Outlawz, The

Also known as Oulawz, Out Lawz, Outlaw Immortals, Outlaw Immortalz, Outlaw, The, Outlaws, Outlaws, The, Outlawz, Outlawz Immortalz, Outlawz, Tha, Tha Outlawz, TheOutlawz, Tupac Shakur Outlaws
Members of Outlawz, The: Bruce Washington, Donna Hunter, Katari Cox, Komani, Malcolm Greenidge, Mopreme, Mutah Beale, New Child, Nutt-So, Ronald Moore (2), Rufus Cooper III, Sean Coleman (5), Tupac Shakur, Tyruss Himes, Yafeu Fula
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Discography of Outlawz, The:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Still I Rise 15 Audio 1999 Interscope Records
2 Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II) 4 Audio 2000 Interscope Records
3 Still I Rise 15 Audio 1999-12-00
4 Outlaw 4 Life: 2005 A.P. 17 Audio 2005-05-16
5 Novakane 17 Audio 2001
6 Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II) / Freakin' It 7 Audio Crib Underground
7 Neva Surrenda- The Rap-A-Lot Sessions 16 Audio 2002-11-05
8 Can't Sell Dope Forever: The Mix Tape Vol. 1 14 Audio 2006-07-25
9 Worldwide (Remix) 5 Audio 2001 Koch Records
10 Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II) 4 Audio 1999 Interscope Records
11 The Chronic 2000 (Unreleased) 4 Audio Interscope Records
12 Noble Justice 19 Audio 2002-05-28
13 Still I Rise 13 Audio 2000-02-23 Western Thunder Records
14 Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II) (Track Masters Remix) 4 Audio 2000 Interscope Records
15 Hell 4 A Hustler / Homeboyz 8 Audio 1999 Interscope Records
16 Retribution (The Lost Album): 10 Years Later 19 Audio 2006
17 Still I Rise (Edited Version) 15 Audio 1999 Interscope Records
18 Still I Rise 15 Audio 1999
19 Novakane 17 Audio 2001
20 Can't Sell Dope Forever 14 Audio 2006
21 Worldwide (Remix) 5 Audio 2001 Koch Records
22 House Of Pain 7 Audio 2003 Xclusive Records
23 Hit 'Em Up 6 Audio 1996-06-30
24 In The Event Of My Demise 3 Audio 2000 Interscope Records
25 In The Event Of My Demise 3 Audio 2000 Interscope Records
26 Worldwide 7 Audio 2003 Eagle Vision
27 In The Event Of My Demise 3 Audio 2000 Interscope Records
28 Outlaw 4 Life: 2005 A.P. 17 Audio 2005 One Nation Entertainment
29 Killuminati 2K11 14 Audio 2011
30 Life Of An Outlaw - The Best Of The Works Of 14 Audio 2008
31 Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II) 2 Audio 1999 Interscope Records
32 The Best Of Outlawz: Mix Collaboration Vol 1 CD 19 Audio 2002 Outlaw Recordz
33 Outlaw Warriorz Vol. 1 - ***Higginsmedia Collectors Edition*** 25 Audio 2004 Not On Label
34 Still I Rise 15 Audio 2000 Interscope Records
35 Lost Souls 3 Audio Death Row Records (2)
36 Novakane 17 Audio 2001-12-19 Victor
37 Worldwide (Remix) 5 Audio 2001 Koch Records
38 Worldwide 2 Audio 2002 Koch Records
39 Worldwide (Remix) 5 Audio 2001 Koch Records
40 Worldwide 4 Audio 2002 Koch Records
41 Novakane 17 Audio 2001 Outlaw Recordz
42 Worldwide 7 Audio 2002
43 Still I Rise 15 Audio 1999-12-00 Interscope Records
44 Novakane 17 Audio 2001
45 Still I Rise 15 Audio 1999 Universal Music
46 Homeboyz 2 Audio 1999 Interscope Records
47 Still I Rise 15 Audio 1999 Interscope Records
48 I'm A Thug 6 Audio 2003 Outlaw Recordz
49 We Want In 12 Audio 2008 Gold Dust Media
50 Still I Rise 15 Audio 1999 Interscope Records

Outlaw is an acronym for Operating Under Thug Laws As Warriors. In the Earlier years of the Outlawz the were known as [a=Dramacydal]. Dramacydal first appeared on the [a=2Pac]'s 1995 Me Against the World album, the Outlawz were on the title track "Me Against The World" & "Outlaw". Dramacydal was composed of:

* Lil Mu - Later name changed to Napolean

* K-Dogg - Later name changed to K.[a=Kastro]

* Big Mal - Later name changed to [a=E.D.I.] Mean

* Young Hollywood - Later name changed to Yaki [a=Kadafi] (Left the group shortly after)

When 2Pac signed to [l=Death Row] upon his release from prison, Shakur recruited his stepbrother [a=Mopreme] Shakur and [a=Big Syke]. Dirty Bruce was also added, and together they formed the original lineup, which debuted on 2Pac's multi-platinum smash All Eyez on Me, on the song "When We Ride". Other times members (E.D.I., Kastro, Napolean) appear on the record, as "Dramacydal", ([A=Hussein Fatal], Kadafi) as Fatal-N-Felony and (Mussolini, Komani) still occupied they rank in ([a=Thug Life])

The idea behind the group was for each member to have a rap name coinciding with the names of various tyrants or enemies of America, past and present.

* [a=Makaveli], Real name Tupac Shakur, the leader of the group, named after Italian political philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli.

* Yaki [a=Kadafi], Real name Yafeu Fula, Godbrother and childhood friend of 2Pac, was given the name Yaki Kadafi after Lybian Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi.

* [a=Hussein Fatal], Real name Bruce Washington, Introduced to 2pac by childhood friend Yaki Kadafi, given the name Hussein Fatal after former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.

* [a=E.D.I.] Mean, Real Name Malcolm Greenridge, was given the alias E.D.I. Mean after Ugandian president Idi Amin.

* K.[a=Kastro], Real name Katari Cox, Cousin of 2Pac, was given the alias K.Kastro after Cuban president Fidel Castro.

* Napolean, Real Name Mutah Beale, Childhood friend of Kadafi, was given the name Napolean after French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

* Mussolini, Real name Tyruss Himes. Previously known as [a=Big Syke]. Was in 2Pac's first group, Thug Life. Joined the Outlawz under the alias Mussolini, after former Italian president Benito Mussolini.

* Komani, Real name Maurice Harding. Previously know as [a=Mopreme] Shakur. Tupac's stepbrother. Was also in 2Pac's first group, Thug Life. Joined the Outlawz under the alias Komani, after Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

* [a=Storm (8)], Real name Donna Hunter, met Shakur on a movie set and was asked to join as the first female in the Outlawz. Recorded many songs with Shakur, but most verses have been cut out of all of Shakurs posthumous record releases. Appeared on the track "Tradin' War Stories" and produced some of the group's material.

* [a=Young Noble], Real name Rufus Cooper III. was given the name Marbles cause 2Pac use to say that he was always messin up the track at the end. he's the Last official member.

* [a=New Child] (no birth name given), Real name Wallace Lynch friend of Fatal's who was added after 2Pac's death. Claims he had a dream two months before being asked to join the group, that 2Pac told him he had to change his life. Currently in prison.

* [a=Stormy (2)] (no birth name given), Real name Sean Coleman a new member of the Outlawz; no information has been provided. He is on the Tupac album "Pac's Life"

Soon after joining the group, Mopreme and Big Syke severed all ties with Death Row and left the Outlawz for financial reasons. Two months after the death of Shakur, Kadafi was killed in a housing project in New Jersey; after two years, Napolean convinced his cousin to turn himself in for shooting Kadafi, while both were drunk and high on marijuana, although Kadafi's mother and girlfriend maintain that the story was fabricated and that Fula had been murdered over money.

Though Tupac had told them specifically to never sign to Death Row Records, the leftover members of the Outlawz decided to do just that; as a result, Fatal left the group, claiming they weren't being loyal to 2Pac, so did Napoleon. Storm, the female member of the Outlawz, left the group to go on to live a safe life, free of the THUG LIFE, she lived while with the group to raise her two children in safety.

The only currently active members of the Outlawz are Kastro, E.D.I. and Young Noble, who would seem to have recently inducted Stormey into the group.

In 1999, they (still with both Hussein Fatal and Napolean) released some of their unreleased songs with 2Pac, entitled Still I Rise. Fatal did not appear on any of the tracks on this album, because the group signed with Death Row Records when 2Pac strictly told them not to. For a while, they had a dispute over money with Death Row Records, but that blew over and today they are still close with Suge Knight.

They have also released four "solo" albums without 2Pac and Death Row, 2000's "Ride Wit Us Or Collide Wit Us," and 2002's "Novakane," which did actually feature one unreleased Pac song "Worldwide". In 2005, they released "Outlaw 4 Life: 2005 A.P." Mixtapes include "Outlaw Warriorz," which was a close collaboration with DJ Warrior, "Thug Lawz", a collaboration between them and Big Syke, and "Retribution," which is an album recorded under Death Row Records after 2pac passed. DJ Fatal of the Bum Squad and Cali Untouchable DJs brings the "Retribution," lost album to surface ten years later. There has also been a mixtape recorded with dead prez and DJ Warrior, and Young Noble and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony member Layzie Bone collaborated on Thug Brothers.

They also continue to record new raps for 2Pac unreleased albums and worked closely with Eminem for the soundtrack to the movie Tupac: Resurrection and the posthumous 2Pac album, Loyal to the Game, much to the derision of Hussein Fatal. But the Outlawz also participated in Pac's Life. Young Noble is working on a collaboration with Hussein Fatal.

In 2007, the group signed a record deal with Young Buck's Ca$hville Records.

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