Psyched Up Janis

Members of Psyched Up Janis: Jakob Jørgensen, Jesper Reginal, Martin Bjerregaard, Sune Rose Wagner
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Discography of Psyched Up Janis:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 I Died In My Teens 3 Audio 1995
2 Hi-Fi Low Life 24 Audio 1999
3 The Quiet Album 21 Audio 1999 EMI-Medley (Denmark)
4 Swell 12 Audio 1996 Replay Records (5)
5 Beats Me 16 Audio 1997 Replay Records (5)
6 Enter The Super Peppermint Lounge 11 Audio 1998-02-12
7 I Died In My Teens 3 Audio 1995 This Way Up
8 I Died In My Teens 4 Audio 1994 Replay Records (5)
9 Reddening Star 3 Audio 1994 Replay Records (5)
10 Shudder 3 Audio 1994 Replay Records (5)
11 I Died In My Teens 3 Audio 1996-03-25 This Way Up
12 Vanity EP 4 Audio 1996-01-00 This Way Up
13 Swell 12 Audio 1996 This Way Up
14 Swell 12 Audio 1994 Replay Records (5)
15 I Think You Suck 5 Audio 1998 EMI-Medley
16 I Died In My Teens 3 Audio 1996 Replay Records (5)
17 In The Sun 3 Audio 1998
18 Tonight When You Are Gone 3 Audio 1998
19 Special One 3 Audio 1998
20 Swell 12 Audio 1994 Replay Records (5)
21 Airhead 3 Audio 1997 Replay Records (5)
22 Be My Baby 3 Audio 1999 Regal Zonophone
23 Inch 3 Audio 1999 EMI-Medley
24 The Oxygen Blast 13 Audio 2014-05-01 Not On Label (Psyched Up Janis Self-released)
25 The Oxygen Blast 12 Audio 2014-05-01 Not On Label (Psyched Up Janis Self-released)

Danish indie band formed in 1989 by [a=Sune Rose Wagner] and [a=Jakob Jørgensen] (Jakob Krogh Jørgensen) as Western Front in Sønderborg. By that time Mads Glenstrup was the bands drummer. By 1992, now as Psyched Up Janis, Wagner and Jørgensen moved to Copenhagen where drummer [a=Martin Bjerregaard] joined the band. Released the EP "I Died In My Teens" from which the title song was picked by Kerrang! as "Single Of The Week". In 1995 the band migrated to London to pursue an international career. For their 1996 second album "Beats Me" and on tour, [a=Jesper Reginal] was the drummer, though the album credits had only Wagner and Jørgensen listed as the band members. In 1998 the band released "Enter The Super Peppermint Lounge" and then moved to the US. In 1999 they released the acoustic live album "The Quiet Album" and a compilation of unreleased demo tracks "Hi-Fi Low Life". That year the band folded, giving a farewell concert at the [l=Roskilde Festival].

Post-Psyched Up Janis Wagner formed another duo band with [a=Sharin Foo], the New Yorked based, highly succesful [a=Raveonettes, The]. Jakob Jørgensen formed the band [a=Knallert] that only got to release an EP and he is now a teacher, living in in Copenhagen with wife and four children. Martin Bjerregaard continued his career playing with the australian punk band [a=Saints, The (2)], later with [a=Racetrack Babies] and as a livedrummer for [a=Baby Woodrose]. Jesper "Yebo" Reginal is the co-owner of the very succesfull indie label [l=Crunchy Frog]. Beside that he is drumming for [a=Tremolo Beer Gut, The], a band he formed with Wagner in 1998.

Psyched Up Janis was reunited in april 2009 for a Søren Solkær Starbird (photographer) exhibition followed by three sold-out concerts in june that year.

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