Skids, The

Also known as Skids, Skids ETC.
Members of Skids, The: Bill Simpson, Mike Baillie, Richard Jobson, Russell Webb, Rusty Egan, Stuart Adamson, Tom Kellican
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Discography of Skids, The:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Days In Europa 10 Audio 1979-10-12 Virgin
2 The Absolute Game 10 Audio 1980 Virgin
3 Strength Through Joy 8 Audio 1980 Virgin
4 Days In Europa 10 Audio Virgin
5 Scared To Dance 12 Audio 1980 Virgin
6 Joy 11 Audio 1981 Virgin
7 Masquerade 4 Audio 1979-05-18 Virgin
8 Charade 2 Audio 1979-09-07 Virgin
9 Animation 2 Audio 1980-02-22 Virgin
10 Goodbye Civilian 2 Audio 1980-10-00 Virgin
11 Circus Games 2 Audio 1980-08-00 Virgin
12 Working For The Yankee Dollar 4 Audio 1979-11-00
13 Scared To Dance 12 Audio 1979-02-23
14 Goodbye Civilian 2 Audio 1980 Virgin
15 Fields 2 Audio 1981 Virgin
16 Into The Valley 2 Audio 1979-02-16 Virgin
17 Iona 2 Audio 1981 Virgin
18 Charles 3 Audio 1978-02-00
19 Sweet Suburbia 2 Audio 1978-09-00 Virgin
20 Wide Open 4 Audio 1978-10-00 Virgin
21 Wide Open 4 Audio 1978-10-00 Virgin
22 Into The Valley / Masquerade / Scared To Dance / Working For The Yankee Dollar 4 Audio 1983 Virgin
23 The Skids vs. The Ruts 4 Audio 1992 Virgin
24 Fanfare 12 Audio 1982 Virgin
25 Scared To Dance 19 Audio 1990-06-11 Virgin
26 Dunfermline 18 Audio 1987
27 The Olympian / Ten Feet Tall 2 Audio 1979 Smash Hits! Magazine
28 Working For The Yankee Dollar 2 Audio 1979
29 Into The Valley 2 Audio 1979
30 BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert 9 Audio 1991 Windsong International
31 Woman In Winter 2 Audio 1980-11-00 Virgin
32 Days In Europa 10 Audio 1991
33 The Greatest Hits Of Big Country And The Skids: The Best Of Stuart Adamson 35 Audio 2002-05-27 Universal Music TV
34 Skids 4 Audio Scared To Release Records
35 Fields 2 Audio 1981 Virgin
36 Scared To Dance 12 Audio 1979 Virgin
37 Scared To Dance 12 Audio 1979 Virgin
38 Days In Europa 10 Audio 1979 Virgin
39 Joy 11 Audio 1981 Virgin
40 The Absolute Game 10 Audio 1984 Virgin
41 Days In Europa 10 Audio 1979
42 Circus Games 2 Audio 1980-08-00 Virgin
43 Iona 2 Audio 1981 Virgin
44 Joy 17 Audio 2009 Virgin
45 The Absolute Game 10 Audio 1980
46 The Absolute Game 20 Audio 1980
47 Dunfermline 18 Audio 1987
48 The Absolute Game 24 Audio 2008 Captain Oi!
49 Charade 2 Audio 1979-09-00
50 Working For The Yankee Dollar 2 Audio 1980

Scottish punk band. Formed in Dunfermline during the summer of 1977.

The Skids, it seemed, picked their moment well. Comprising the songwriting axis of Richard Jobson (vocals) and Stuart Adamson (guitar), together with the rhythm section of William Simpson (bass) and Tom Kellichan (drums), they rode into British consciousness on the new wave backwash to the ebbing tide of punk. The release of their self-financed, attention-grabbing Charles EP came at the time Richard Branson's Virgin label were busy accruing an eclectic roster of post-punk hopefuls. Consequently, with almost indecent haste, the band were tethered to what was to prove an optimistic eight-album deal.

On the flip side of their first Virgin single, "Sweet Suburbia" (1978), the band proclaimed themselves to be "Open Sound", which was essentially a description of the soaring histrionics of Adamson's guitar style. When married to the martial rhythms of the drumming and the bellowing, chant-like vocals of Jobson, this sound conspired to lend their repertoire a rousing, anthemic quality. It was heroic music which at its best, as on the first album, Scared To Dance (1979), seemed to capture the drama and turbulence of battle. Unfortunately, the sound was an all-too-graphic reflection of the band's own stormy relationships, a turbulence which was to settle only with the departure of Adamson in the summer of 1981.

The Skids' decline was in large part due to the portentous designs of Richard Jobson, who sought to mould the band into a vehicle for his ever more convoluted lyrics. This became most evident in the recording of the second album, Days In Europa (1979). Following the departure of original drummer Tom Kellichan in the traditional rock'n'roll style (i.e. after the first album), the Skids recruited a temporary replacement in the form of ex-Rich Kids drummer and Jobson cohort, Rusty Egan, and a producer in the form of ex- Be-Bop Deluxe man Bill Nelson. Together, both Nelson and Egan contrived to free the band from the strictures of punk-pop in favour of a more polished, almost danceable sound. Ultimately it was a case of too many cooks, and the resultant album proved to be a misguided attempt at redefining the Skids' sound. This in turn alienated a great many fans, and also cost them the services of bassist Simpson during the troubled tour that ensued.

For Jobson and Adamson it was back to the drawing board, and 1980 saw a rejuvenated Skids with a new rhythm section in the form of Russell Webb (bass) and Mike Baillie (drums). The resultant album, The Absolute Game (1980), produced this time by Mick Glossop, was a commercial success, giving the band their first and only British Top 10 album. Artistically, too, it heralded a return to form, dispensing with the excess baggage of the previous outing and playing to the dual strengths of Adamson's guitar stylings and Jobson's lyrical bombast. Unfortunately, this rejuvenation coincided with Jobson's increasing commitment to a burgeoning London scene. Adamson's departure had as much to do with geographical differences as to musical and personal ones; a point evinced by Adamson's eventual return to Dunfermline, from where he formed the internationally successful Big Country.

Following Adamson's departure, the final dissolution of the band was soon to follow. Unfortunately, however, not before Jobson and Webb issued a dour and ill-conceived concept album, Joy (1981), which served only to illustrate that, when Adamson left, he took all of the best tunes with him. Not surprisingly the album failed to chart, and proved a sorry end to a short career which had begun with so much spark and promise.

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