Members of Samhain: Eerie Von, Glenn Anzalone, John Christ, London May, Lyle Preslar, Pete Marshall, Steve Zing
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Discography of Samhain:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Initium 9 Audio 1989-12-00
2 November-Coming-Fire 11 Audio 1986-02-00
3 Samhain Box Set 75 Audio 2000-09-05 E-Magine Entertainment
4 A Bucket Of Blood 4 Audio 1988 FUNN
5 All Murder, All Guts, All Live 4 Audio 1987 Ignis Fattus Records
6 November-Coming-Fire 11 Audio 1989 Plan 9
7 Final Descent 11 Audio 1990-10-31 Plan 9
8 Unholy Passion 5 Audio 1986-05-00 Plan 9
9 On Earth As It Is In Hell 5 Audio 1989 Not On Label (Samhain)
10 Live 85-86 18 Audio 2001 E-Magine Entertainment
11 Final Descent 9 Audio 2001 E-Magine Entertainment
12 On Earth As It Is In Hell 5 Audio 1989 Not On Label (Samhain)
13 The Return Of The Misfit 4 Audio 1988
14 Initium / Unholy Passion 15 Audio 1986
15 Unholy Passion 6 Audio 2001 E-Magine Entertainment
16 Initium 15 Audio 1987-07-15
17 Initium 10 Audio 1989-06-00
18 November-Coming-Fire 11 Audio 2001 E-Magine Entertainment
19 November-Coming-Fire 11 Audio 1989 Plan 9
20 Final Descent 11 Audio 1990-10-31 Plan 9
21 Black Dream 18 Audio 1996 Hit Parade (3)
22 The Glorious Past Of Glenn Danzig 3 Audio 2001 No Label Records (6)
23 The Glorious Past Of Glenn Danzig 3 Audio 2001 No Label Records (6)
24 The Glorious Past Of Glenn Danzig 3 Audio 2001 No Label Records (6)
25 The Glorious Past Of Glenn Danzig 5 Audio 2002 No Label Records (6)
26 If You Don't Believe That There Is No Tomorrow, Just Take A Look At All The Pain, The Misery And Sorrow 13 Audio 1992 Suburban Prodigy Record Label
27 N.Y. Breaks Loose... 20 Audio 2003 Art Of Music
28 Unholy Passion 5 Audio 2003 Plan 9 (2)
29 Live 1984 Stardust Ballroom 15 Audio 2005 Evilive
30 From The Ashes Of The Misfits The Bloodbath Begins 5 Audio Danzig Records
31 Samhain At Dancetown, NYC 1985 10 Audio 2005 Not On Label (Samhain)
32 Samhain At Metro, Chicago 1986 8 Audio 2005 Not On Label (Samhain)
33 On Earth As It Is In Hell 5 Audio 1989 Not On Label (Samhain, Self-released)
34 Last Gasp Live And Demos 85-86 4 Audio 1995 Not On Label (Samhain)
35 Initium 10 Audio 1988
36 November-Coming-Fire 11 Audio 1988
37 Live At Danceteria, NYC, 1985 10 Audio 2013 Not On Label
38 Initium 10 Audio
39 November-Coming-Fire 11 Audio 1992
40 Live Demos 4 Audio 2013 Not On Label (Samhain)
41 A Bucket Of Blood 4 Audio FUNN
42 Bloodbrothers 4 Audio 2014 Boots Ranch Europe

Samhain was formed in 1983 in Lodi, New Jersey, by vocalist [a=Glenn Danzig] and bassist [a=Eerie Von] following the breakup of The Misfits. The idea for Samhain, though, had allegedly been concieved a few years prior to that and a number of songs for the project were written while Danzig was still in the Misfits (the Misfits also recorded a few songs that Danzig had written with Samhain in mind). After tossing around several line-ups, the band was completed with [a=Steve Zing], another Lodi native and friend of Von's, on drums. Danzig would also handle guitar duties, although former [a=Minor Threat] guitarist [a=Lyle Preslar] played with the band at their first show and recorded several songs with the band. Eschewing the straight up punk sound and horror movie image of the Misfits, Samhain played a more goth and atmospheric style of music with some punk and metal overtones and the lyrics focused more on the occult and real life violence. Following the recording, but prior to the release of their first album, 1984's "Initium", [a=Pete Marshall] (aka "Damien") joined the band as guitarist. Steve Zing quit the band in 1985, either tiring of touring or Danzig's complete control of the band (depending on who one was talking to at the time) and was replaced by former [a=Reptile House (2)] drummer [a=London May]. This line-up would record the band's second LP, "November-Coming-Fire", which would be the band's last release during their lifetime. The band caught the attention of [a=Rick Rubin], who was initially interested in signing Danzig to a solo career. Up to that point, all of Samhain's music was being released through Danzig's [l=Plan 9] record label, but he was finding that the operation was becoming to big to manage on his own. However, Danzig refused to ditch Eerie Von. Around the signing with Rubin, Damien left the group and was replaced with [a=John Christ]. The new band planned to record a 3rd LP, called "Samhain Grim", but when London May was fired from the band the project was scrapped and the band was reconstituted as [a=Danzig]. In 1990, Danzig and Von completed work on five tracks meant for "Samhain Grim" which ended up constituting the first half of "Final Descent" (the album was originally rounded out by a remixed version of the band's "Unholy Passion" EP).

In 1999, Danzig organized a brief Samhain reunion which consisted of Steve Zing and London May alternating between bass and drums, and [a=Todd Youth] filling in on guitar. Damien was unable to participate due to commitments with [a=Iggy Pop] and Eerie Von was not invited to participate because, according to Danzig, no one involved was interested in having him take part. After the tour, Zing, May, and Youth would form [a=Son Of Sam (4)] with [a=Davey Havok]. The group released an album in 2001 (Danzig makes a guest appearance).

In 2001, a long-talked-about Samhain boxset was finally released. It included the band's 3 LPs, the remixed version of "Unholy Passion", and a previously unreleased live album (all discs have since been released seperately from the box set). This marked the reissue of the Samhain catalog, which went out of print after a lawsuit settlement between Glenn Danzig and Misfits' bassist [a=Jerry Only] marked the end of Plan 9 Records in 1995.

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