Also known as Squeezer, Squezer
Members of Sqeezer: Jim Reeves (2)
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Discography of Sqeezer:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Saturday Night (Remixes) 4 Audio 1997 CDL - Cologne Dance Label
2 Saturday Night 4 Audio 1997 CDL - Cologne Dance Label
3 Sweet Kisses 5 Audio 1996 CDL - Cologne Dance Label
4 Blue Jeans 5 Audio 1996 CDL - Cologne Dance Label
5 Remember Summertime 4 Audio 2001
6 Blue Jeans (New French Hit Version) 2 Audio 1996 CDL - Cologne Dance Label
7 Scandy Randy (House Mixes) 3 Audio 1996 CDL - Cologne Dance Label
8 Blue Jeans (Drop Your Pants) (Summer Party Mix) 4 Audio 1996 CDL - Cologne Dance Label
9 Scandy Randy 6 Audio 1995
10 Wake Up! 2 Audio 1998 CDL - Cologne Dance Label
11 Saturday Night 5 Audio 1997 Max Music
12 Scandy Randy 4 Audio 1995 CDL - Cologne Dance Label
13 Scandy Randy (Remixes) 3 Audio 1996
14 Wake Up! 5 Audio 1998 CDL - Cologne Dance Label
15 Sweet Kisses 5 Audio 1997 Max Music (Mexico)
16 Blue Jeans 2 Audio 1997 Max Music
17 Blue Jeans 5 Audio 1997 Max Music
18 Sweet Kisses 5 Audio 1997 Max Music
19 Saturday Night (Remixes) 4 Audio 1997-04-25 CDL - Cologne Dance Label
20 Get It Right 3 Audio 1997 CDL - Cologne Dance Label
21 Without You (Fan Edition) 6 Audio 1998 EMI Electrola
22 Streetlife 16 Audio 1998
23 Blue Jeans 4 Audio 1996 CDL - Cologne Dance Label
24 Hot Ski Teeny 4 Audio 2004-02-02 DA Records
25 3 Times 5 Audio 2002 Akropolis Musik & Film GMBH
26 Streetlife 16 Audio 1998 EMI Electrola
27 Sweet Kisses (The Hit Mixes) 4 Audio 1996 CDL - Cologne Dance Label
28 Hot Bikini 3 Audio 2004 DA Records
29 Sweet Kisses 3 Audio 1996 CDL
30 High Heels 4 Audio 2008-03-14 Andorfine
31 Streetlife 16 Audio 1998
32 Drop Your Pants 14 Audio 1996
33 Without You (Limited V.I.P. Edition) 4 Audio 1998 EMI Electrola
34 Tamagotchi (Tschoopapa...) (Special Fan Edition) 4 Audio 1997 CDL - Cologne Dance Label
35 Drop Your Pants 12 Audio 1996 Audio Max

Jim Reeves, Nikole Arndt, Andreas Höhnke

The producers of the project are the Bermann Brothers (Amber, She Moves). The original group was Yvonne Spath then Lori (Loretta) Stern (as female vocalist), Jim Reeves (male vocalist and model), and Tee-Jay (dancer).

The hit that started it all was entitled Scandy Randy, released back in 1995. It was so successful that a remixes CD was out on January 27th 1996. The next single to be released was Blue Jeans. On this single Yvonne Spath was replaced by Lori Stern. Lori used to work on Bravo TV.

The third single Sweet Kisses was released on September 3rd 1997 and the Sweet Kisses remixes CD was released on October 11th. Sweet Kisses also became a big hit. Afterwards, Tee-Jay left the group, he was replaced by Marc Theven. The album Drop Your Pants was released on September 3rd 1996, including 12 tracks in a 50's style mixed with a true eurodance beat.

Sadly Marc killed himself so it was a tragic news for the group who had to cancel they tour in Spain. At that time they even didn't know if they would come back.

Finally they did, and released Tamagotchi in September 1997. In the end of 1997 Sqeezer was again near splitting up because a letter written by Marc Theven before his death, claimed that Jim, Lori and the Sqeezer managment was to blame for his death. But Sqeezer again managed not to split up.

Tamagotchi was followed by Without You in 1998 (which ranked number 8 in Germany) before the release of the album Street Life. Their new style sounded more like Backstreet Boys, not as good as the first album. Wake Up was the second single to be released from the new album. Then, they released Wishing You Were Here (which is not featured in the album). At that time Lori left the group because she was interested in becoming an actress, she was replaced by another vocalist called Veronica. They both sing together on the track Lonely Nights, a single which was never released.

2001: after a long silence Sqeezer was back. Jim and Lori were joined by Heidi Goldstein, a model and singer, and the single Remember Summertime was released on September 3rd. Lori also obtained a role in the TV-Serie "Off Road on the channel ARD.

2002: Sqeezer were searching for a new female vocalist, so they organized a big casting with the help of RTL2. Sqeezer will appear at the Smart Aachen Heddesheim Chartparty on the 30th March, at the Osnabrück Festival Radio on the 12th of May, at the Leipzig Stadtfest on the 31th May 2002 and at the Salzgitter Festival Radio on the 28th July 2002. The new single was released on the 25th of November. It was entitled 3 Times.

2003: Sqeezer are back with a new single entitled Hot Ski Teeny. It was chosen as anthem for the German winter show Apres-Ski Hits 2004. It will officially released in January 2004. The new vocalist, Nicky, was chosen during the real-TV program Casting Agentur on Pro7.

2004: Sqeezer released their summer single, called Hot Bikini, which is the same song as Hot Ski Teeny, but with new lyrics.

2006: the project got new members: Andy and Sonjia. A 2006 version of their hit single Blue Jeans was recorded and the video can already be seen. There were rumors according to which Lori Stern did not actually sing, vocals would have been done by Alexandra Prince.

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