Family Fodder

Also known as Family Fodder And Friends, Family Fodder, The, Fodder
Members of Family Fodder: Bazz Smith, Dominique Levillain, Felix Fiedorowicz, Graham Painting, Ian Hill, John Pearce (2), Judy Carter, Lynn Alice, Martin Frederix, Mick Hobbs, Rick Wilson
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Discography of Family Fodder:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Playing Golf (With My Flesh Crawling) / My Baby Takes Valium 2 Audio 1979
2 Warm / Desire 2 Audio 1980
3 Debbie Harrry 2 Audio 1980 Fresh Records (14)
4 Savoir Faire 2 Audio 1980
5 Film Music 2 Audio 1981 Fresh Records (14)
6 Greatest Hits 12 Audio 1981
7 Coral 2 Audio 1982 Jungle Records
8 Monkey Banana Kitchen 14 Audio 1980
9 ScHiZoPhReNiA pArTy ! 6 Audio 1981 Fresh Records (14)
10 All Styles 15 Audio 1983 Jungle Records
11 More Great Hits! 44 Audio 2008-06-02 Jungle Records
12 Sunday Girls (A Tribute To Blondie By Family Fodder And Friends) 12 Audio 1979
13 Greatest Hits 12 Audio 1981 CFE
14 Water Shed 11 Audio 2000 Dark Beloved Cloud
15 The Big Dig 2 Audio 1982 Fresh Records (14)
16 Classical Music 11 Audio 2010-11-01 The state51 Conspiracy
17 Ancestors Feet 3 Audio 2010 The state51 Conspiracy
18 Variety 11 Audio 2013-07-29 The state51 Conspiracy
19 Monkey Banana Kitchen 14 Audio 2014-01-31 Staubgold
20 Monkey Banana Kitchen 22 Audio 2014-01-31 Staubgold
21 Schizophrenia Party (Director's Cut) 10 Audio 2014-01-31 Staubgold
22 Just Love Songs 11 Audio 2014-09-26 Staubgold

Formed around 1975.

Line-up included Alig, Ian Hill, Dominique Levillain, Felix Fiedorowicz, Martin Frederix, Bazz Smith, Graham Painting, Mark Doffmann, Lynn Alice.

Their music is fun feeded, at time intimate, crossover of acoustic and soft rock elements blending it all in mellow punk, illbient kind of new-wave with reggae style dubs of classical music with 'out there' french beat chants or etrange english chansons. Aside of most of original compositions, they also turned [a=Erik Satie] or even [a=Franz Schubert] in dub, paid tribute for [a=Debbie Harry] in a song as well as made a cover (with a dub version) of [a=Blondie]'s title 'Sunday Girl'. They also did a nice version of [a=Syd Barrett]'s title 'No man's land'.

They also released one record bearing 'Frank Sumatra' as name.

[a=Lynn Alice] later took the place as lead singer of [a=Dominique Levillain] who went into teaching her own creative technique known as Prymary Rhythms (Ryhtmes Premiers).

Aside of this change in members, all above listed are part of the formation but [a=Rick Wilson] and [a=Mick Hobbs] ([a=Work, The]), [a=Charles Bullen], [a=Charles Hayward] ([a=This Heat]) and [a=David Cunningham] or Judy Carter have, at times, taken part in the making of some pieces.

In 2010, they began one of their busiest phases with the release of the new studio album, 'Classical Music'. This was followed up by the 'Singularity' project - six singles/EPs in hand-crafted cd packages - in 2011. Next came the four track "Family Fodder Live" release in 2012, released once again by The state51 Conspiracy. 2013 saw the release of their most recent studio album, 'Variety'.

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