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Colin Russell

Also known as Freestyle
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# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Freaks Report 2 Audio 2004 Brique Rouge
2 NY Nights EP 4 Audio 2004-12-00 Safe In Sound Music
3 The 3 Zone EP 4 Audio 2005-01-12 Grab Recordings
4 Forest Lake Grooves EP 4 Audio 2005-09-22 Goodfamily Recordings
5 Slide 3 Audio 2005-10-05 Guesthouse Music
6 Calling All Jackers 3 Audio 2005-11-12 Grab Recordings
7 Sumpin' 4 Da Klubz 3 Audio 2006-02-00 Icon Recordings
8 Freaks Report 2 Audio 2004 Brique Rouge
9 NY Nights EP 4 Audio 2004 Safe In Sound Music

Many DJ bio's are marketed very cleverly to make the DJ out to be some sort of superstar.

This is not one of those bio's.

DJ Freestyle is a serious Dj/Producer/Mastering Engineer/Record Digger/Collector/Musician/Record Label Owner with over 25,000 vinyl records and a hip hop/turntablist background.

Hence this bio is factual, not hype and he is in this for life.

Bio - DJ Freestyle (Colin Russell, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

With over 60 productions/remixes to date on over 35 of the most prestigious house music record labels in the world, DJ Freestyle has firmly established his name on the international house music map, with releases on French, Australian, US and UK labels such as Guesthouse Music, BriqueRouge, Integrity, Tango, Sampled, Icon, OM, Random Soul Recordings, Phuturesole and Grab Recordings among others.

DJ Freestyle has headlined in clubs, bars and radio shows throughout the world, in destinations such as Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the United States of America.

He has been spinning records for over 20 years, which resulted largely from an early childhood obsession with music and the next level desire to learn the artform of mixing and scratching.

Before focusing most of his energy on house music production, Freestyle, a gifted technical dj, placed 1st in the Scratching Division and 2nd in the Beat Juggling Category of "The Technics Ultimate DJ Showdown" in 2001. He also won several mixing competitions in his home state in the early to mid 90's.

Freestyle's diverse career and passion for multiple genre's of music, has seen him work as an instructor for Technics and other schools (United DJ's Mixing School), teaching the art of Scratching (old and new school styles), Harmonic Key Mixing and Production/Engineering/Mastering.

DJ Freestyle experienced another side of djing when he took his love of music to the airwaves, hosting his own deep house radio show in the late 90's.

"Funkshun Produkshuns" (DJ Freestyle's own production facility), was established in January 1999 and his international releases saw him become the first DJ/Producer from the state of Queensland to impact the US underground house music scene.

Mark Farina names DJ Freestyle in US dance music magazine "BPM" (in 2005), as one of his favourite 3 producers that year. Several of DJ Freestyle's records have received highly favourable reviews in the most prominent dance music magazines IDJ, MUZIK and DJ Magazine.

DJ Freestyle's releases have had solid support worldwide from house music heavyweights such as:- Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, Chuck Love, Jay J, DJ Heather, Kaskade and Swirl People.

Freestyle's remix of Roy Davis Jnr's, "The Session" was selected by Mark Farina on his double mix cd with Derrick Carter "Live at OM" (OM Records). Freestyle enjoying an outing on the iconic label that took out house music label of the year, several years in a row!

Much of DJ Freestyle's music has been, or is being remixed by some of the best in the business. On the flip side Freestyle has enjoyed remixing some of the best in the business.

DJ Freestyle's influences come from his favourite style's of music - early 80's Boogie / R&B / Funk and Disco. Artists such as Midnight Star, The Whispers, all early Jam and Lewis productions (Alexander O'Neal, Cherelle, SOS Band etc), Kashif Productions (Evelyn "Champagne" King, Melba Moore, Jonny Kemp etc) Larry Levan and Francois Kevorkian productions etc . Record Labels such as Prelude, Solar, Tabu, West End, Capitol, Atlantic, SAM, Philly International, Salsoul etc.

DJ Freestyle and partner Kay Jay run the record label Integrity Recordings out of Melbourne Australia. ( which is already up to release number 50.

DJ Freestyle is also a Professional Mastering Engineer and has mastered tracks for :-

Tony Humphries

Miguel Migs

Chris Lum

Matt Bandy (Deep House Souldiers)

Random Soul

DJ Rasoul

Mr Moon

Natural Rhythm

Shades of Gray

Aaron Ross


Fred Everything

Mr. V

Fish Go Deep

Stimulated Soul Recordings

Groove Assassin

Scott Diaz

Dave Mayer

Tobirus Mozelle

Nina Lares

Dutchican Soul

Sully (Leiam Sullivan)

Deli Records

The Synthetigers

Mike Delgado


Jarred Gallow

Two Craigs and a Homie

Kinky Movement

Andrea Love

Denitia & Sene

Natalie Conway

Harlum Muziq


Vincent Kwok

Joe Silva

Phaze Dee



Audio Soul Project


4Beat Club

Mladen Dimitrov

Avon Stringer

Moulton Music / M2 Moulton Media


Kenny Summit

Ollie Brooke

Nica Brooke


Lady Mezon

Voluptuous Recordings

Pure House Music


Samir Maslo

Dimi Stuff

Drop Out Orchestra

David Harness

Bobbin Head Music

Stephane Deschezeaux

Homero Espinosa

Onno Ober

Cubase Dan

Silvio Bondage

The House Inspectors

Noah Hoffman

DJ Jaz

Byron Foxx

Random Soul Recordings

Southern Comfort

Mr. Funk Boots

Shane D

Daniel Ray



Richard Earnshaw


Inspected Music

Large Records

Charmed Life Music

DJ Castle


Aki Bergen

Matt Meler

Buxton Records


Seb Skalski & Masta P

Allen Craig

Craig Hamilton

Tikki Tembo

Integrity Recordings

Daniel J

Marck Jamz

Set Mo

Erin Marshall

King Kooba

Carl Hanaghan


K J and or Kay Jay

Anthony Poteat

Mike Jules

Sunburnt Music


Yann Fontaine

Erefaan Pearce

Souldeep Collective

Jianda Monique

Sampled Recordings

Claude F

Leonard Remix RRoy


HuHu Music

Kid Deep

Tim Rella

Caboose Records


Johnny Roostar


DJ De La Roche

Dirty Polite

Punt Rd. Hustle

Ricardo Rae

Adam Swain

James Hunter

Jordan Fields


Brotha's From Anotha


Ralphski (Smart Kid)..........

In 2012 DJ Freestyle designed and built his own 19'' 3 band DJ Isolator. Currently taking orders after the testing on the prototype was completed. Full analogue, the sound on this thing is second to none. Please send any enquiries to

DJ Freestyle's Houseography :

"Togo / Freestyle in Togo" - 22 Tango (DJ Freestyle's scratching featured) –MINDFOOD RECORDS (Chicago) USA 1996 - collaboration with Leiam Sullivan (DJ Sully / Mr Pink) UK.

"Da Luna" (Freestyle's Dub) - Supafly – TINTED RECORDS / PACIFIC RECORDS (Melbourne) AUS 2002.

"Da Luna" (Freestyle's Dub) - Supafly - REAL POWER (Italy) 2002)

"The Way it Was" – Freestyle feat Nadine – PACIFIC RECORDS (Adelaide) AUS 2002 (Remixes by Mobin Master and Panos Liassi aka Supafly). Reached number 16 in the Aria Club Charts.

"Col's Diner" (My Sun Burnt Ass E.P.) - Notan Lines and Ike Mixon - SUNNY DAY RECORDS (San Francisco) USA 2002.

"Don't Wanna Be Young" (Freestyle's Vocal Remix) – Supafly feat Diane Charlemagne – DOG EAT DOG (London) UK 2002.

"Sheila The Freak" - Notan Lines / Loose Screws and Jonny Kaboom - SUNNY DAY RECORDS (San Francisco) USA 2003. Received 4/5 by Terry Farley in DJ Magazine.

"777" - Downunder (aka DJ Freestyle) - LOFT 66 (Chicago) USA 2003.

"Freaks Report" - DJ Freestyle (Remixed by Joshua Collins) - BRIQUEROUGE (Paris) FRANCE 2003.

"My Baby Got No Tan Lines" - Notan Lines - SUNNY DAY RECORDS (San Francisco) USA 2003.

"Feel's Like A Woman" - Notan Lines - SUNNY DAY RECORDS (San Francisco) USA 2003.

"NY Nights" - DJ Freestyle - (Remixes by Yann Fontaine, DJ Mes, Jonene, Slater Hogan and Mic Cunningham) - SAFE IN SOUND MUSIC (San Francisco) USA 2003.

"Dumb Folks" - DJ Freestyle - Submerged In Sound Sampler Vol 2 - SAFE IN SOUND MUSIC (San Francisco) USA 2004.

"The 3 Zone EP" - DJ Freestyle + Tone Control - GRAB RECORDINGS (Dallas) USA 2004. Received 3/5 in IDJ Magazine by Bill Brewster.

"Electricity" - DJ Freestyle - GRAB RECORDINGS (Dallas) USA 2004

"I Want You" (DJ Freestyle's Remix) - Tone Control - GRAB RECORDINGS (Dallas) USA 2004

"One Day" (DJ Freestyle's Remix) - Oscarsix and Natasza feat Fraise Des Bois -PE MUSIC (Vienna) 2005.

"Invalid Page Fault" - DJ Freestyle - SAFE IN SOUND MUSIC (San Francisco) USA 2005.

"Grlz & Boyz" – DJ Freestyle (Remixes by Bobby Valentine) - GOOD FAMILY RECORDINGS (San Francisco) USA 2005.

"Tell Me" – DJ Freestyle - GOOD FAMILY RECORDINGS (San Francisco) USA 2005.

"Kowalla Uco Lips Remix" - DJ Freestyle vs Caktis Kid - GOOD FAMILY RECORDINGS (San Francisco) USA 2005.

"Looking for Teddy" - DJ Freestyle and John Glover - GRAB RECORDINGS (Dallas) USA 2005.

"Slide" - DJ Freestyle and Joe Silva present "Big Pond" – GUESTHOUSE MUSIC (San Francisco) USA 2005.

"Calling All Jackers" - DJ Freestyle (Remixed by Zen Phaze) - GRAB RECORDINGS (Dallas) USA 2005.

"Forest Lake Grooves EP" - DJ Freestyle (Remixed by Bobby Valentine) - GOOD FAMILY RECORDINGS (San Francisco) USA 2005.

"Free Your Mind" (DJ Freestyle's Remix) – Boulevard feat Kristin Berardi –PHUTURESOLE (New Jersey) USA 2006.

"Sumpin 4 Da Klubz" – DJ Freestyle (Remixes by Miles Maeda) – ICON RECORDS (Dallas) USA 2006.

"Feeling Sexy" (DJ Freestyle's Remix) - Jay West - GUESTHOUSE MUSIC (San Francisco) USA 2006.

"The Session" (DJ Freestyle's Move Ya Body Remix) (LIMITED EDITION) - Roy Davis Jnr and Jordan Fields - NU JACK CITY RECORDS (Chicago) USA

"Hold On" - Notan Lines - GUESS WHO RECORDINGS (San Francisco) USA 2007.

"Mind Bomb Remix" - The Sound Diggers featuring DJ Freestyle - TASTIE MUSIC (London) UK 2007.

"Dont You Know" (DJ Freestyle's Re-Jam) - Smart Kid - KOLOUR RECORDINGS (Detroit) USA 2007

"City Summer" (DJ Freestyle's Rockin the House Remix) - Dirty Sole - FRIK N FRAK (Orange County) USA 2007

"Money's Tight" (DJ Freestyle's Just Money Mix) - Aaron Roberts - VOLUPTUOUS RECORDINGS (Fresno) USA 2007

"Told Ya'll" (DJ Freestyle's Remix) - Ken Murray - UNION RECORDINGS (Los Angeles) USA 2008

"Neighbours Love Me" (DJ Freestyle's Out Of Control Remix) - Biboulakis -CONTROL DIGITAL (Chicago) USA 2008

"Hallucinate" (DJ Freestyle's Remix) - JV and Granite - ONE THIRTY RECORDINGS DIGITAL (Minneapolis) USA 2008

"Soul Jammin" (Dj Freestyle's Underground Bump) - Jevne featuring Chuck Love - KOLOUR RECORDINGS DIGITAL (Detroit) USA 2008

"Combinaca" (Dj Freestyle's Downunder Dub) - Pablo Montana - BOM BOM DISCOS (Chicago) USA 2003

"Illinois Incest EP" (DJ Freestyle's Hip Flexor Remix) - DJ Pez - SOLE PRIORITYDIGITAL (Melbourne) AUS 2008

"Sumtin" (You Gimme That) (DJ Freestyle's Remix) - Yogi featuring Briohny Thomas - SHIFTED MUSIC DIGITAL (New York) USA 2008

"Fireflies" (DJ Freestyle's Heavenly Remix) - Ollie Brooke feat Nica Brooke - BRAINKAT (Melbourne) AUS 2009

"Work Overtime" (DJ Freestyle's Remix) - Random Soul - ONE-THIRTY (Minneapolis) USA 2009

"True Love" (DJ Freestyle's Remix) - Ricardo Rae feat Kristie Glab - SERIAL THRILLER (Melbourne) AUS 2009

"Can't Hold Back" (DJ Freestyle's Remix) - Joe Silva - NEVES MUSIC (Winnipeg) CAN 2009

"Feel's Right" - DJ Freestyle feat Ricardo Rae - GUESTHOUSE MUSIC (San Francisco) USA 2010

"Them Apples" (DJ Freestyle's Remix) - Joe Silva and Jon Lemmon - TANGO RECORDINGS (San Francisco) USA 2010

"Just Doin' it" (DJ Freestyle's Remix) - Random Soul - RANDOM SOUL RECORDINGS (Sydney) AUS 2010

"Into Your Dream" (DJ Freestyle's Reproduction) - Ollie Brooke feat Nica Brooke - PURE HOUSE MUSIC RECORDS.NET (Port Macquarie) AUS 2010

"Cold Winter Away" (DJ Freestyle Digs Deep Remix) - Yann Fontaine - PURE HOUSE MUSIC RECORDS (Port Macquarie) AUS 2011

"Drift" - DJ Freestyle featuring Greg Reason - INTEGRITY RECORDS (Melbourne) AUS 2012

"The Visitors ep" - Big Pond (aka DJ Freestyle and Joe Silva) - INTEGRITY RECORDS (Melbourne) AUS 2012

"I Still Walk Home Alone" (DJ Freestyle's Remixes) - Ollie Brooke and Christa Feat Johnny G & Julius Speed - INTEGRITY RECORDS (Melbourne) 2012

"You" (DJ Freestyle's Remix) - Avon Stringer - SAMPLED RECORDINGS (Detroit) 2013

"I Cannot Lie" (DJ Freestyle's Unreleased Remixes) - PTY LTD - INTEGRITY RECORDS (Melbourne) AUS 2013

"Water, Love and Sunshine" - DJ Freestyle presents Jianda Monique - INTEGRITY RECORDS (Melbourne) AUS 2013

"From The Vault Vol. 1 DJ Freestyle's Unreleased Remixes" - Various Artists - INTEGRITY RECORDS (Melbourne) AUS 2013

"I Gotta Thing 4 U" (DJ Freestyle's Violet Crumble Mix + Crumble dub) - Confection - INTEGRITY RECORDS (Melbourne) AUS 2013

DJ Freestyle's Upcoming Productions:

"Passion" (DJ Freestyle's Remixes and Dubs) - Souldeep Collective - INTEGRITY RECORDS (Melbourne) AUS 2013

"The Way it Was Remixes" - DJ Freestyle feat Nadine - INTEGRITY RECORDS (Melbourne) AUS 2013

DJ Freestyle's Productions have also been licensed to the following Compilations:

Re-Souled - Jay J

Best of Guesthouse Music Volume 4

Technics Inthemix 50 (2xcd)

Eddie Richards - Discogs Mix 004

Hemmesphere Five (2xcd)Shift to the other time (Karafuto Live Mix at Unit Tokyo)

Hed Kandi Beach House 2007 (2xcd) Ministry Of Sound

Mark Farina / Derrick Carter - live at OM (2xcd)

LeFreq Stuff 3 - LeFreq

LeFreq Disco Promo - LeFreq

Deeper Sound of Coco Loco - Fly By Night

Mobin Master - Remixes Volume 1

Tinted Global House (3xcd)

Wild Fm (3xcd)

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