Ryan Farish

Ryan Farish

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Discography of Ryan Farish:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Daydreamer 15 Audio 2002-06-24 Worldtrax Music
2 Everlasting 12 Audio 2006-08-08 Neurodisc Records
3 From The Sky 12 Audio 2005-06-21 Neurodisc Records
4 Wonderfall 16 Audio 2008-06-05 Rytone Entertainment
5 Opus,Vol.1 14 Audio 2011-01-00 Rytone Entertainment
6 Beautiful (Deluxe Version) 16 Audio 2009-07-00 Rytone Entertainment
7 Upon A Dream 13 Audio 2011-08-16 Rytone Entertainment
8 Legacy - Greatest Hits 2000-2010 17 Audio 2011-06-14 Rytone Entertainment
9 Bloom 17 Audio 2010-05-07 Rytone Entertainment
10 Everlasting (Deluxe Version) 12 Audio 2006 Rytone Entertainment
11 From The Sky (Deluxe Version) 13 Audio 2009-06-01 Rytone Entertainment
12 Movement In Light 10 Audio 2009-04-06 Rytone Entertainment
13 Spirit (A Ryan Farish Christmas) 5 Audio 2009-11-09 Rytone Entertainment
14 Beautiful 12 Audio 2005
15 From The Sky 12 Audio 2007
16 Everlasting 12 Audio 2007
17 Bloom 17 Audio 2011 DreaMusic (2)
18 Opus 14 Audio 2011
19 Everlasting 12 Audio 2006 Neurodisc Records (2)
20 Beautiful (Deluxe Version) 16 Audio 2013 Rytone Entertainment
21 From The Sky (Deluxe Version) 13 Audio 2013 Rytone Entertainment
22 Everlasting (Deluxe Version) 12 Audio 2013 Rytone Entertainment
23 Wonderfall 16 Audio 2013 Rytone Entertainment
24 Legacy - Greatest Hits 2000-2010 17 Audio 2011-05-31 Rytone Entertainment
25 Upon A Dream (Deluxe Version) 14 Audio 2012-03-29 Rytone Entertainment
26 Bloom 17 Audio 2013 Rytone Entertainment
27 Opus 19 Audio 2013 Rytone Entertainment
28 Movement In Light 10 Audio 2013 Rytone Entertainment
29 Selected Works 13 Audio 2013 Rytone Entertainment
30 Destiny 20 Audio 2013-12-03 Rytone Entertainment
31 Life In Stereo 18 Audio 2012-12-04 Rytone Entertainment
32 Main Room Architecture 7 Audio 2012-09-12 Rytone Entertainment
33 Love In The Air 4 Audio 2014-06-03 Rytone Entertainment
34 The Came The Sun 4 Audio 2013-09-14 Rytone Entertainment
35 Light (Elevation Sessions) 4 Audio 2012-03-08 Rytone Entertainment
36 Come Into My World 4 Audio 2010-05-25 Rytone Entertainment
37 In This Moment 3 Audio 2008-04-06 Rytone Entertainment
38 Iceland 4 Audio 2010-05-03 Rytone Entertainment
39 Storm Chaser 4 Audio 2009-09-01 Rytone Entertainment
40 Sapphire (Elevation Sessions) 4 Audio 2012-05-21 Rytone Entertainment
41 Stargazer (Elevation Session) 4 Audio 2012-01-20 Rytone Entertainment
42 Neon Stars (Elevation Sessions) 4 Audio 2012-05-24 Rytone Entertainment
43 Lifted (Elevation Sessions) 4 Audio 2012-01-17 Rytone Entertainment
44 Believe 4 Audio 2008-11-06 Rytone Entertainment

Ryan Farish is an American electronic artist and producer. As a Grammy-nominated and 2008 Gospel Music Association (GMA) Dove Award-winning songwriter/producer/composer/multi-instrumentalist, Farish launched his music career on the first generation MP3.com. It was at this site where he received 1.8 million downloads of his trademark and earned the title "Download King" from L.A.-based music industry magazine Music Connection. In 2008, he garnered a Grammy nomination, as well as a Dove Award. Farish's music has also been featured on Access Hollywood, Discovery Channel, FOX Sports, Sony and Columbia TriStar Pictures, as well as multiple airlines, to name a few.

Ryan has been a Weather Channel music staple for over a decade. Many of Farish's works can be heard on TWC's Local on the 8s. One of his songs, "Holding Hands" is featured on The Weather Channel's CD released in October 2007, The Weather Channel Presents: The Best of Smooth Jazz. This compilation climbed to the No. 1 on the Billboard Jazz Album Chart. Farish's work with on TWC led to the channel commissioning an original score/theme for their prime time TV show "Storm Stories".

Ryan's biggest accomplishment – no matter in what genre listeners discover him – is his ability to grab and keep listeners' attention with his unique brand of electronic/world music. Ryan Farish's song, "Pacific Wind," was featured in a popular YouTube video, entitled "Remember Me," created by a 15-year-old high school student named Lizzie Palmer. The video, a sentimental montage of soldiers in the Iraq War, was ranked as the 48th most watched YouTube video of all time as of April 26, 2008. As of August, 2011, it has received more than 30 million views. Palmer and Farish gained renown from the prominence of the video; the former was interviewed on news networks including CNN.

Another popular and best-selling song is "Full Sail" from his Beautiful album. It has garnered more than 13 million YouTube views in a video titled "THE MOST RELAXING MUSIC IMAGINABLE" which serves as an anchor in Ryan's expansive catalogue of music. Once listeners hear this song, they are bound to enjoy his earlier and most recent work. It steers them in the direction his music is heading. With electronic music being a vast pool of sweeping melodies and driving rhythms, Ryan's tunes maneuver in the waters easily and allow the music listener to enjoy the journey with him.

To date, more than 3,000 listener supported videos featuring Ryan Farish’s music have reached beyond 46 million views on YouTube.com.

“Music is a universal language. Powerful and meaningful, it can touch lives and speak through generations. With music, I hope to convey the following truth: Hope and faith exist to bring us together, and love endures forever. May this music shine light in a dark room, may it have purpose, in the service of Love.” -Ryan Farish

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