Ian Cooper

Ian Cooper

Also known as ▵X, ◇X, ♢X, COOPERMAN, Crocodile Cooper, Ян Купер, Ian, Ian "Coops" Cooper, Ian "that sounds bloody awful" Cooper, Ian 'half-cut' Cooper, Ian (4a.m.)Cooper, IAN IAN IAN, Jan Cooper, POLDARKS, X

Discography of Ian Cooper:

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Mastering Engineer from the UK.

Started at [l265430] in 1971.

Worked at [l266218] from 1976.

Started up [l87246] Studios cutting rooms in 1979, building the world's first independent cutting room with DMM disk cutting.

In 1993, together with [a327238] and [a112836], he built the [l181778] Studios, London, UK.

Retired at the end of 2013.

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