12 Rounds

Claudia Sarne, Atticus Ross, Leopold Ross, Kirk Hellie

Also known as 12 Rounds With Jesus
Members of 12 Rounds: Adam Holden, Andy Crisp, Atticus Ross, Claudia Sarne, Kirk Hellie, Leopold Ross
This performer (group) in the Internet: http://www.12rounds.net/, http://www.facebook.com/12rounds

Discography of 12 Rounds:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 My Big Hero 10 Audio 1998 Nothing Records
2 Personally E.P. 4 Audio 1996 Polydor
3 Jitter Juice 13 Audio 1996-05-31 Polydor
4 Pleasant Smell 8 Audio 1998 Nothing Records
5 12 Rounds E.P. 5 Audio 1995 Polydor
6 Something's Burning 4 Audio 1996 Polydor
7 Business / Pleasant Smell 2 Audio 1996 Polydor
8 Business / Pleasant Smell 2 Audio 1996 Polydor
9 Pleasant Smell 6 Audio 1998 Nothing Records
10 Jitter Juice 13 Audio 1996-07-15 Polydor
11 Promo Showreel 3 Audio 1996 Polydor
12 Personally E.P. 4 Audio 1996 Polydor
13 My Big Hero 10 Audio 1998 Universal Victor, Inc.
14 Selected New Recordings 2002 4 Audio 2002 Nothing Records
15 My Big Hero 10 Audio 1998
16 Shine On 3 Audio 2009-09-01 Not On Label
17 My Big Hero 10 Audio 1998
18 Business / Pleasant Smell 4 Audio 1996 Polydor
19 (Title T.B.A.) 10 Audio 1998 Nothing Records
20 12 Rounds E.P. 4 Audio 1995
21 Holed 3 Audio 1995 Polydor

12 Rounds debuted in the mid-90s under the name "12 Rounds With Jesus" on an NME promotional cassette, titled "Past Forward", with a demo of their song 'Holed'. The band would go on to record their debut full-length, "Jitter Juice", for [url=http://www.discogs.com/label/Polydor+(UK)]Polydor[/url]. After a handful of releases and live shows, the band were ultimately dropped from the label. Member Kirk Hellie would also part ways with the band through this time (and eventually start his own project Spectacularly Ugly Music), though he later rejoined. They went on to spend the summer of 1997 recording an album's worth of material in their basement studio. [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Trent+Reznor]Trent Reznor[/url] would hear the material and offer them a new home with his label, [url=http://www.discogs.com/label/Nothing+Records]Nothing Records[/url]. They went on to tour, opening for Marilyn Manson and VAST, before beginning work on a third album, with in-studio help from Reznor. However, the album never saw a release, due to the collapse of Nothing Records. The band went on indefinite sabbatical, with Ross and Atticus becoming spouses, but have never officially disbanded and continue to collaborate. Atticus Ross now works largely in the studio as a producer and programmer, notably with Nine Inch Nails and How To Destroy Angels, as well as becoming an Oscar winning film composer. Claudia Sarne became a vocalist for [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/nearLY]nearLY[/url] for a stint, before collaborating with Ross on his film scores. With Kirk Hellie returning as guitarrist, Leopold Ross, brother of Atticus rounds out the current lineup.

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