DJ Pauze

Frank Evans

Also known as Pauze
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1 Impact EP 6 Audio 2005 Fine Audio Recordings

Frank Evans (AKA DJ Pauze), was born in December 27th, 1978 in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. At the young age of 7 he was first introduced to music, by getting a small radio as birthday gift. Every day and night he would listen to 80's music and Pop Music, and it seemed like his addiction was becoming part of his life.

As the years went on and music was changing, Pauze’s taste for music also changed (in this case, from 80’s and Pop Music to Hip-Hop). He began listening to artists like NWA, Public Enemy, The Fat Boys, 2 Live Crue, and The Beastie Boys. He had found love for this music for its peculiar and unique underground nature, since these artists used to talk about the street life they were used to live, in their music. Years have gone by and yet again the sound of Hip-Hop was changing. Pauze was now listening to artists like Beatnuts, Mob Deep, Wu-Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest, and so on.

As he continued through Hi-School, Pauze had no idea his music interests would change until the day a friend invited him to a “Rave Party”, at the age of 14. That night changed Pauze’s life forever. The idea of Electronic Music, mixed with a community of friends, partying all night and with no violence, was exactly the lifestyle he wanted to get used to. At first he started to go to raves with friends once every month or so and then, as the months passed by, he realized that he was going a lot more frequently.

It wasn’t until the age of 16 when Pauze first touched the turntables. He moved in with a friend who was really into music and sound systems. His friend had two 5$ (Canadian Dollars) turntables and a $30 mixer with his setup, and after finding out about Pauze’s curiosity he decided to buy needles and some vinyl. He started mixing some shitty vocal House records to start, really anything with a 4X4 beat to practice. Then, after seeing DJ Dan (from San Francisco) spin at a party, he decided to start a DJ career by playing acid breaks.

From the Acid Breaks he went to Acid House, then to Hard German Trance. Then in 1996, when he went to Toronto’s annual WEMF party, Pauze found his ultimate love. When he first heard Chris Liberator’s sound of Acid Techno, he immediately determined that this was what he wanted to play. But then again music has changed, and over the past few years the Acid Techno sound no longer was challenging Pauze’s mind. Not as much production of Full On 303 music was made anymore. As a result, Pauze has changed his style to a mixture of Full On energetic pounding techno mixed with a bit of Acid.

In February, 2002, Pauze moved shop to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Pauze's decision to move to South America was based on the fact that the techno scene in Toronto was a quite difficult market to deal with and he thought it might be a good idea to challenge a new horizon. After living in the country for only 1 month Pauze played only a few parties and through his great mixing skills and new current beats, his name rose to one of the top hard techno djs in the country. 1 year two months later, Pauze actually played in just about EVERY big venue in the country, as well as taking him to just about every state that has a rave scene. Some artists that he had a chance to play with were the likes fo Dave the Drummer, Andreas Kremer, Glenn Wilson, Darc Marc, some of the biggest names in the underground techno scene world wide.

Now at the age of 29, Pauze has dedicated his life to the underground sound. He is currently living in Toronto where he has started Hardsignal Records ( Pauze is working hard in Toronto to see if there is any way he can promote hard techno and maybe, just maybe, open people’s minds up and get some pumping beats back into the Canadian scene. He is also hopes working vigorously on his production so that in the near future he will travel to promote his sound within new destinations around the planet.

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