Piano 10 Audio 2004-11-24
10 Softly 10 Audio 2006-05-24
11 Il Commissario Pepe (Original Soundtrack) 18 Audio 2006 Argus
12 Sesso Matto (Original Soundtrack) 16 Audio 1974 Vogue
13 Bande Sonore Originale Du Film "Le Sexe Fou" (Sesso Matto) 2 Audio 1974 Vogue
14 Il Profeta / La Matriarca (Colonne Sonore Originali Dei Film) 27 Audio 2001 GDM
15 Mogliamante (Original Soundtrack) 2 Audio 1977 Warner Bros. Records
16 Mystere 12 Audio 1984 General Music
17 La Famiglia Benvenuti / Viver Felici 2 Audio 1968 CGD
18 Fascinating Rhythm / Sophisticated Lady 2 Audio 1950-11-20 Parlophon
19 Lady Bird / All The Things You Are 2 Audio 1951-03-15 Parlophon
20 Parfum De Femme "Profumo Di Donna" (Bande Sonore Originale Du Film) 13 Audio 1975 Pathé
21 Ligabue (Colonna Sonora Originale Dello Sceneggiato Televisivo - Edizione Speciale) 15 Audio 2009 GDM
22 Giovani E Belli (Original Soundtrack) 21 Audio 1996 Screen Trax
23 Tribute To Ugo Tognazzi - Il Commissario Pepe / Splendori E Miserie Di Madame Royale / Sissignore (Original Motion Picture Soundtracks) 33 Audio 1995 Point Records (3)
24 Concorrenza Sleale (Colonna Sonora Originale) 14 Audio 2001 Image Music
25 Casanova '70 / Homo Eroticus (Colonne Sonore Originali) 26 Audio 2009 GDM
26 In Nome Del Papa Re 4 Audio 1977 Beat Records Company
27 Cattivi Pensieri 4 Audio 1976 Beat Records Company
28 Una Notte A Venezia 12 Audio 1958 RCA Italiana
29 Parfum De Femme "Profumo Di Donna" (Bande Sonore Originale Du Film) 13 Audio 1976 Les Disques Trans-World
30 Sesso Matto 16 Audio 1973 Duse Record
31 Una Magnum Special Per Tony Saitta (Original Soundtrack) 12 Audio 1976 Beat Records Company
32 Ciao, Rudy 12 Audio 1972-11-00 RCA Original Cast
33 Sesso Matto 41 Audio 2007 Beat Records Company
34 Colonna Sonora Originale Del Film "Noi Donne Siamo Fatte Cosi" 11 Audio 1973 Fonit Cetra
35 Viuuulentemente Mia 4 Audio 1982 Beat (5)
36 Romanzo Di Un Giovane Povero 23 Audio 1995 RCA Original Cast
37 Nell'Anno Del Signore (Original Soundtrack) 17 Audio 1998 Cinevox
38 Il Fornaretto Di Venezia (Scapegoat) (Original Soundtrack) 15 Audio 1993 CAM
39 Splendor 10 Audio 1989 RCA Original Cast
40 Italiani Brava Gente / Le Soldatesse (Original Soundtrack) 20 Audio 1992 RCA Original Cast
41 Dottor Jekyll E Gentile Signora / Mystere (Original Soundtracks) 32 Audio 2005-12-27 Saimel Bandas Sonoras
42 Il Magnifico Cornuto / La Mia Signora / Le Fate (Colonne Sonore Originali - Edizione Speciale) 21 Audio 2008-02-20 GDM
43 Sabato Sera, 12 Settembre / L'ultimo Aereo Per Venezia 4 Audio 1977 CGD
44 Le Bambole / I Complessi (Colonne Sonore Originali Dei Film - Edizione Speciale) 22 Audio 2007 GDM
45 Sesso Matto 16 Audio 1993 Seven Seas
46 Yesterdays / Easy To Love 2 Audio 1951-03-15 Parlophon
47 L'Arcidiavolo (Colonna Sonora Originale) 24 Audio 2001 Black Cat Records
48 L'arcidiavolo 24 Audio 2003-01-27 Black Cat Records
49 7 Uomini D'Oro / Seven Golden Men Golden Box 45 Audio 2007-01-11
50 Di Mamma Non Ce N'e' Una Sola 2 Audio 1973 CAM

Born September 2, 1917, Rome (Italy)

Died February 27, 2013, Rome (Italy)

Trovaioli wrote more than 200 movie scores for the Italian cinema.

When he was a kid he learned to play violin, showing a remarkable musical talent. Subsequently he graduated in piano and composing at S. Cecilia academy of music of Rome. In 1937 he was engaged in the orchestra of Rocco Grasso, who will have wanted as piano player in his band during next year. In 1939 he played with Sesto Carlini's orchestra, one of the most renowned Italian jazz bands of that time. After the war he's got back to alternate between jazz playing and light music playing and, at the same time, he has improved his music studies graduating at Conservatorio Santa Cecilia of Rome (1948). In 1949 he was picked out to represent Italy at Festival du Jazz de Paris, where he played with Gorni Kramer at double bass and Gilberto Cuppini at drums. On the year after he started a long set of recordings (published with the title "Musica per i vostri sogni"). With same title, and another time with the title Eclipse, he carried out, in collaboration with Piero Morgan (Piero Piccioni), a series of radio shows, one of the first Italian experiments to present jazz piano performances with a string orchestra. At the same time Trovajoli has made his debut, with Vatro pen name, as songs author (È l'alba, Dimmi un po' Sinatra, ecc.). In 1952, invited by Alberto Lattuada writing music for "Anna"'s soundtrack, he accomplished his first worldwide best seller "El Negro Zumbon". On the same year Trovajoli performed as a concert artist playing Gershwin musics under direction of A. Rodzinsky at San Carlo theatre in Naples and of Willy Ferrero at Basilica di Massenzio in Rome. In 1953, in addition to write music for the movie "Due notti con Cleopatra", he attended as orchestra director at Festival della canzone di Sanremo (he was present in 1957, too), where with his famous "Eclipse Orchestra", he joined Cinici Angelini, in the first edition when there was scheduled a double performance of songs. He gained another international success with the song "Che m'è mparato a ffà" brought out and recorded by Sophia Loren (1958). In 1962 Trovajoli, who had previously collaborated for some variety shows, composed for the musical comedy «Rugantino» by Garinei & Giovannini, written together with Pasquale Festa Campanile and Massimo Franciosa, catching experts' eye for the research made about Roman popular themes of the nineteenth century, ably echoed back in his compositions. He has gained the same results with "Ciao Rudy" and "Aggiungi un posto a tavola" always by Garinei & Giovannini. The most striking and catchy song from "Rugantino", "Roma, nun fa' la stupida stasera", became his third worldwide best seller. To remember in his soundtracks repertoire is the collaboration with directors as Vittorio De Sica, Marco Vicario, Dino Risi, Luigi Magni and Ettore Scola, whose he has created music in practice for all his filmography. In 2007 he carried off the "Premio Speciale David di Donatello" for his career.

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