Also known as Northernmost Killers, The
Members of Sentenced: Lari Kylmänen, Miika Tenkula, Sami Kukkohovi, Sami Lopakka, Taneli Jarva, Vesa Ranta, Ville Laihiala
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Discography of Sentenced:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Crimson 12 Audio 2000-01-17 Century Media
2 Frozen 12 Audio 1998-07-15 Century Media
3 The Cold White Light 11 Audio 2002 Century Media
4 Frozen 16 Audio 1999 Century Media
5 The Trooper 4 Audio 1993 Spinefarm Records
6 Shadows Of The Past 12 Audio 1995-11-06 Century Media
7 Amok 9 Audio 1995-01-03 Century Media
8 Story - Greatest Kills 12 Audio 1997 Spinefarm Records
9 North From Here 8 Audio 1993 Century Media
10 Shadows Of The Past 9 Audio 1992 Thrash (2)
11 The Funeral Album 13 Audio 2005-05-25
12 Frozen 12 Audio 2003 Фоно
13 The Cold White Light 11 Audio 2002-05-13
14 North From Here 8 Audio 1993 Spinefarm Records
15 Amok 9 Audio 1995-03-01 Century Media
16 Frozen 16 Audio 2007 Century Media
17 The Cold White Light 11 Audio 2005
18 Crimson 12 Audio 2007 Century Media
19 Down 12 Audio 2007 Century Media
20 The Funeral Album 13 Audio 2005-05-25 Century Media
21 The Cold White Light 11 Audio 2002-05-13 Century Media
22 Shadows Of The Past 23 Audio 2008-01-18 Century Media
23 North From Here 21 Audio 2008 Century Media
24 Shadows Of Past 8 Audio 1992 Thrash (2)
25 No One There 2 Audio 2002-04-29 Century Media
26 Crimson 12 Audio 2000-01-17 Century Media
27 Frozen 12 Audio 1998-07-15 Century Media
28 Amok + Love & Death 16 Audio 2001 Century Media
29 Amok 9 Audio 2002 Фоно
30 Down 11 Audio 1997-01-22 Century Media
31 Love & Death 5 Audio 1995 Century Media
32 The Funeral Album 13 Audio 2005 Century Media
33 Promotional EP 4 Audio 1995 Century Media
34 Crimson 12 Audio 2000-02-23 Century Media
35 Buried Alive 26 Audio 2006 Century Media
36 The Funeral Album 15 Audio 2005-07-21 Avalon
37 Killing Me Killing You 2 Audio 1999-12-08 Century Media
38 Down 11 Audio 1996 Century Media
39 North From Here 8 Audio 2009 Century Media
40 Love & Death 7 Audio 1996-07-24 Century Media
41 North From Here 8 Audio 1993 Spinefarm Records
42 Crimson 12 Audio 2005 Century Media
43 Frozen 12 Audio 2005 Century Media
44 North From Here 8 Audio 2009 Century Media
45 Sentenced 114 Audio 2004 Домашняя Коллекция
46 Buried Alive 26 Audio 2010 Night Of The Vinyl Dead Records
47 The Cold White Light 11 Audio 2004 Фоно
48 North From Here 8 Audio 1993 Century Media
49 Amok 9 Audio Century Media
50 Shadows Of Past 9 Audio 2011-08-00 Century Media

Finnish metal band, now disbanded.

Sentenced was started in late 1989 in Muhos, Finland, when Miika Tenkula (lead guitar & vocals), Sami Lopakka (guitar), Vesa Ranta (drums) and Lari Kylmänen (bass) changed the name of their earlier band Deformity into Sentenced. They released two demo tapes with this lineup and already the first one, "When Death Joins Us..." (1990) lead to a record deal with the French label Thrash Records. Having a record deal the band was not requisite to do another demo, but nevertheless "Rotting Ways To Misery" (1991) was recorded to promote their new material. Later in 1991 bass player Lari Kylmänen was replaced by Taneli Jarva little before the recordings of their first full-length "Shadows of the Past", which was released on the same year. At that time Sentenced was playing fairly typical European/Scandinavian death metal, and being influenced by e.g. Death and Swedish bands such as Entombed and Grave.

In 1992 their new demo "Journey To Pohjola" got the attention of the newborn Finnish label, Spinefarm Records. Their second full-lenght, titled "North From Here", was released on the same label in 1993. This was also a transition period as Taneli Jarva had taken the position of lead vocalist in the band. The bands music and songwriting skills had also developed vastly, resulting in much more technical, and at the same time, more original approach to death metal. In 1993 Spinefarm also released the "The Trooper" EP to support the release of the album. "North From Here" got also noticed around the world and the German label Century Media signed Sentenced to their roster in 1994.

In 1995 they released what is considered to be their best work by many fans and critics, "Amok", on Century Media. The album was a breakthrough for the band and was supported with two large tours, which made the band's name known all over Europe. On these tours bass was handled by session musician Niko Karppinen (of Maple Cross) which gave Jarva freedom to concentrate on vocals and being the front figure of the band. In late 1995 they also released the "Love & Death" EP

Then, in the summer of 1996, bassist and singer Taneli Jarva surprisingly left the band. His replacement, Ville Laihiala, was found just few weeks before the band was heading to Germany's Woodhouse Studios to record follow up to "Amok". With the new vocalist Sentenced recorded "Down", which paved way for the band's sound to evolve in a more melodic way. Also, not having a dedicated bass player in the band, Miika Tenkula played bass parts on the album. On tours following the release of "Down" bass was handled by Sami Kukkohovi, a former bandmate of Laihiala, who was granted a permanent position in the band in the spring 1997.

With this line-up the band recorded four more albums. "Frozen" (1998), "Crimson" (2000), "The Cold White Light" (2002), and last, "The Funeral Album" in 2005 when they also announced their retirement. The release of this final album was followed by a special funeral tour that culminated in band's funeral gig in their home town Oulu on October 1st 2005. As the band stated, no reunion will be possible, ever.

Final lineup:

Ville Laihiala - vocals (1996-2005)

Miika Tenkula - guitar (1989-2005)

Sami Lopakka - guitar (1989-2005)

Vesa Ranta - drums (1989-2005)

Sami Kukkohovi - bass (1997-2005)

After Sentenced the former members have been active in e.g. The Black League (Jarva), Chaosbreed (Jarva) Poisonblack (Laihiala), Kypck (Lopakka, Kukkohovi) and The Man-Eating Tree (Ranta).

Miika Tenkula was found dead on February 19, 2009 in his home. Miika had a genetic heart condition and died from a sudden attack at his home on February 18th, 2009 as stated in band's homepage.

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