Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata

Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata (T.A.C.)

Also known as T A C, T.A.C., TAC, Tomographia Assail Computerazzana
Members of Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata: Alessandro Papa, Andrea Azzali, Andrea Palazzino, Antonio Menozzi, Corrado Loi, Enrico Marani, Fabio Cortesi, Giampaolo Terenziani, Giorgio Barbuti, Gregorio Bardini, Massimo Pavarini, Monica Serra, Paolo Ollari, Simon Balestrazzi
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Discography of Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Apotropaismo 14 Audio 1997-06-00 Old Europa Cafe
2 A Circle Of Limbs 11 Audio 1993 Cthulhu Records
3 La Nouvelle Art Du Deuil 8 Audio 1995 Discordia
4 Pioggia Su Carne Di Cavallo 4 Audio 1992 Neuro Habitat
5 Waiting For The Twilight 12 Audio 2002 SmallVoices
6 Twilight Rituals 14 Audio 2003 SmallVoices
7 Splintered 15 Audio 2004 SmallVoices
8 Ouvrez Vos Auditifs Canaux 12 Audio 1995 Discordia
9 Il Teatro Della Crudeltà 11 Audio 1987 Azteco Records
10 Open The Bloodgate 2 Audio 2003-12-00 SmallVoices
11 Hypnotischer Eden 10 Audio 1994 Discordia
12 Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata 12 Audio 1983 Azteco Records
13 Ouvrez Vos Auditifs Canaux 8 Audio 1985 Azteco Records
14 Senza Titolo 12 Audio 1982-05-00 Anschlag Prod.
15 Senza Titolo 20 Audio 2011-06-00 Sometimes Records
16 Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata 17 Audio 2012 Officina Fonografica Italiana
17 Chaosphere 10 Audio 2013-02-07 Old Europa Cafe
18 Hypnotischer Eden 10 Audio 1994 Discordia
19 Ouvrez Vos Auditifs Canaux 11 Audio 2013-06-25 Officina Fonografica Italiana
20 Senza Titolo 20 Audio 2011-12-12 Sometimes Records

Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata, frequently credited as the abbreviated T.A.C., is a post-industrial, experimental and electronica group from Cagliari, Italy.

The group was formed in Parma, Italy in 1981 with five members: Andrea Azzali, Simon Balestrazzi, Giorgio Barbuti, Fabio Cortesi and Giampaolo Terenziani. The name is the Italian for the medical imaging device Computed Tomography (CT).

The group was originally known for making a crossover between experimental music and avant-rock, involving treated tape loops, custom built synthesisers and metal sheet percussion one one side and guitar, bass and drums on the other.

Between 1985 and 1997 several personnel changes occurred and several line-ups revolved around only original member Simon Balestrazzi.

Among the musicians that joined T.A.C. we should remember Gregorio Bardini ([a=Tuxedomoon] collaborator and member of [a=Thelema]), Celestino Pes (later of [a=Andromeda Complex]), Patrizia Mattioli and Paola Sartori (both of [a=Kino Glaz]), Enrico Marani (later with [a=Le Forbici Di Manitù] and [a=Duozero]), Giovanni Fiaschi ([a=Limbo]). For a while (1993-1997) the band crossed paths with Kirlian Camera and while Simon Balestrazzi joined K.C. both Angelo Bergamini and Emilia Lo Jacono joined T.A.C.

After a few years hiatus, Simon Balestrazzi relocated to Cagliari and reactivated T.A.C. with two Sardinian musicians: Monica Serra and Corrado Loi.

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