Dusk To Dawn

Jörg Erren, Achim Zolke, Andreas Kleinwächter (aka Andreas Larsen)

Members of Dusk To Dawn: Achim Zolke, Andreas Larsen, Jörg Erren
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Discography of Dusk To Dawn:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Places You Will Never See 6 Audio 1994 Not On Label
2 Existence 3 Audio 2012-02-02 Amadea (2)


Dusk to Dawn was founded in 1991. They released two albums on tape and were participating on compilations as well as playing live concerts.

After relying on their older material for some years, the three founding members Jörg, Achim and Andreas have met in the studio in 2011 to record new songs.

Press information

December 2011

20 Years of Dusk to Dawn

“Too good for a tape” headlined the German magazine “Gothic” in a 1994 review of Dusk to Dawn, stating the band was “bloody serious about their sophisticated wave-pop”. Surprisingly, though they never published an official album on CD, their popularity rose to a considerable extent: The “tape scene” went viral in buying, copying and swapping the recordings which were largely revised in German fanzines.

Dusk to Dawn were formed on 27 November 1991 in a small town near Cologne. Magazines and mail-order catalogues initially described their stile as “gothic rock with electronic impact”. The line-up was accordingly: Jörg Erren (bass, synths), Andreas Kleinwächter (guitar) and Achim Zolke (vocals, synths). Later on, the six strings disappeared in favour of (nearly) pure electronic instrumentation.

Two „official“ mini albums on cassette were published on Hamburg-based label Electrope: „Before the Eye“ (1992) and „Places you will never see“ (1994). In addition, some contributions for tape anthologies were made of which some thousands were sold to the dark wave scene. Still worth hearing are these two that even today are to be found on the web: „ELECTROPE Vol. I - Never judge a tape by its cover” with Dusk to Dawn’s “Ashes” and ”...'Til The End Of Time” by Beton Tapes featuring “Fading”. In addition, the band sold around 350 of their original, well-designed tapes.

Dusk to Dawn also went public with airplays and a few gigs. On the whole, 26 songs were realized until the end of the 1990’s, most of them being recorded with a simple multi track recorder. They were assigned to the genres dark wave, electro and synth pop. Noteworthy to some reviewers was the fact that the band tends to not compose jointly; each member brings in self-developed songs. This individuality is quite clearly recognizable in both lyrics and music.

Between 2008 and 2010, when the three members were not playing actively as a band anymore, to their utter astonishment, reviews of the old songs appeared on internet blogs. In addition, mp3 uploads and even several Dusk to Dawn Youtube videos turned up that were produced without any knowledge of the band. The number of E-Mails that reached the musicians, obviously because of the newly published works, came up even more surprisingly, especially as they originated, primarily, from Southern Europe and the US. The contents were always the same – questions on the whereabouts of the group and requests for old and new songs as well as the permission to introduce Dusk to Dawn on “dark” internet portals.

These positive reactions to the material of the band, who had recorded their last song together in 1997, led to new correspondence and, a little later on, to a joint recording session of the original line-up – the first one in 14 years. Three new songs result from this:

• Sole Survivor (Andreas Kleinwächter)

• Homecoming (Jörg Erren)

• Exit (Achim Zolke)

Today, naturally, Dusk to Dawn is to be found on Facebook, Soundcloud and Youtube. In December, 2011, the band released Sole Survivor, their first new song, on iTunes, Amazon and all other major download stores.

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