Menace & Adam

Christophe Hoeffel, Yves Sticht

Also known as Mannace & Adam
Members of Menace & Adam: Christophe Hoeffel, Yves Sticht

Discography of Menace & Adam:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Missile Test 2 Audio 2004 Work It Baby
2 Can't Stop Lovin' You 3 Audio 2004 Work It Baby
3 Heartbreaker 2 Audio 2004 Work It Baby
4 Rock Dat Shit 2 Audio 2005-02-15 Work It Baby
5 Rockin' 2 Audio 2006-04-04 Pop Up Trash

Menace & Adam are known as the producers behind the main "Work it Baby" label-output as well as some awesome house DJs. But the story of "Menace & Adam" began back in 1994, when Yves Adam and Kris Menace met at a record company and became best friends. Yves Adam and Kris Menace, both two born as musical enthusiasts, were producing music independently from each other since 1992.

Yves has worked as an audio engineer and mastering doctor & Kris worked as a grafic designer, music promoter and for other well-known side projects as well as a DJ.

As producers for different projects rocketing to the top of the charts in several countries,

they felt that it wasn’t the right music coming from their heart. So Menace & Adam went on to set up their own label, Work it Baby, taking more control of their own productions and creating their own innovative sexy music style. Every release is strictly limited and unique, so they keep a tight control on their image. "Menace & Adam" created an unmistakable style, a 80s-90s fusion, mixing powerful techno house beats with musical influences from their adolescence to breathe new life into house music.

Throughout their career, the mysterious DJs Menace & Adam have always paid close attention to the visual side of their work and to the public. They don’t like interviews or a lot of DJ gigs as well as trouble around their persons.

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