Nikki Sudden

Adrian Nicholas Godfrey

Also known as N Sudden, N. Sudden, N.Sudden, Nikk, Nikki, Nikki Mapp, Sudden
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Discography of Nikki Sudden:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Waiting On Egypt 13 Audio 1982 Abstract Records
2 Dead Men Tell No Tales 8 Audio 1987
3 Crown Of Thorns 9 Audio 1988 Crazy Mannequin Records
4 Seven Lives Later 14 Audio 1996 Glitterhouse Records
5 Groove 13 Audio 1989
6 Lost In A Sea Of Scarves 12 Audio 1985 What's So Funny About..
7 The Ragged School 12 Audio 1986 Twin/Tone Records
8 Jacobites 20 Audio 1986 Glass Records (2)
9 Fortune Of Fame (Big Hits & Stereo Landings) 19 Audio 1988 Glass Records (2)
10 Untitled 4 Audio 1988
11 Robespierre's Velvet Basement 14 Audio 1985 Glass Records (2)
12 Shame For The Angels EP 4 Audio 1984 Pawn Hearts Records
13 Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc 14 Audio 1990 Creation Records
14 Jacobites 11 Audio 1984 Glass Records (2)
15 Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc 14 Audio 1990 Creation Records
16 Dead Men Tell No Tales/Texas 21 Audio 1990 Creation Records
17 Egyptian Roads 12 Audio 1997 Indies Records
18 Treasure Island 14 Audio 2004-10-05 Secretly Canadian
19 Treasure Island 14 Audio 2004 Munster Records
20 The Truth Doesn't Matter 15 Audio 2006-10-10 Secretly Canadian
21 The Truth Doesn't Matter 15 Audio 2006-10-10 Munster Records
22 Texas/Dead Men Tell No Tales 34 Audio 2001-10-30 Secretly Canadian
23 Jangle Town 2 Audio 1986 Creation Records
24 Groove 13 Audio 1989 Creation Records
25 Back To The Coast 10 Audio 1990 Creation Records
26 The Bible Belt 11 Audio 1983 Flicknife Records
27 I Belong To You 3 Audio 1991 UFO Records
28 Whiskey Priest 2 Audio 1991 Singles Only Label
29 Back To The Coast 10 Audio 1990 Rockville
30 The Last Bandits In The World 10 Audio 1986 Hotwire
31 Pin Your Heart To Me 6 Audio 1985 Glass Records (2)
32 Whiskey Priest 2 Audio 1991 Singles Only Label
33 The Last Bandit 18 Audio 2000 Glitterhouse Records
34 Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc 9 Audio 1987 Creation Records
35 Channel Steamer 2 Audio 1982 Abstract Records
36 Hanoi Jane 2 Audio 2006 Munster Records
37 Kiss Of Life 8 Audio 1995
38 Groove 13 Audio 1989
39 The Truth Doesn't Matter 15 Audio 2006 Sleeping Star
40 Barroom Blues 2 Audio 2006 Rob's House Records
41 I Knew Buffalo Bill 18 Audio 1999
42 Red Brocade 11 Audio 1999 Vicious Kitten Records
43 Treasure Island 14 Audio 2004 Lain Records
44 Texas 12 Audio 1986
45 Groove 13 Audio 1989-04-00 Creation Records
46 The Nikki Sudden Compendium 21 Audio 2001 Secretly Canadian
47 Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc / Live In Augsburg 28 Audio 2002-08-20 Secretly Canadian
48 I Knew Buffalo Bill 27 Audio 2006-08-21 Diesel Motor Records
49 Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc 9 Audio 1987 Creation Records
50 Playing With Fire 15 Audio 2010 Troubadour (5)

English singer-songwriter and guitarist, born 19 July 1956 in London, England, UK and died 26 March 2006 in New York, USA.

Together with his brother, [a=Epic Soundtracks], [a=Nikki Sudden] formed what was to become [a=Swell Maps], releasing 4 singles and 2 albums on Rough Trade (UK) between 1977 and their break up in 1980. All these releases hit #1 in the UK Independent Charts. Swell Maps are remembered, particularly by similarly minded US based bands such as Sonic Youth, as pioneering exponents of the 'DIY Punk' school.

Sudden then began a solo career making two albums 'Waiting On Egypt' and 'The Bible Belt' before joining up with Birmingham guitarist, Dave Kusworth. The pair formed the Jacobites in 1983, going on to make two albums, 'Jacobites' and 'Robespierre’s Velvet Basement', the latter reaching No. 1 in the German Independent Charts. This tied in with their first German tour which lead to Sudden relocating there.

When the Jacobites split in 1986, Sudden returned to his solo career with Creation Records, releasing five solo albums over the next five years: 'Texas', 'Dead Men Tell No Tales', 'Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc' (with Rowland S. Howard), 'Groove' and a compilation, 'Back To The Coast'.

1990 found Sudden in Athens, Georgia, where sessions with [a=Peter Buck], [a=Mike Mills] and [a=Bill Berry (2)] from R.E.M. became the album 'The Jewel Thief' — later reissued as 'Liquor, Guns & Ammo'.

Kusworth and Sudden reformed The Jacobites in 1993, releasing three albums, 'Howling Good Times', 'Old Scarlett' and 'God Save Us Poor Sinners'. Their two original albums were reissued, as was a further compilation of rare tracks, 'Hawks Get Religion'. The band also released a limited edition, vinyl-only album, 'Kiss Of Life', in Germany, and a Spanish CD, 'Heart Of Hearts'.

In 1995, sessions in Chicago with members of the Chamber Strings and The Rosehips led to his seventh solo release 'Seven Lives Later'. This album featured musicians from The Jet Boys, The True Spirit, The Fatal Shore, Band Of Outsiders, Once Upon A Time, Vermooste Vløten, The Flaming Stars, Sonic Youth, Voodoo Witch, and The Jacobites.

Into the 2000's Sudden continued to tour extensively, playing around 100 shows per year, half with his backing band 'The Last Bandits' and half solo.

Nikki, with the Last Bandits, recorded his ninth solo release, 'Treasure Island', in England during summer 2002. Special guests include Ian McLagan (Small Faces, Faces), Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones), Anthony Thistlethwaite (Waterboys), Dave Kusworth (Jacobites) and Darrell Bath (Dogs D’Amour / Crybabys). The 'Treasure Island' release date was in 2004.

A retrospective, 'The Last Bandit (The Best Of Nikki Sudden)' was released by Glitterhouse Records in Europe, Wagging Dog Records in England, and Bomp Records in America, and features remastered and edited versions of Sudden's most popular solo work.

Sudden's death in New York followed a number of solo performances in the USA after which a short European tour by The Jacobites had been scheduled. The first of these dates, on 29th March 2006 at London's '12 Bar Club', took place but was transformed into a tribute to Nikki Sudden's memory and featured a number of musicians with whom he had played.

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