Arkhon Infaustus

Members of Arkhon Infaustus: 666 Torturer, The, Altar.ZK6, D. Deviant, Hellblaster, The, Toxik Harmst
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Discography of Arkhon Infaustus:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 In Sperma Infernum 4 Audio 1998 Mordgrimm
2 Perdition Insanabilis 9 Audio 2004-09-00 Osmose Productions
3 Hell Injection 9 Audio 2001 Osmose Productions
4 The Toddler And The Priest / Deathless Will 2 Audio 2003-10-28 Osmose Productions
5 Orthodoxyn 8 Audio 2007 Osmose Productions
6 Orthodoxyn 9 Audio 2007 Red Stream Inc
7 Perdition Insanabilis 9 Audio 2004 Osmose Productions
8 Orthodoxyn 9 Audio 2007 Osmose Productions
9 Filth Catalyst 8 Audio 2003
10 Annunciation 4 Audio 2007-05-27 Osmose Productions
11 Perdition Insanabilis 9 Audio 2004-09-00 Osmose Productions
12 Dead Cunt Maniac 2 Audio 2000 Spikekult Rekords
13 Filth Catalyst 8 Audio 2003 Osmose Productions
14 Orthodoxyn 8 Audio 2007
15 Filth Catalyst 8 Audio 2003 Osmose Productions
16 Filth Catalyst 8 Audio 2003 Фоно
17 Perdition Insanabilis 9 Audio 2004 Red Stream Inc
18 Hell Injection 9 Audio 2001-05-07 Osmose Productions

Arkhon Infaustus, being one of France's most extreme satanic Black Metal bands, was formed in 1997 by D. Deviant (vocals, guitar) and 666 Torturer (bass, vocals) who both used to play in the band Osculum Infame. The band name consists of "Arkhon" which means "prince" in greek and "Infaustus" which means "sombre, evil" in latin . They also have odd artwork which is a disturbing mixture of satanism and sexual perversion.

In 1998 they recorded a demo tape which was re-released as the mini-cd "In Sperma Infernum" on the Cacophonous sublabel Mordgrimm Records. In 1999 Hellblaster (drums) joined the band and together they recorded the EP, "Dead Cunt Maniac", which was released by the now defunct SpikeKult Records. The release got the attention of French Osmose Productions whom they signed a deal with.

In 2000 they recorded their debut album "Hell Injection" and released it in 2001. In 2002 Hellblaster left the band but was replaced by J. Read (tours only). Afterwards A. ZK6 aka Altar (drums) and Toxik H. (guitar) joined the band.

In 2003 they recorded and released their second album, "Filth Catalyst". It was followed by a split with Revenge same year and a third full-length, "Perdition Insanabilis", in 2004.

In May of 2007 the band released the vinyl-only EP, "Annunciation", followed by their fourth album, "Orthodoxyn".

After touring in support of "Orthodoxyn", Toxik H. and A.ZK6 left the band, and Arkhon Infaustus has been considered to be "on hold" since that time.

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