Ernesto vs. Bastian

Edwin Koelewijn

Also known as Bastian/Ernesto, Ernesto & Bastian, Ernesto / Bastian, Ernesto And Bastian, Ernesto v/s Bastian, Ernesto vs Bastian, Ernesto Vs. Bastian, Ernesto vs. Bastian Rework, Ernesto, Bastian, Ernesto-Bastian, Ernesto/Bastian, EvsB
Members of Ernesto vs. Bastian: Edwin Koelewijn, Ernesto Van Der Meij
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Discography of Ernesto vs. Bastian:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Lonely People 2 Audio 2002-04-26
2 Bastians Dream / Heaven 2 Audio 2001
3 Being Single / Jungle Punks 2 Audio 2002 Altitude
4 Being Single 2 Audio 2003-00-00 Gang Go Music
5 Who's The Starter 2 Audio 2003-08-00 Altitude
6 Who's The Starter 2 Audio 2003-10-00
7 Who's The Starter (Remixes) 3 Audio 2003-12-00
8 Who's The Starter / A Few Seconds After Trancefer 2 Audio 2004-02-00 Hard On Recordings
9 Lonely People.. 2 Audio 2002-03-25 Altitude
10 Dark Side Of The Moon 2 Audio 2005-04-04 High Contrast Recordings (2)
11 Dark Side Of The Moon 3 Audio 2005-05-17 Ultra Records
12 Dark Side Of The Moon 3 Audio 2004 ID&T
13 Dark Side Of The Moon 2 Audio 2005-07-00 Nebula
14 Dark Side Of The Moon 2 Audio 2005 Nebula
15 Dark Side Of The Moon 6 Audio 2005-08-00 Nebula
16 Dark Side Of The Moon 3 Audio 2005-08-00 In-telligance Recordings
17 Dark Side 2 Audio 2005-09-12 Nebula
18 Dark Side Of The Moon 2 Audio 2005-09-12 Nebula
19 Dark Side Of The Moon (Remixes) 4 Audio 2005-09-12 High Contrast Recordings (2)
20 Dark Side Of The Moon 3 Audio 2005-09-00 Nebula
21 Dark Side Of The Moon 6 Audio 2005-08-30 Central Station
22 Dark Side Of The Moon 2 Audio 2005-09-30 High Contrast Recordings (2)
23 Dark Side Of The Moon 4 Audio 2005-10-10 GT²
24 Dark Side Of The Moon 5 Audio 2005 LUP Records
25 Dark Side Of The Moon 8 Audio 2005-11-14 Central Station
26 Dark Side Of The Moon (Remixes) 4 Audio 2006-01-16 In-telligance Recordings
27 Dark Side Of The Moon 12 Audio 2005
28 Dark Side Of The Moon 3 Audio 2005 Independance Records
29 Dark Side Of The Moon 2 Audio 2005 Nebula
30 Unchained Melody 4 Audio 2007-08-06 High Contrast Recordings (2)
31 Thrill 2 Audio 2008-01-25 High Contrast Recordings (2)
32 Unchained Melody 3 Audio 2008-01-00 Nebula
33 Bastians Dream / Heaven 2 Audio 2001 Altitude
34 Super Jupiter 4 Audio 2008-04-03 High Contrast Recordings (2)
35 Authenticity Album Sampler 4 Audio 2008-03-14 High Contrast Recordings (2)
36 Super Jupiter 4 Audio 2008-04-03 High Contrast Recordings (2)
37 Authenticity Album Sampler 4 Audio 2008-03-00 High Contrast Recordings (2)
38 Stranger In Paradise 3 Audio 2008-07-25 High Contrast Recordings (2)
39 Stranger In Paradise 6 Audio 2008-07-25 High Contrast Recordings (2)
40 Stranger In Paradise 3 Audio 2008 High Contrast Recordings (2)
41 Stranger In Paradise 6 Audio 2008-00-00 High Contrast Recordings (2)
42 Unchained Melody 2008 3 Audio 2008 In-telligance Recordings
43 Unchained Melody 8 Audio 2007 Nebula
44 Laserbrain 3 Audio 2009-02-17 High Contrast Recordings (2)
45 Laserbrain 2 Audio 2009-02-18 High Contrast Recordings (2)
46 Killer Tone 3 Audio 2009-10-13 High Contrast Recordings (2)
47 Hailing From New York 2 Audio 2010-01-26 High Contrast Recordings (2)
48 Hailing From New York / Killertone 3 Audio 2010-03-00 High Contrast Recordings (2)
49 Every Inch A King 3 Audio 2010-06-14 Captivating Sounds
50 Hyper Globe 2 Audio 2010-09-27 Captivating Sounds

Ernesto vs Bastian is a Dutch trance music music group consisting of producer Edwin Koelewijn (Bastian). In 2013 the name has been changed into Team Bastian. Team Bastian has produced more than 100 releases, remixes and albums with songs like "Dark Side Of The Moon," "Thrill," "Killer Tone," and "Every Inch A King." The producer behind Team Bastian (Edwin Koelewijn) is the label owner of the label Audentity. Audentity already released successful Beatport charting records like Innerface, Forgotten Summer, and Just In Bibber. Team Bastian also gained respect lately by many other producers because of Audentity's soundbanks for VST instruments which all topped the Beatport top 10 charts.

2010 - 2011: After signing to Armada Music this year, Dutch producer- Ernesto vs. Bastian (Team Bastian), once again showed trance-land what he is made off. Lots of new productions followed in 2010-2011 and again some of them were again proven to be massive club hits like Every Inch A King,Bonanza, and the massive hyped record of Faithless remake: "God Is A Dj".

2008 - 2009: In 2008 Edwin recorded the charged, viscerally exciting ‘Thrill’ – a track that was selected for the prestigious position of Trance Energy anthem in that year. By the middle of the year his focus shifted to the production of his debut album, ‘Authenticity’ (as much a statement of intent as it was simply an album title). It was released in the latter half of the year and again, through its imaginative 12 strong battery of tracks raised E vs. B name to yet greater heights. As 2009 broke the big post-‘Authenticity’ tracks started to roll, with the rapacious sounds of February’s ‘Laserbrain’ and October’s ‘Killer Tone’ once again bringing uproar to dancefloors.

2007: It took another 2 years for the follow ups to ‘Dark Side’ to start flowing. Once he was back in the seat though ‘Unchained Melody’, ‘Super Jupiter’, ‘Laserbrain’ & ‘Stranger in Paradise’ rapidly followed - all spreading his audio gospel to a wider and wider audience. It was also at the start of 2007 that Ernesto vs. Bastian launched his radio show platform. Since then The Next Level has been broadcast weekly in a two hour format which takes in new releases, tune of the week, the BM Soundbite & EvsB tip top 3. The show quickly took hold and is now broadcast on FM and internet stations in 30 countries. It is available as a Podcast through iTunes, where it enjoys a similarly avid following.

2005 – 2006: Wholly unique (in so much as it was not only entitled ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ but lyrically was actually about listening to the titular Pink Floyd album) – the release became one of 2005 biggest dance tracks. Smashed by Tiësto, Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten & Judge Jules, (who picked out for the Anthem of 2005 accolade on his Radio 1 show), it was subsequently signed in 30 countries. 'Dark Side' is probably the most crystallised example of how unique & multifaceted the Ernesto vs. Bastian sound is. In measures never exactly proportioned before, it takes trance & pop and incorporates them with creative and highly innovative songwriting techniques. The track was further notable still as it marked the unification of Ernesto vs Bastian with his new label home, High Contrast Recordings. E. vs. B – The DJs: The success of that track was also a major catalyzing factor in E vs. B’s DJ career. Over the course of the 18 months following its release, Edwin powered up the ranks of DJs, playing a near-uncountable number of high profile clubs and festivals. Mysteryland, Dance Valley & Pleasure Island have all shook to Edwin's intoxicating blend of tunes and pin-point sharp mixing. A close kinship with Trance Energy has also seen him play twice at the tent-pole event. Outside of his home country Edwin has also spun at Love Parade, Berlin, in Ibiza for Mambo, live on Radio 1, at the goliath Sunrise Festival in Poland and dozens of other countries and 100s of other events worldwide.

2001 – 2004: Edwin collaborated quickly throughout 2002/03 on the highly-regarded ‘early years’ releases ‘Lonely People’, ‘Bastian’s Dream’, ‘Who’s The Starter’ & ‘A Seconds After Trancefer’. The latter two tracks were picked up by the fledgling Anjunabeats offshoot Hard On Recordings and on his UK release brought him to the to the attention of Judge Jules. With the tracks given much airtime, it set the stage for a happening that was to give E vs. B the most incontrovertible of career breakthroughs. less than a minute ago

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