Members of Azaghal: Jani Loikas, JL Nokturnal, T.M. Blastbeast, Tomi Kalliola, Varjoherra, Vrtx
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Discography of Azaghal:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Perkeleen Luoma 10 Audio 2004 Aftermath Music
2 DeathKult MMDCLXVI 10 Audio 2001 Millenium Metal Music
3 Suicide Anthems / Dark Blasphemous Moon 11 Audio 2001 Millenium Metal Music
4 Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä (The Nine Circles Of Hell) 9 Audio 2000 Evil Horde Records
5 DeathKult MMDCLXVI 16 Audio 2003 Solistitium Records
6 Ihmisviha 13 Audio 2001 Blut & Eisen Productions
7 Of Beasts And Vultures 10 Audio 2004-03-22 Cryptia Productions
8 Split 3 Audio 2004 From Beyond Productions
9 Harmagedon 6 Audio 1999 Aftermath Music
10 Helwettiläinen 4 Audio 2002-04-00 Aftermath Music
11 Omenne 6 Audio 2003 Aftermath Music
12 Kyy 5 Audio 2003 Aftermath Music
13 Perkeleen Luoma / Kyy 19 Audio 2005 Hammer Of Hate
14 Omega 9 Audio 2008 Moribund Records
15 Teraphim 10 Audio 2009-09-28 Moribund Records
16 Luciferin Valo 10 Audio 2006-09-09 Avantgarde Music
17 Neljä Vihan Visaraa / Four Hammers Of Hate 8 Audio 2004 Hammer Of Hate
18 Azaghal Terror Cult / Wrath 2 Audio 2006-09-00 Terranis Productions
19 None Shall Escape... 2 Audio 2004 Sabbath's Fire Records
20 Unholy Terror Union 3 Audio 2003 Black Blood Productions
21 Codex Antitheus 9 Audio 2005 Avantgarde Music
22 Mustamaa / Kristinusko Liekeissä 30 Audio 2011-08-19
23 Nemesis 10 Audio 2012 Moribund Records
24 Black Terror Metal 6 Audio 2001 Black Arts Productions
25 Rehearsal Demo 98 14 Audio 1998 Sthålhammar Productions
26 Luciferin Valo 10 Audio 2006 Avantgarde Music
27 Omega 9 Audio 2008 Moribund Records

Azaghal was formed in 1995 by the hands of guitarist Narqath and drummer Kalma (later known as VRTX & V-KHAOZ). Vocalist Varjoherra joined the band in 1997 and the bands first demo(untitled) was recorded late 1997/early 1998. In March 1998 they made a second demo, "Noituuden Torni", which was recorded at the Cursed studio. It also featured most of the tracks from their first demo, but this time with a better sound. This was also the only album that they used synths on.

Same year, they entered the Cursed Studio again to record their third recording, "Kristinusko Liekeissä". During the recording they also made material for their 7" EP, "Harmagedon". Both recordings were released in 1999 and the EP quickly sold out (500 copies).

Their first full-length album, "Mustamaa", was released in summer 1999 by Melancholy Promotion. It was originally released as a limited vinyl, but later it was re-released as a cd. After the release, the band had already enough material for a second album, and they immediately said yes when Evil Hordes Records offered them a deal. Once again they entered the Cursed Studio to record the second album, "Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä", in December 1999.

In 2000 they released their second full-length "Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä". They also did a split with the band Mustan Kuun Lapset, but due to a bad label (Nocturnal Music), the split turned out unprofessional. It also became very hard to obtain these days. Later the same year, Millenium Metal/Solistitium contacted the band and wanted to re-release the bands demos on a limited cd. They accepted and soon all 900 copies were quickly sold out. The band decided to do business with the same label again and did a split with a spanish band called Beheaded Lamb. The split was released in early 2001 and surprisingly, it sold out.

Their tracks from the two splits were later put on a limited vinyl and released by Blut & Eisen. The vinyl was called "Ihmisviha". The same year, JL Nokturnal joined the band as lead guitarist and together they released their third full-length album, "Of Beasts and Vultures" in spring 2002. After the recording, founding member and drummer Kalma left the band.

In early 2002 the band released another 7" called "Helwettiläinen". It was followed by splits, a MCD entitled "Kyy" and another album, "Perkeleen Luoma", in 2004.

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