Björk Guðmundsdóttir

Also known as ビョーク, B, B'Jork, B-Jork, B. Gudmundsdotter, B. Gudmundsdottir, Bijork, Bj"ork, Bjórk, Björk Guðmundsdóttir, Björk Gudmundsdóttir, Björk Gudmundsdöttir, Björk Gudmundsdottir, Bjørk, Bjoerk, Bjork, Bjork Gudmundsdottir, Bjorkski, G. Björk, Gudmundsdottir, 比约克
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Discography of Björk:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
151 Hunter 10 Audio 1999-01-18 One Little Indian
152 Hyperballad 2 Audio 1996-02-00 Mother Records
153 Hyper-ballad 4 Audio 1996 Elektra
154 Homogenic 11 Audio 1997
155 All Is Full Of Love 3 Audio 1999-05-31 One Little Indian
156 Violently Happy 7 Audio 1993
157 Pagan Poetry 3 Audio 2002 rr1000
158 Hyperballad • Enjoy 2 Audio 1997 One Little Indian
159 Greatest Hits 15 Audio 2002 Polydor
160 Big Time Sensuality 9 Audio 1993
161 Bitten By Black Dog 2 Audio 1993 One Little Indian
162 Hunter 3 Audio 1998-10-05 One Little Indian
163 All Is Full Of Love 3 Audio 1999-05-31 One Little Indian
164 Alarm Call 3 Audio 1998-11-30 One Little Indian
165 Alarm Call 3 Audio 1998-11-30 One Little Indian
166 It's In Our Hands 3 Audio 2002 One Little Indian
167 Ooops 3 Audio 1991-04-15
168 Hunter 3 Audio 1997 Mother Records
169 Alarm Call 3 Audio 1998 Mother Records
170 Debut 13 Audio 1994-01-26
171 Joga 3 Audio 1997 Elektra
172 Bachelorette 3 Audio 1997 Elektra
173 I Miss You 2 Audio 1996 Elektra
174 Human Behaviour 2 Audio 1993 Island Records
175 Big Time Sensuality 2 Audio 1993 Elektra
176 Björk Meets The Masters At Work 2 Audio 1993 One Little Indian
177 Joga/Bachelorette 12 Audio 1998-07-08 Mother Records
178 I Miss You 4 Audio 1996 Elektra
179 Army Of Me 2 Audio 1995 Mother Records
180 Post 11 Audio 1995 One Little Indian
181 Human Behaviour (The Underworld Mixes) 2 Audio 1993
182 Big Time Sensuality 4 Audio 1993 One Little Indian
183 Isobel 2 Audio 1995-08-07 Mother Records
184 Alarm Call 5 Audio 1998 Mother Records
185 Big Time Sensuality 4 Audio 1993 Mother Records
186 Kindness Kind (Delikate Impostors Mix) 3 Audio 2003 White X
187 Bachelorette 2 Audio 1997-12-01 One Little Indian
188 Telegram 10 Audio 1997-02-05
189 Homogenic 10 Audio 1997-09-22 One Little Indian
190 Greatest Hits 15 Audio 2002-11-04 One Little Indian
191 Debut 11 Audio 1993 One Little Indian
192 Remember The Time 2 Audio 2002-12-06 Not On Label (Björk)
193 All Is Full Of Love 5 Audio 1999-06-00 Mother Records
194 All Is Full Of Love 3 Audio 1999-06-07 One Little Indian
195 Alarm Call 2 Audio 1998-11-00 Mother Records
196 Army Of Me 3 Audio 1995-04-00 One Little Indian
197 Army Of Me 5 Audio 1995-04-00 Mother Records
198 Army Of Me 4 Audio 1995-00-00 Polydor
199 Army Of Me 2 Audio 1995-00-00 One Little Indian
200 Bachelorette / Jóga 3 Audio 1997 Mother Records

Icelandic singer and musician.

Born: 21 November 1965 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Well known for her creative compositional style and distinct singing, Björk's recording career began in 1977 at the age of 11, when she released her first album, "[url=]Björk[/url]" (1977), while studying piano and flute at music school. Although the album became platinum, she refused to make another disco-folk follow-up and, at the age of 13, formed her first short-lived punk band, all-girl alliance Spit and Snot (Saliva and Phlegm), where she played the drums. Later on she was involved in projects such as Exodus and Jam 80, all of which without known record releases.

In 1982 she launched punk-pop [a=Tappi Tíkarrass] (Cork The Bitch's Arse), releasing the EP "[url=]Bítið Fast Í Vítið[/url]" (1982) and album "[url=]Miranda[/url]" (1983), before she turned into a "serious" rebel by joining forces of the political "existential jazz-punk" of [a=Kukl] (Witchcraft), releasing three records. While Björk's vocal expression had matured in [a=Kukl], she attracted worldwide prominence for the first time as one of the lead vocalists of the avant-pop Icelandic sextet [url=,+The]The Sugarcubes[/url].

In 1992 she emigrated to the UK, launched a solo career and quickly eclipsed her old band's popularity. Rather than following the Sugarcubes' artsy guitar rock, Björk immersed herself in dance and club culture, working with many of the biggest names in the genre, and receiving remix treatments from [a=Underworld], [a=Dom T.], [a=Fluke], [a=µ-Ziq], [a=Goldie], [a=Mika Vainio], [a=Alec Empire], [a=Bogdan Raczynski], [a=Beastie Boys], and others.

Her first album "[url=]Debut[/url]" (1993) established her new artistic direction and became an international hit, making her one of the 1990s most unlikely stars. Although the album was recorded with producer [a=Nellee Hooper] in 1993, its songs were actually composed during the previous ten years while she was in bands.

Björk quickly developed as a producer, moving from co-producer role on her early albums to full producer role in her later work, as her 2009 nomination for the Music Producers Guild Award For Innovation in the category of production testifies. She is well recognized in both pop and experimental music worlds: her album "[url=]Vespertine[/url]" (2001) became album of the year by The [l=Wire Magazine] in 2001 and she won more than 20 awards in Europe and received 15 nominations in the US.

While Björk developed her unconventional song structures, she has worked with many renowned artists, mainly in the realm of electronic music. One of her long-time friends and main collaborators is [a=Mark Bell] of LFO who co-produced many of her songs and even co-wrote a number of pieces over the years. There are other artists who played important roles in the creative part of her work: [a=Guy Sigsworth], Icelandic poet [a=Sjón] who helped on lyrics for some of her key songs, and video director [a=Michel Gondry].

Acts such as [a=Plaid], [a=Leila], [a=Matmos], [a=Talvin Singh] were at times part of her live band. Furthermore, she has done short-term projects together with many other artists and producers: [a=Howie B.], [a=Graham Massey], [a=Tricky], [a=Eumir Deodato], [a=Mike Patton], [a=Matthew Herbert], [a=John Tavener], [a=Evelyn Glennie]; and has sang duets with [a=Thom Yorke], [a=PJ Harvey], [a=Catherine Deneuve], and [url=]Anthony Hegarty[/url] (of [a=Antony And The Johnsons]).

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