King Tubby

Osbourne Ruddock

Also known as Emperor Of Dub His Majesty King Tubby's, The, King (Osbourne Ruddock) Tubby, King Himself, The, King Tubb's, King Tubbies, King Tubby "The Dubmaster", King Tubby The Dub Master, King Tubby The Dubmaster, King Tubby's, King Tubby's Alias Osbourne Ruddock, King Tubby's All Stars, King Tubby's Special, King Tubby´s, King Tubbys, King Tubbys / Orline Ruddock, King Tubbys Alias Osbourne Ruddock, King Tubbystyle, King Tuby, King, The, Mighty King Tubby's, The, T. Tubby, Tubby, Tubby At The Control, Tubby King, Tubby's, Tubbys
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Discography of King Tubby:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
51 You're My Angel / Jackson Head Dub 2 Audio Abraham
52 Social Classics 2 Audio 2001 Heavenly
53 Dub Me 15 Audio 1997 Blood & Fire
54 From Creation 2 Audio Jackpot (2)
55 Dub Fever 20 Audio 2002 Delta Music (UK)
56 Declaration Of Dub 20 Audio 2002 Delta Music (UK)
57 The Best Of King Tubby: King Dub 15 Audio 2000 Music Club
58 I Admire You In Dub 12 Audio 2000 Motion Records (2)
59 Better Collie 2 Audio Jackpot (2)
60 Sukumaka 2 Audio Jackpot (2)
61 I Am The King Volume Two 14 Audio 1995 Sprint Records
62 Dub Mix Up - Rare Dubs 1975 - 1979 12 Audio 2004 Jamaican Recordings
63 King Tubbys Presents Soundclash Dubplate Style Part 2 10 Audio Firehouse
64 Tribute To King Tubby's The Original Dub Master, Sound Clash, Dub Plate Style, Part II 10 Audio 1989 Serious Business
65 Dub From The Roots 14 Audio 1974 Live And Love
66 Lee Perry & King Tubby In Dub Confrontation 60's & 70's 10 Audio 1985 Angella Records
67 Dangerous Dub 10 Audio 1996-11-11 Greensleeves Records
68 King Tubby's Dancehall Style Dub 12 Audio Clocktower Records
69 King Tubby's Controls 14 Audio 1990 Clocktower Records
70 Crucial Dub 22 Audio 2000 Delta Music (UK)
71 Surrounded By The Dreads At The National Arena 26th. September 1975 13 Audio 2005 Studio 16
72 Dubbing In The Back Yard 10 Audio 1982 Black Music (2)
73 King At The Control 10 Audio 1981 Vista Sounds
74 Reggae Rasta Dub 12 Audio Clocktower Records
75 Freedom Sounds In Dub 12 Audio 2002 Simply Vinyl
76 Every Rasta Is A Star / Jahoviah 4 Audio 2002 Attack Gold
77 Deuteronomy 5 Audio 2002 South East Music
78 Opportunity Dub 4 Audio 2003 South East Music
79 South Africa / From Cape To Cairo 2 Audio 2005 Pressure Sounds
80 Tribulation 2 Audio 2004 Attack
81 Dub From The Roots 14 Audio 1997 Culture Press
82 Heroes Of Reggae In Dub 9 Audio 1999 Motion Records (2)
83 I Am The King 14 Audio 1995 Sprint Records
84 Freedom Sounds In Dub 15 Audio 1996 Blood & Fire
85 Lost Treasures 14 Audio 2001 Jamaican Recordings
86 Lee Perry & King Tubby In Dub Confrontation 10 Audio 1994
87 Want To Go Home 2 Audio 1982 Attack
88 Dub Gone 2 Crazy: In Fine Style 1975-1979 14 Audio 1999 Simply Vinyl
89 In A Midnight Rock Dub (Vol. 1) 14 Audio 1983 Abraham
90 Gwaan & Lef Me / Tubby's Vengeance 2 Audio 2000 Prophet Record
91 King Tubby The Dub Master With The Waterhouse Posse 9 Audio 1983 Vista Sounds
92 Ites Gold & Green 2 Audio Jackpot (2)
93 The Sound Of Channel One: King Tubby Connection 30 Audio 1999-00-00 Motion Records (2)
94 At The Grass Roots Of Dub 10 Audio 1978 Studio 16
95 Dangerous Dub 10 Audio 1981 Copasetic Records
96 Termination Dub (1973-79) 14 Audio 1996
97 Dubbing With The Royals 5 Audio 2004 Pressure Sounds
98 In Dub 12 Audio 2005 Nature Sounds
99 Weatherman Skank / King At The Control 2 Audio Black & White (2)
100 Psalms Of Drums / Disc Jockey Skank 2 Audio Black & White (2)

Born January 28th 1941, King Tubby is known primarily for his influence on the development of dub in the 1960s. In the 1950s, King Tubby's musical career began with the sound systems, set up on the streets of Kingston and playing dance music for the people. As a radio repairman, Tubby soon became quite helpful at most of the sound systems around.

Tubby began working with [a=Arthur "Duke" Reid] in 1968. At [l=Treasure Isle], a studio, Tubby began making remixes of hit songs, usually by simply removing the vocals. In time, Tubby (and others) began shifting the emphasis in the instrumentals, adding sounds and removing others and adding various special effects, like echoes. By 1971, Tubby's soundsystem was one of the most popular in Kingston and he decided to open a studio of his own. His remixes soon proved enormously popular, and he became one of the biggest celebrities in Jamaica.

During the 1970s, Tubby's work in the studio gave rise to modern dub music. He had a long string of hit songs, and worked as a producer for some of Jamaica's most popular artists, including [a=Lee Perry], [a=Bunny Lee], [a=Augustus Pablo] and [a=Yabby You]. In 1973, he began recording vocals to put along the instrumentals. By the later part of the decade though, King Tubby had mostly retired from music, still occasionally recording remixes and tutoring a new generation of artists, including [a=King Jammy] and [a=Scientist].

In the 1980s, he focused on production for [a=Anthony Red Rose], [a=Sugar Minott] and other popular musicians, for his [l=Firehouse] group of labels. He was shot and killed by unknown persons, probably in a robbery attempt, in 1989, February 06th.

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