María del Mar Cuena Seisdedos

Discography of Tamara:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Superestar 14 Audio 2001
2 No Cambié 3 Audio 2001
3 Tú Vas A Ser Mi Hombre (The Club Mixes) 5 Audio 2001

Tamara is what we may call an interpreter in the classic sense of the word. She sings what other people write and produce even if she claims authorship on one or two songs. Unlike many singers who can't sing but find an interesting way of using their voices (and even take advantage of that fact), Tamara can't sing. In fact she might be tone deaf.

Thus, she is a strange product that could only germinate in a surreal landscape such as Madrid.

More then a singer she is the complete incarnation of Wharhol's 15 minutes of fame, a sort of ridiculous famous character who goes on national television to talk about the first time she had sex with a man and how the next day she had to go to hospital because her "fanny" (that is the closest translation I could get) was sore. An her mother, an old lady who hits people with her handbag and whose surname is Seis Dedos (Six Fingers), was there in the audiance to confirm things stating that she knew her daughter was up to no good for she had seen blood on her knickers.

This was all true and it only serves to illustrate the circus wich surrounds this character. She is a mass pop phenomenum, not a musical phenomenum at all.

Now it also happens that a couple of interesting producers (including Nacho Canut of Fangoria) saw the interesting potential of this character and produced a synth-pop album that is so retro sounding and remeniscient of the 80's scene in Madrid that it is actually worth a listen.

Still, was this a one off?

Firstly she used her name María del Mar artistically. In 1990 was renamed Tamara. Shortly after publishing her LP, the record company of [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Tamara+%287%29]Tamara[/url], the singer of boleros, denounced her for plagiarizing her name. Tamara Seisdedos, which was described as bad Tamara, renamed artistically Ámbar in 2004. It was later discovered that the name Ámbar was also registered and she had to be changed to Yurena in 2005, name under which she released his latest CD.

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