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Discography of Diffreq:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 The Rebirth EP 4 Audio 2004-01-15 Underground Society Records
2 My Anger Inside 4 Audio 2007-06-14 Zero Tolerance

[b]DiffreQ started off as a 14 year old boy obsessed by a music genre called hardcore or gabber. trying to mix tracks from cd's and casette with a very old mixer.[/b]

Also he discovered a program called fasttracker for the pc. After a while DiffreQ (named DJ Natrium at that time) became friends with Mc Impact who had 2 old style turntables and a bunch of Pengo records.

a few years later they showed off there trickz at a local Youthcentre in a suburb of Groningen. And another friend, called Looneytic, joined the club.

DiffreQ and Looneytic started producing together using the good old fasttracker. They called themselfs Hardcore Hooligans. In this same period DiffreQ and Looneytic came under contract with a local Party Organisation named North-Support.

After a few years of practise thing got in the fastlane.. the year is 1999.

He changed his Dj name to DiffreQ (Which stands for Difficult Frequencies) He had a tryout at a local bar/dancing and became resident DJ of the place.

Together with Mc Impact, DJ Crazy ED and DJ looneytic they were the host's of the thursday night hardcore night at 'De Nieuwe Unie'.

Also fasttracker made place for one of the best producing programs called Cubase. In the years to come DiffreQ and Looneytic performed a lot at the North-Support's "Planet X" Party's hold at Discotheek Index, a couple of times at the "Lords of Terror" party's hold at Huize Maas, "T&A birthday" party's and "Paradiso's" Queensday party's. Went Live on Stage 2 times. Also DiffreQ won a DJ battle competing against some of the best northen DJ's at that time.

In 2001 DiffreQ and Looneytic stopped producing together as Hardcore Hooligans and DiffreQ decided to continue on his own. Then DiffreQ came in contact with Underground Society Records. They were very excited about some of the tracks, and here we are.

Still learning every day and inspired by producers like Promo (especially the Files), G Town Madness, Endymion and The Viper. trying to find new paths, in this all so pre set world.

Think different............ be urself !

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