Sigurd Wongraven & Kjetil Haraldstad

Members of Satyricon: Anders Odden, Carl-Michael Eide, Dirk Verbeuren, Frost (11), Håvard Jørgensen, Satyr Wongraven, Ted Skjellum, Tomas Haugen, Vegard Blomberg
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Discography of Satyricon:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Megiddo - Mother North In The Dawn Of A New Age - 4 Audio 1997-09-04 Moonfog Productions
2 Rebel Extravaganza 11 Audio 1999
3 Intermezzo II 4 Audio 1999-05-10 Moonfog Productions
4 Dark Medieval Times 7 Audio 1994 Moonfog Productions
5 The Shadowthrone 7 Audio Moonfog Productions
6 Nemesis Divina 8 Audio 1996-04-22 Moonfog Productions
7 Nemesis Divina 8 Audio 1996 Modern Invasion Music
8 The Forest Is My Throne / Yggdrasill 14 Audio 1996 Moonfog Productions
9 Mother North 2 Audio 1996 Moonfog Productions
10 The Shadowthrone 7 Audio 1994 Moonfog Productions
11 Megiddo - Mother North In The Dawn Of A New Age - 4 Audio 1997 Moonfog Productions
12 The Shadowthrone 7 Audio 1995 Morbid Noizz Productions
13 Rebel Extravaganza 11 Audio 1999 Moonfog Productions
14 Ten Horns - Ten Diadems 10 Audio 2002 Moonfog Productions
15 Volcano 8 Audio 2002-10-25
16 Volcano 11 Audio 2003 Moonfog Productions
17 All Evil Baroeg 10 Audio Demonicus Productions
18 Volcano 9 Audio 2004 Red Ink
19 Intermezzo II 4 Audio 1999-05-10
20 Rebel Extravaganza 13 Audio 2006-04-21 Nuclear Blast
21 Satyricon 91 Audio 2003 Домашняя Коллекция
22 Rebel Extravaganza 10 Audio 1999 Spinefarm Records
23 Nemesis Divina 8 Audio 1997 Century Black
24 The Forest Is My Throne 3 Audio 1993 Moonfog Productions
25 Now, Diabolical 8 Audio 2006 Columbia
26 K.I.N.G 2 Audio 2006 Columbia
27 Dark Medieval Times 7 Audio 1996 Morbid Noizz Productions
28 Rebel Extravaganza 13 Audio 1999
29 Pesten 1996 2 Audio 1996 Not On Label (Satyricon)
30 My Skin Is Cold 7 Audio 2008 Indie Recordings
31 Now, Diabolical 10 Audio 2006-06-13 Century Media
32 Black Lava In The North 7 Audio 2003 Not On Label (Satyricon)
33 Live In Stockholm 8 Audio 2003 Cult Ov Evil Gods
34 Roadkill Extravaganza - A True Roadmovie 14 Audio 2001 Moonfog Productions
35 Now, Diabolical 9 Audio 2008-07-07 Moonfog Productions
36 My Skin Is Cold 7 Audio 2008-06-02 Roadrunner Records
37 The Age Of Nero 19 Audio 2008-11-03 Indie Recordings
38 The Age Of Nero 19 Audio 2008-11-03
39 Intermezzo II 4 Audio 1999 Nuclear Blast
40 Picture Disc Box Set 24 Audio 1998 Moonfog Productions
41 The Age Of Nero 8 Audio 2008-12-12
42 Rebel Extravaganza 13 Audio 2008 Back On Black
43 Rebel Extravaganza 11 Audio 1999 Nuclear Blast
44 Nemesis Divina 7 Audio 1996 Moonfog Productions
45 The Shadowthrone 7 Audio 1999-08-24 Moonfog Productions
46 The Age Of Nero 8 Audio 2008
47 The Forest Is My Throne 3 Audio 2009 Templo De Artes Negros
48 Now, Diabolical 8 Audio 2006 Roadrunner Records
49 Nemesis Divina 8 Audio Somber Music
50 Now, Diabolical 8 Audio 2006 Deepsend Records

The band were formed in 1990 as Eczema by the bassist Wargod and drummer Exhurtum. In 1991, they decided to start playing black metal, so the name was changed to Satyricon. Satyr (Sigurd Wongraven) then joined the band. After the first demo All Evil, Exhurtum was kicked out of the band because he "preferred hanging out with my girl at the time rather than kicking down gravestones together with the band", while Wargod left the music scene and became a UN soldier afterwards. Lemarchand was kicked out after the second demo. Remaining members Satyr and Lemarchand hired the drummer Frost (Kjetil-Vidar Haraldstad) as a session musician and recorded their second and last demo, The Forest Is My Throne. Shortly after this, Lemarchand also left the band. But before leaving the band he recorded guitars (uncredited on the booklet) for the first full-length album, Dark Medieval Times.[citation needed] In the meantime, Frost was being "promoted" as a permanent member[citation needed] and had recorded drums for the aforementioned album. Satyricon have—with two exceptions—been a two-man band ever since: from 1993–1996, Tomas Thormodsæter 'Samoth' Haugen from Emperor was the bassist and guitarist of Satyricon, and participated in the recording of their second album, The Shadowthrone; and later in 1996, Darkthrone member Nocturno Culto (Ted Skjellum, known as "Kveldulv" during Satyricon's period) became guitarist on the third full-length Satyricon album, Nemesis Divina.

Rebel Extravaganza, Satyricon’s fourth album, was released in 1999.

In April and May 2000, Satyricon toured as a supporting band for Pantera. Phil Anselmo has spoken of his love for black metal numerous times, and has participated in Eibon with Satyricon frontman Satyr. They used to be signed with Daron Malakian's music label EatUrMusic.

Their fifth studio album Volcano was released in 2002 and won four awards: the Norwegian Grammy for Best Metal Album, an Alarm award for the track "Fuel for Hatred" in the category Song of the Year, the Alarm Award for Metal Album of the Year[citation needed] and The Oslo award for Best Overall Album.

Satyricon participated in the Darkthrone tribute Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone, released by Moonfog Productions in 1998, covering the song "Kathaarian Life Code". In the same year, Satyricon participated in the Bathory tribute In Conspiracy with Satan, released by Hellspawn/No Fashion Records, featuring the song "Born for Burning" originally released on Crusade from the North in 1996.

In 2006, Satyricon released Now, Diabolical.

In March 2008, the band headlined the Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo for the first time.

The EP My Skin Is Cold was released before their seventh album, The Age of Nero, which was released on 3 November 2008.

Musical style

The band's first album, 1993's Dark Medieval Times, showed off the fascination Satyricon had with the Middle Ages and featured raw black metal blast beats produced by Frost, mixed with acoustic guitar and flute. On their next album, The Shadowthrone, this medieval spirit was continued. Rock Hard journalist Wolf-Rüdiger Mühlmann wrote that Satyricon reached their "very early zenith" with that album and Nemesis Divina.

Describing their fifth studio album, 2002's Volcano, frontman Satyr stated in a press release and biography on their homepage that "the music is rock based but more extreme; it is black metal pushing the boundaries that began with bands like Venom and Bathory. Reinventing ourselves based on a foundation of rock-oriented black metal is our philosophy."[citation needed] Mühlmann wrote that Satyricon's path after their zenith reached with their second and third album has only a limited connection to black metal, whereas Metal Hammer journalist Robert Müller described Satyr as a "latently arrogant guy who, along the way, makes great music that constantly tests the borders of the genre". His colleague Gunnar Sauermann, on the other hand, considers Satyricon "a pseudo-black pop (and popular) band these days". In their report from the Eindhoven Metal Meeting, he and Thomas Sonder wrote that they "almost play[ed] hard rock" at the beginning of their show.

Current members

Satyr (Sigurd Wongraven) – vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass guitar (1991–present)

Frost (Kjetil-Vidar Haraldstad) – drums (1993–present)

Current live members

Steinar Gundersen (also known as "Azarak") – lead guitar (1999–present)

Gildas Le Pape – rhythm guitar (2008–present)

Anders Odden – bass guitar (2009–present)

Jonna Nikula – keyboards (2003–present)

Former members

Wargod (Vegard) – bass guitar (1991–1992)

Exhurtum (Carl-Michael Eide) – drums (1991–1992)

Lemarchand (Håvard Jørgensen) – guitar (1991–1993), bass guitar (1993)

Samoth (Tomas Thormodsæter Haugen) – bass guitar, guitar (1993–1996)

Kveldulv (Ted Skjellum; also known as Nocturno Culto) – guitar (1996–1997)

Vegard Blomberg - effects (1999) (not to be confused with Wargod)

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