Members of Raptori: Izmo, Jufo III, Kaivo
This performer (group) in the Internet: http://www.raptori.fi/, http://www.facebook.com/raptori

Discography of Raptori:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Rattijuoppo 2 Audio 1991 Megamania
2 Tuhansien Sulojen Maa / Oi Beibi 5 Audio Megamania
3 Moe! 11 Audio 1990 Megamania
4 Tuhansien Sulojen Maa / Oi Beibi 2 Audio 1990 Megamania
5 Raptori 4 Audio 1990 Megamania
6 Debi Gibson (Viiraa Pääzä Mix) 3 Audio 1990 Johanna
7 Tulevat Tänne Sotkemaan Meidän Ajopuuteorian 10 Audio 1991 Megamania
8 Tulevat Tänne Sotkemaan Meidän Ajopuuteorian 11 Audio 1991
9 Moe! 12 Audio 1990 Megamania
10 Ouu-Raisakson! 14 Audio 2000 Reel Art
11 Raptori vs. Caater 4 Audio 2000 Reel Art
12 Debi Gibson 3000 3 Audio 2000 Reel Art
13 Oi Beibi 3 Audio 1995
14 Sekoelma 15 Audio 2010-05-26
15 Moe! Disvertikaalinen Livevideo 12 Audio 1990 Elovalkia
16 Tulevat Tänne Sotkemaan Meidän Ajopuuteorian 10 Audio 1991 Megamania
17 Moe! 12 Audio 1990 Megamania
18 Ajopuutaheinää 18 Audio 1991 Elovalkia
19 Sekoelman Kosto II - Rukoile Kuolemaa 16 Audio 2010 Finnkino

Raptori is a rap group, formed 1989 in Hyvinkää, Finland. Like it or not, they were pioneers of Finnish rap music.

Raptori had a distinct style of their own. During the last years of 1990s dozens of new Finnish rap groups appeared but they were imitating American rap rather than trying to make personal music like Raptori did. Which was being unpredictable, aggressive and humoristic with covering all the necessary angles. Raptori's debut album Moe! was highly successful, selling over 80 000 copies and yielding a number one single (on Finnish chart), "Oi Beibi". After their second album Raptori broke up (or at least left the scene) in 1992 because they believed there wasn't anything left to contribute for the scene.

But they came back in 2000 because the time was right again to mess around with "true hip-hop heads" and same time released their third album. They made another comeback in 2010, and in 2020 we're most likely going to hear "Oi Beibi III" which has thus far been "impossible to create with current technology", as was written in the cover booklet of Ouu-Raisakson!. Therefore they currently have made "Oi Beibi", "Oi Beibi II" and "Oi Beibi IV - Faijan Uhka".

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