Duke Ellington

Edward Kennedy Ellington

Also known as "Duke" Ellington, デューク・エリントン, D Ellington, D,Ellington, D. Elington, D. Elingtonas, D. Elligton, D. Ellinghton, D. Ellingotn, D. Ellington, D. Ellinton, D.Ellington, Djuk Elington, DK Ellington, Duck Ellington, Ducke, Duke, Duke And, Duke Elington, Duke Ellington & His Orchestra, Duke Ellington And His Orchestra, Duke Ellington/ Duke Ellington And His Orchestra, Duke Kennedy, Duke, The, Д. Эленгтон, Д. Элингтон, Д. Эллингтон, Д.Эллингтон, Дюк Эллингтон, E K Ellington, E. Duke Ellington, E. Ellington, E. K. Ellington, E. Kennedy, E.Ellington, E.K. Ellington, E.K. "Duke" Ellington, E.K. Ellington, Edward "Duke" Ellington, Edward Ellington, Edward K. "Duke" Ellington, Edward K. Ellingtion, Edward K. Ellington, Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Edward Kennedy " Duke" Ellington, Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Edward Kennedy “ Duke ” Ellington, Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington, Edward Kennedy Ellington, Elingten, Elington, Ellingon, Ellingston, Ellingto, Ellington, Ellington Duke, Ellington E. Kennedy, Ellington Edward Kennedy, Ellington, Duke, Ellinton, Elllington, Eward Kennedy Ellington, F.K. Ellington, Hellington, J. Ellington, Kennedy, Mr. Ellington
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Discography of Duke Ellington:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Money Jungle 13 Audio 1987 Blue Note
2 Blues In Orbit 11 Audio Philips
3 The Ellington Suites 18 Audio 1976 Pablo Records
4 Duke Ellington Meets Coleman Hawkins 9 Audio 1995
5 Duke Ellington 11 Audio 1975 AMIGA
6 The Arrival Of Billy Strayhorn 20 Audio Rockin' Chair
7 Duke Ellington - Django Reinhardt 12 Audio 1982 AMIGA
8 1952 - 1960 12 Audio 2003 Sony Music Media
9 Portrait 207 Audio Past Perfect 24 Carat Gold Edition
10 The Duke At His Best 24 Audio 1999 Prism Leisure
11 Duke Ellington & John Coltrane 7 Audio 1995 Impulse!
12 Duke Ellington & John Coltrane 7 Audio 1988
13 20 Greatest Hits 20 Audio Pentagon (3)
14 Ella Fitzgerald Sings Duke Ellington 4 Audio 1956 Verve Records
15 Play The Blues - Back To Back 7 Audio 1960 Verve Records
16 The Duke Ellington Collection - 20 Golden Greats 19 Audio 1984 Deja Vu
17 Clarinet Lament / Echoes Of Harlem 2 Audio Columbia
18 Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) 40 Audio 1999
19 Duke Ellington's Concert Of Sacred Music 8 Audio 1966 RCA Victor
20 Second Sacred Concert 13 Audio 1968 America Records
21 Duke Ellington's Third Sacred Concert - The Majesty Of God 10 Audio 1975 RCA Victor
22 Duke Ellington's Greatest Hits 13 Audio CBS
23 The Ellington Suites 18 Audio 1990
24 "...And His Mother Called Him Bill" 20 Audio 2001 BMG France
25 The Great London Concerts 14 Audio 1994 Jazz Heritage
26 Duke Ellington And The Small Groups 16 Audio 1987 Giants Of Jazz
27 Les Chefs-d'oeuvre De Duke Ellington 20 Audio 1993 Music Memoria
28 Dance Date Stereo 1958 8 Audio Unique Jazz
29 This One's For Blanton 10 Audio 1994
30 "...And His Mother Called Him Bill" 16 Audio 1995
31 Ko-Ko 19 Audio 2000 Dreyfus Jazz
32 Harlem Air-Shaft / Sepia Panorama 2 Audio La Voce Del Padrone
33 Back To Back: Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges Play The Blues 7 Audio 1963 His Master's Voice
34 Money Jungle 13 Audio 2000 Blue Note
35 Ken Burns Jazz: The Definitive Duke Ellington 21 Audio 2000-11-07 Legacy
36 Masterpieces 1926-1949 96 Audio 2001-07-16 Proper Records (2)
37 Piano Duets: Great Times! 12 Audio 1989-04-07
38 Duke Ellington's Greatest Hits 12 Audio CBS
39 Duke Ellington Meets Coleman Hawkins 8 Audio 2007 Impulse!
40 Duke Ellington's Far East Suite 13 Audio 2000 BMG France
41 Mellowin': His Legendary Tunes 12 Audio 2007 Vintage (3)
42 The Duke Plays Ellington 12 Audio 1958 Capitol Records
43 It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing 11 Audio 1973 Philips
44 Duke Ellington & John Coltrane 7 Audio 1997 Impulse!
45 Duke's Big 4 7 Audio 1974 Pablo Records
46 In My Solitude 9 Audio 1969 Harmony (4)
47 Things Ain't What They Used To Be 10 Audio 1996 LaserLight Digital
48 The Quintessence . New York Chicago Hollywood 1926 - 1941 36 Audio 1994 Frémeaux & Associés
49 Second Sacred Concert 13 Audio 1974 Prestige
50 Blues Summit 16 Audio 1973 Verve Records

American jazz band leader, and composer (born 29 April 1899 in Washington, District Of Columbia, USA - died 24 May 1974 in New York City, New York, USA).

"Art is dangerous. It is one of the attractions: when it ceases to be dangerous you don't want it." Duke Ellington.

Ellington was an outstanding composer. He wrote thousands of works, composing popular songs, art songs, a wide variety of instrumentals, suites, symphonic works, movie and TV scores, and music for ballet - all of a very high quality.

But to say merely that Ellington was a great composer ignores his achievement as a musician. Ellington is probably the only musician whose name has been associated with a particular style "Ellingtonia". This style does not imply a specific tempo or specific mood, but also a certain standard of quality. Whoever plays "Ellingtonia" must adhere to these standards. Many significant bands have attempted to copy his style.

For Jazz, Ellington was the first orchestra leader to substitute voices for instruments, he popularized the Baritone Sax when he engaged [a=Harry Carney], he influenced countless bands and dance orchestras.

Beginning with his "Jungle Band" to his "Famous Orchestra" which appeared at Carnegie Hall numerous times and even introduced several Jazz suite that Duke had composed, Ellington his the most successful and important orchestra leader in Jazz history. Success did not come easily taking him many years of devoted work to make a name for himself.

He began as a Ragtime pianist in his hometown of Washington. His first composition was "Soda Fountain Rag" which he never recorded. In 1922 he led a fairly successful band which featured [a=Sonny Greer] and [a=Otto Hardwick]. Several years later, when he opened at the New York Kentuky Club he succeeded in capture the public fancy. This was the first band to capture the now legendary Ellington sound which is clearly present in the number "The Creeper", recorded at the end of 1926.

On 12 April 1927, Duke & his orchestra began the engagement which was to make him world famous: Irvin Mills brought them to the Cotton Club, where they stayed five years. There he laid the Jungle, the Mood and other styles. From December 1926 to October 1930 the Ellington band spent at least 64 days in the studios of 14 recording companies, using 18 different pseudonyms for his band, they recorded about 170 titles.

He is also the father of [a=Mercer Ellington].

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