Kasey Taylor & Chris Meehan

Also known as K Taylor & C Meehan, Kasey Taylor And Chris Meehan, Taylor And Meehan
Members of Kasey Taylor & Chris Meehan: Chris Meehan, Kasey Taylor

Discography of Kasey Taylor & Chris Meehan:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 South Of The Border 2 Audio 2004 Vapour Recordings
2 Between The Lines 2 Audio 2004-05-27 Vapour Recordings
3 Parallel Reflection 2 Audio 2004-08-00 Feed Me Records
4 Biotics 2 Audio 2004-08-00 Vapour Recordings
5 Simplicity 2 Audio 2004-11-00 Vapour Recordings
6 Humbled 2 Audio 2005-11-28 Vapour Recordings
7 Between The Lines 2 Audio 2004-05-27 Vapour Recordings
8 Simplicity 2 Audio 2004-11-00 Vapour Recordings
9 Biotics 2 Audio 2004-08-00 Vapour Recordings
10 Humbled 2 Audio 2005-12-00 Vapour Recordings
11 Humbled 2 Audio 2005-12-01 Vapour Recordings
12 Simplicity 2 Audio 2004-11-01 Vapour Recordings

Kasey Taylor, a pioneer of the underground movement in Melbourne is regarded by his peers as an excellent producer and is one of the top DJs in the world right now, has also had releases on many labels around the world as well as his own record label Vapour Recordings.

Chris, a new comer to the scene was known as his apprentice and met Kasey in the late 90's. The two became close friends because Chris was present and learning at all of Kasey's gigs and studio sessions, soaking it all up and taking it all in.

Over the years to come, Kasey & Chris continued to push their sound to the Melbourne dance scene, playing at all the major parties and supporting all the international guests who came down under to play. For the past 5 years, along with running Vapour recordings together, the two also have held down a residency at Qbar on Sundays in Melbourne, which is known as the biggest underground club night in the country. While Kasey has been spending time as a DJ honouring invites from countries world wide to play at their parties regularly, back at home, Chris was filling the void left by Kasey's absence and has cemented his position on the bills of all the major parties being held.

It wasn't until 2002 when the pair decided to share the rent and then they found the time to sit down and seriously attempt to collaborate in the studio. An excellent understanding and a similar goal meant the time was both productive and rewarding. Over the following twelve months, the two would spend up to 40hrs a week working tirelessly together. They take comfort in knowing that after their productions see the light of day, the duo will be regarded as one of the most talented and creative production partnerships going around today.

Their first tune "Parallel Reflection" was snapped up by Portugal's Feed me records, after Kasey played it while touring there and is set for release late 2004. Their second single "South of the border" was released in Feb '04 on Vapour recordings and proved to be a huge success. To date it has been re-pressed twice on demand and is Vapours biggest single for the past two years. The record surfaced in all the big record boxes and charts. Digweed and Seamen played it, Satoshi and Hernan as well, and reviews and charts around the globe indicated that people had already begun to notice this team from the south.

Since 2003, the two have collaborated on a further 15 original works, and when asked about their partnership, both Chris and Kasey believe that their understanding and rapport is only getting stronger. Their productions are improving every time out and that the quality of their releases to come will mean the two are held in the highest of regard amongst the dance elite.

Remix duties for Form and Funktion's "Wonderland" on EQ recordings out of Australia indicates that this production duo is already becoming in demand and they have also just completed remixes for Greed's "Tea in the Sahara", Bluefish's "Been to Long" and Sumantri's "Imagination", all due for release late 2004. There's no sign of them stopping either with plenty more to come. And with a forthcoming radio show to start late 2004 on Proton radio called "VAPOURIZED", this teams hard work and dedication will ensure the names Kasey Taylor and Chris Meehan are a formidable force within the global dance community for some years to come.

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