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# Release title Dwnld Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Fastgod: E-psalms ↓ mp3 ↓ zip 9 Audio 2002 Electroshock Records
2 Download The God ↓ mp3 ↓ zip 6 Audio 2000 Electroshock Records
3 Passion Models (Synth Fantasies For The Symphonic Orchestra) ↓ mp3 ↓ zip 9 Audio 2004-01-00 Electroshock Records

Anatoly Pereslegin - composer, soundengineer, architect. Worked in architectural design bureaus design bureaus, sound recording studios on radio and TV, created many works in various spheres of modern art anyhow connected with music. In 80-s Anatoly Pereslegin co-operated with many rock, post-rock and over-post-rock groups, subsequently has created his own project – “post-Pink-Floyd” group “Moebius’ Dogs” that is undergoing reincarnations and existing to the present day. 90-s has lead in Israel. Worked as a “session musician” in a night pub. By virtue of circumstances he got acquainted with “tart taste” of oriental Mediterranean music in the same place. Anatoly successfully gave concerts, participated in various actions connected with electronic music in Jerusalem and other Israeli cities. Has been noticed and invited to France to take part in the prestigious Festival of electroacoustic music that was held in Bourges. At the end of 1990-s beginning of 2000 composer settled in Moscow where he continued his experiments with electronics and also addresses to traditional chamber and so-called “applied” music. He started scoring animation and cinema projects and creating sound sculptures for installations of his friends-artists. These installations were presented in galleries of Moscow, Warsaw, New York, St. Paolo, etc. Pereslegin’s mini-opera “Helmsmans of the Row” was successfully produced on the stages of Moscow art-clubs in 1998-99. His next mini-opera “Mozart and Salieri” was performed in “Dom” cultural center in Moscow, as part of the festival “Deep Throat or Dangerous Chords” in 2000. In the same year Anatoly Pereslegin was invited to Copenhagen where a ballet “Mermaid” (contemporary dance) based on composers’ music was staged. For the last years “Mozart and Salieri” and other mini-operas of the composer – “Ahmaty”, “V. I. Chapaev”, “Sunday Visit to Psychoanalyst” were performed in many Moscow art-clubs and they considered to be an integral part of the capital’s cultural life. Since 2002 Anatoly participates in all audio-visual installation programs of “Electroshock Records” that are held in Russia and abroad. In 2004-2005 Mr. Pereselegin plans to finish the process of preparation for realization of the scale sound show that is going to be held on a Coast of the Dead Sea under the title “Rehabilitation”. The main idea of this show is revival of the Bible historical events sounding in collage of electronics, noise and acoustic environment. About his own place in this life Anatoly says the following: “… I feel really free only within the framework of electroacoustic music”.

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