Thomas Datt

Thomas Krakowiak

Also known as Datt, T. Datt, Thomas Dat, Thomas Datt Krakowiak, Thomas Krakowiak
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Discography of Thomas Datt:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 2v2 2 Audio 2004-05-00 Discover
2 2V2 2 Audio 2004 Monster Force
3 Alone 2 Audio 2005-04-11 Discover
4 Antarctic Rain 2 Audio 2005-04-00 Technoclub Records
5 2V2 3 Audio 2005 Discover
6 2V2 2 Audio 2005-08-22 Monster Force
7 Evaporate 2 Audio 2006 Discover
8 2V2 2 Audio 2004 Monster Force
9 Tabla Mizma 2 Audio 2006-07-06 Flux Delux
10 Alone 2 Audio 2004 Discover
11 Take Your Time 3 Audio 2008 Flux Delux
12 2V2 (Remixes) 3 Audio 2007-10-08
13 Take Your Time (Datt Remixes) 3 Audio 2008-11-17
14 Chilled Datt EP 5 Audio 2008-10-20 Flux Delux Limited
15 Chilled Datt EP 5 Audio 2008-10-20 Flux Delux Limited
16 Mass Effect 2 Audio 2009-06-15
17 2 V 2 2 Audio 2004 Discover
18 Take Your Time 7 Audio 2008-05-19
19 Alone 5 Audio 2005-04-11
20 Evaporate 3 Audio 2006-07-24
21 Distance 3 Audio 2007-11-03
22 Phoenix Burn 5 Audio 2010-07-05
23 Underground Anthems 31 Audio 2008 Supreme Music (3)
24 Seven Years 3 Audio 2010-08-09 Anjunabeats
25 Seven Years 3 Audio 2010-08-09 Anjunabeats
26 Mass Effect 2 Audio 2009-06-15
27 Trance Pioneers 003 22 Audio 2012-08-27 Discover
28 Picking Up The Pieces 14 Audio 2012-10-08 Discover
29 Picking Up The Pieces 17 Audio 2012-10-29 Discover
30 Still Alone / Mass Effect 2.5 2 Audio 2012-12-03 Discover
31 Still Alone / Mass Effect 2.5 2 Audio 2012-12-03 Discover
32 Dead Machines / Narani 4 Audio 2013-02-25 Discover
33 Tabla Mizma 2 Audio 2006-07-08 Flux Delux
34 Evaporate 2 Audio 2006 Discover
35 It's In The Past (Remixes) 4 Audio 2013-10-21 Discover
36 It's In The Past 2 Audio 2013-10-07 Discover
37 2V2 (Remixes) 3 Audio 2013 Discover Digital
38 Binary Complex 3 Audio 2014-01-27 Borderline Music
39 Binary Complex 3 Audio 2014-01-27 Borderline Music
40 2V2 3 Audio 2004-06-07 Discover
41 Here & Now / 1983 2 Audio 2014-03-24 Discover
42 Here & Now 7 Audio 2014-05-05 Discover
43 1983 2 Audio 2014-05-19 Discover
44 Trance Pioneers 003 22 Audio 2012-08-27 Discover
45 Here And Now (Remixes) 7 Audio 2014 Discover
46 Inside The Glacier 21 Audio 2014-08-25 Discover

Thomas Datt has been a name synonymous with quality trance music since 2003, after having taken his first steps in the global dance arena. From his early remixes to his breakout hit “Alone”, Datt continues to pump out some of the most emotive music going. Having produced original tracks and remixes for some of the biggest labels in trance today, including Discover, A State of Trance, Vandit, Anjunabeats, Adjusted, and Euphonic, it’s no mistake that Thomas continues to be one of the most sought after rising stars of EDM.

A native of Kolberg (Kolobrzeg) Poland, Datt relocated to the United States in 1992. As early as 15 years old he knew he wanted to entertain and express himself through various forms of electronic music. The mid 1990’s saw Datt exposed to a vast array of Euro Dance styles and productions, helping shape and expand his palate for electronic music. It didn’t take long for Datt to realize his true passion was within trance.

Having been heavily inspired by the likes of Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Matt Darey, and DJ Tiesto, Datt set up what would become his relatively modest home studio located in Brooklyn, NY. Dedicating a massive amount of time mastering his craft, he eventually secured the skills necessary to become a successful producer.

After the massive success of two of Datt’s early tracks, “2v2” and “Alone”, which appeared on “Tiesto In Concert 2”, and Paul van Dyk’s “Politics of Dancing 2” respectively, Datt quickly found himself behind the decks, fortunate enough to secure DJ gigs all throughout the United States, where legions of loyal trance fans came to witness firsthand the highly intelligent programming of Datt’s DJ sets. Incorporating a fluid mix of his own originals, remixes, bootlegs and exclusive edits, Datt’s gigs always result in a highly enthralling and energetic performance.

In 2009 Thomas was asked to compile and mix a brand new annual compilation for the Recoverworld Label Group called "Underground Anthems". The compilation featured some of the best tracks from the Recoverworld catalogue, as well as brand new Datt productions, and received tremendous fanfare. Later that year, Datt's new single "Mass Effect" was released on Discover, and received massive support from Paul Van Dyk and Ferry Corsten, as well as becoming Tune Of The Month in Mixmag.

After winning yet another remix competition, this time for Ferry Corsten (System F), with his remix of “Soul On Soul”, Ferry was so impressed that he asked Thomas to produce a track exclusively for Ferry’s own "Once Upon A Night 2". The end result was "D.A.T.T. - Eden's Light" which Ferry was quick to take on the road with him, completely mesmerizing club goers with this euphoric 2010 trance anthem.

2010 also saw Datt’s release of “Phoenix Burn” on Discover which picked up heavy support from many of the top Dj’s, while also making it on the “Anjunabeats Worldwide 02” compilation. Shortly after, his release of “Seven Years”, under the alias Asedo, was picked up by none other than Above & Beyond and included in their “Anjunabeats Volume 8” compilation.

His uncanny success didn’t stop here, and the momentum of Datt’s unequaled production prowess even scored him a spot on Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance 2011, and Max Graham’s “Cycles 2” with a track he co-produced with Robert Nickson called “Godless”.

And while trance has always been Datt’s true calling, he’s not afraid to experiment with the softer side of electronic music. Having teamed up again with Recoverworld, Datt released several ambient and down-tempo tracks for their chill-out compilation “Chilled Trance” in 2010.

Having always been one for quality over quantity, Datt prides himself on his ever-expanding catalogue of productions. Unlike many producers who are simply content sounding alike; Datt approaches each production as a true artist, staying authentic to the genre while incorporating his own uniquely inspired sound.

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