Beatman & Ludmilla

Gábor Dienes & Fruzsina Luca Toman

Also known as Beatman And Ludmilla
Members of Beatman & Ludmilla: Fruzsina Luca Toman, Gábor Dienes
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Discography of Beatman & Ludmilla:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Amira 2 Audio 2004-12-27 I-lectrik Records
2 Inka / Ghost In The Shell 2 Audio 2005-08-22 Vinyl Addiction Breaks
3 Couldn't Sleep 2 Audio 2006-09-25 Aurium Recordings
4 Couldn't Sleep 2 Audio 2006-10-20 Aurium Recordings
5 Aaron Made A Big Mistake 3 Audio 2007-08-29 Ayra Recordings
6 Amira 2 Audio 2007-06-22 Ayra Recordings
7 Delerium 3 Audio 2007-07-13 Ayra Recordings
8 Only 3 Audio 2007-08-08 Ayra Recordings
9 Vavyan / Twist Dead Fable 2 Audio 2007-07-21 Ayra Recordings
10 Wakethefuckup 2 Audio 2008 Hacker Records
11 IT Girl 2 Audio 2008-05-05 En:vision Recordings
12 Moldova Remixes 3 Audio 2010-06-23 Ayra Recordings
13 Leeroy Jenkins (Remixes) 4 Audio 2010-09-15 Ayra Recordings
14 Backyard (She Doesn't Live Here Anymore) 5 Audio 2010-11-03 Ayra Recordings
15 In Breaks We Trust 4 Audio 2011-01-26 Ayra Recordings
16 About To Fall 9 Audio 2009-01-12 En:vision Recordings
17 Lights 3 Audio 2011-07-06 Ayra Recordings
18 New Day 3 Audio 2011-12-08 Ayra Recordings
19 New Day 3 Audio 2011-12-08 Ayra Recordings
20 Happy Sad 3 Audio 2012-05-28 Ayra Recordings
21 Bazantar 2 Audio 2013-10-07 Perfecto

Ludmilla started up as a DJ in cultic hungarian (formerly pirate) radio called Tilos; spreading the goodwill of breakbeat, tech house and garage. She definitely has the ears for good cuts! Around this time, Ludmilla began traveling around Hungary quite a bit, quickly, she became well known countrywide.

At this point there were literally tons of breakbeat DJ's appearing in the scene but Ludmilla was searching for something different and found a great appreciation for the progressive side of breakbeats, which became known as Breakbeat.

In the later half of 2001, break beat music had literally worn out its welcome within the underground scene, and was quickly replaced by progressive breaks. The music itself took a new direction by becoming happier and dance-oriented. She got the taste of production in late 2001 by remixing a Dub4U track called “Birthday” (CHI-Recordings) with her love/co-musician partner, Beatman.

Beatman & Ludmilla is special all-in-one project that goes further than collaborating in the studio: they are a couple in their non-music life as well.

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