Martin Oberschelp

Also known as Kamal - Martin Ancedy, Kamal Engels, Kamal M Engels, Kamal M. Engels

Discography of Kamal:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Collection 8 Audio 1993 Nightingale Records
2 Reiki 6 Audio 2002 Oreade Music
3 Blue Dawn 7 Audio 1990 Nightingale Records
4 Silhouette 8 Audio 1989 Nightingale Records
5 Mysterious Traveller 10 Audio 2003 Oreade Music
6 Whale Meditation 7 Audio 2008 New Earth Records
7 Zen Mama 7 Audio 2010 New Earth Records
8 Quiet Earth 5 Audio 2008 New Earth Records
9 Reiki Whale Dreaming 8 Audio 2005 New Earth Records
10 Reiki Whale Song 7 Audio 2001 New Earth Records
11 Mystery Road 10 Audio 2000 New Earth Records
12 Silhouette 8 Audio 2003-06-19 Oreade Music
13 Papillon 11 Audio 2004 Правительство Звука
14 The Quiet Earth - Dusk 4 Audio 2004-01-06 Oreade Music
15 Into Silence 5 Audio 2004 Oreade Music
16 Shamanic Healing 7 Audio 1999 New Earth Records
17 Blue Dawn 7 Audio 2004 Oreade Music
18 Classics For Love 9 Audio 2004
19 OSHO Chakra Breathing Meditation 3 Audio 2000 New Earth Records
20 Into Silence 4 Audio 1993 Nightingale Records
21 Mysterious Traveller 10 Audio 1992 Nightingale Records
22 The Quiet Earth - Dusk 4 Audio 1993 Nightingale Records
23 Mistral 9 Audio 1994 Nightingale Records
24 The Quiet Earth - Silent Morning 6 Audio 1996 Nightingale Records
25 Silhouette 8 Audio 1986 Nightingale Records
26 Once A Jerk, Always A Jerk 19 Audio 2000 Deep South Records
27 Artist 4 Audio 2012-01-01 Dapwati Entertainment
28 Into Silence 4 Audio 1993 Nightingale Records

As a classical guitarist studying at the Robert Schuhmann Conservatory in Dusseldorf, Germany, Kamal soon felt constricted by the limitations of classical music. He took up bass guitar and played in a variety of jazz and rock bands, always aware that he had jet to develop his unique style and sound.

After years of band work, Kamal discovered in 1984 synthesisers and sequencers. His experiments excited him as he realised that he could develop complex instrumentation and arrangements using this new technology. The first album created like that, "Silhouette," was published with Nightingale Records and became an instant "New Age Classic." The music that followed this success, like all innovative art forms, is difficult to categorise. It is both dynamic and soothing, celebrative and reflective. It can however be divided into two broad styles. One is ranging from slow instrumental ballads to more lively, celebrating moods and world music. Most arrangements are with drums and percussion and are strongly melody oriented.

The other style is more quiet and meditative. It creates an atmosphere of relaxation and healing and has become well known with healers and therapists.

Kamal's birth name is "Martin Oberschelp". After his emigration to Australia in 1993 he adopted the surname of his wife, Laura, and published under the name "Kamal - Martin Ancedy". Since 1997, he headed the last name of his second wife, Iris, "Kamal M. Engels".

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