Fresh Kid Ice

Christopher Wong Won

Also known as Chinaman Of 2 Live Crew, Fresh Kid Ice, The, Fresh Kid-Ice, The, Fresh Kidd Ice, Fresh Kidd Ice Of The "2 Live Crew", Kid Ice, Living Legend Fresh Kid Ice, The
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Discography of Fresh Kid Ice:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Master Plan 4 Audio 1991 Miami Bass Records (2)
2 The Chinaman 15 Audio 1992 Effect Records
3 Dick 'Em Down 5 Audio 1992 Effect Records
4 Performing Live At A Club Near You 3 Audio 2004 Chinaman Records
5 Hey Ho 4 Audio 1991 Joey Boy Records
6 I'll Be Here 4 Audio 1992 Deep Groove
7 Deal With This 10 Audio 1992
8 Hum On My Nuts 2 Audio 1995 Bankrupt Records
9 (Let Me See Ya) Booty Drop 4 Audio Vision Records (4)
10 (Let Me See Ya) Booty Drop 4 Audio Vision Records (4)
11 Freak 'Em Down 2 Audio 1992 Effect Records
12 I'll Be There 4 Audio 1992 Luke Records
13 Hum On My Nuts 4 Audio 1995 Bankrupt Records
14 The Chinaman 15 Audio 1992 Effect Records
15 Still Nasty 15 Audio 2000 CHINAMAN RECORDS

Fresh Kid Ice, also known as The Chinaman, is one of three founding members of 2 Live Crew.

Born in Trinidad, he grew up in New York, eventually joining the U.S. Air Force for a four year stint. While stationed in Riverside, California, in 1983, he got together with Amazing V and Mr. Mixx to form a rap group. Together in 1984, they recorded two songs; "The Revalation", and Fresh Kid Ice was the lone vocalist on the b-side midtempo song "2 Live".

Mr. Mixx contacted Macola Records landing a manufacturing and distrubution deal for the group's self-owned "Fresh Beat Records". Once released, the song's combination of the sustained 808 kick drum and Fresh Kid Ice's lyric "like Luke Skywalker I got the force" caught the attention of Ghetto Style DJ Luke Skywalker (aka Luke Campbell) in Miami, who also was promoting a teen club there known as Pac-Jam. Luke contacted Macola and booked the group for a performance in Miami.

Shortly after, Amazing V left the group making Fresh Kid Ice the lone vocalist for the next few releases. Eventually the group recruited rapper Brother Marquis from The Caution Crew, moved to Miami, and promoted Luke Skywalker from manager to a member of the group as their hype-man.

During the group's tenure with Luke Skyywalker Records, Fresh Kid Ice began his own record label known as "Miami Bass Records", initially hoping for an M&D deal with Luke, but scoring it instead with Hot Productions. There he fostered talent such as MC Smart, bali and Fat Daddy. 2 Live Crew officially broke up in late 1990, although they recorded one more album together in 1991 for Luke.

Fresh Kid Ice began "Ice Cold Productions" and landed yet another deal with Joey Boy Records that resulted in one compilation entitled "Masters of the Bass" which included acts such as Shake G, Top Rank, Underground Regulators, and Dem Boyz. When the other members of 2 Live Crew left Luke Records, Fresh Kid Ice remained onboard releasing the solo album "The Chinaman" in 1992. In 1994, Luke and Fresh Kid Ice recruited a new rapper named Verb and touted themselves as "The New 2 Live Crew".

After Luke Records went bankrupt, Fresh Kid Ice left Luke records reuniting with Mr. Mixx and Brother Marquis signing with Lil Joe Records to release "Shake a Lil Somethin'" in 1996. Fresh Kid Ice and Brother Marquis remained as 2 Live Crew to release "Da Real One" in 1998 and songs for the Jerry Springer movie in 1999. After Brother Marquis dropped out, Fresh Kid Ice focused on getting Chinaman Records off the ground to foster new talent such as new school rappers Big Ed, Fish N Gritz, and The X-Rated Rydaz. At the same time, The Insane Clown Posse reached out to Fresh Kid Ice pointing out to him that ICP was an acronymn for both their group name and Ice Cold Productions. They've sinced teamed up touring and recording together often.

Fresh Kid Ice and his new talent were touring as 2 Live Crew until late 2006 when Lil Joe Weinberger put a stop to it as he obtained the rights to the group's name from the acquisition of Luke's catalog after Luke Records' bankruptcy. This in effect also ended the proposed 2 Live Crew reunion. Fresh Kid Ice continues to tour with The X Rated Rydas and operate Chinaman Records.

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