Boxhead Ensemble

Members of Boxhead Ensemble: Charles Kim, Darren Richard, David Grubbs, David Michael Curry, David Pavkovic, Douglas McCombs, Edith Frost, Frank Rosaly, Fredrick Lonberg-Holm, Gerald Dowd, Glenn Kotche, Guillermo Gregorio, Jeff Parker, Jeff Tweedy, Jessica Billey, Jim Becker, Jim White (2), Joe Ferguson, Julie Pomerleau, Ken Vandermark, Michael Colligan, Michael Krassner, Mick Turner, Rick Rizzo, Ryan Hembrey, Scott Tuma, Steve Dorocke, Tim Rutili, Will Oldham

Discography of Boxhead Ensemble:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Two Brothers 9 Audio 2001-08-21 Atavistic
2 Quartets 7 Audio 2003-10-07 Atavistic
3 The Last Place To Go 11 Audio 1998-10-20 Atavistic
4 Niagara Falls EP 7 Audio 1999-11-15 Atavistic
5 Dutch Harbor: Where The Sea Breaks Its Back 12 Audio 1997 Atavistic
6 The Last Place To Go 13 Audio 1998
7 Stories, Maps And Notes From The Half-Light 8 Audio 2001-09-00 Not On Label

The first incarnation of the Boxhead Ensemble dates back to 1991 in Los Angeles, where [b]Michael Krassner[/b] assembled a group of local musicians to improvise a score to Braden King and Larry Stuckey's student documentary, [i]The Original Pantry Cafe[/i].

In 1996, Krassner assembled a new incarnation of the Ensemble to score the lyric film documentary by Braden King and Laura Moya, [i]Dutch Harbor: Where the Sea Breaks its Back[/i]. Shortly thereafter, the Ensemble embarked on tours with a rotating lineup providing live soundtrack to screenings of [i]Dutch Harbor[/i]. Recordings from the European tour are documented on [i]The Last Place To Go[/i] and the US tour on [i]Niagra Falls EP[/i]. In 2001, Braden King and Astria Suparak co-curated a program of existing and new short films created for the Boxhead Ensemble to perform to and self-released these recordings on the European tour as [i]Stories, Maps and Notes from the Half-Light[/i]. The program was also curated in 2004 for a US tour.

Boxhead Ensemble recordings since have been studio affairs. [i]Two Brothers[/i] and [i]Quartets[/i] consists of members Michael Krassner, Jessica Billey, Ryan Hembrey, Scott Tuma and Fred Lonberg-Holm from previous recordings and includes Glenn Kotche and Michael Colligan. The last album to date retains Michael Krassner and Fred Lonberg-Holm and comprises new members.

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