Also known as Over Kill
Members of Overkill: Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth, Bobby Gustafson, D.D. Verni, Dan Spitz, Dave Linsk, Derek Tailer, Joe Comeau, Lee Kundrat, Merritt Gant, Rob Cannavino, Ron Lipnicki, Sebastian Marino, Sid Falck, Tim Mallare
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Discography of Overkill:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 !!!Fuck You!!! 5 Audio 1987
2 I Hear Black 11 Audio 1993 Atlantic
3 The Years Of Decay 9 Audio 1989
4 Killbox 13 10 Audio 2003 Spitfire Records
5 The Killing Kind 10 Audio 1996-03-05 Concrete (2)
6 Under The Influence 9 Audio 1988
7 The Years Of Decay 9 Audio 1989 Megaforce Worldwide
8 Wrecking Your Neck - Live 27 Audio 1995 Concrete (2)
9 Feel The Fire 9 Audio 1985 Noise International
10 Extended Versions: The Encore Collection 10 Audio 2002 BMG Special Products
11 Feel The Fire 10 Audio 1988-11-00 Noise International
12 Bloodletting 10 Audio 2000-10-25 EMI Music Canada
13 Fuck You And Then Some 12 Audio 1996-10-00 Steamhammer
14 Immortalis 21 Audio 2007-10-07 Bodog Music
15 Necroshine 10 Audio 1999-02-23 Steamhammer
16 Wrecking Everything: An Evening In Asbury Park 26 Audio 2002 Spitfire Records
17 Taking Over 9 Audio 1987 Noise International
18 I Hear Black 11 Audio 1993 Atlantic
19 Sexy Flexi 2 Audio 1990
20 Bloodletting 10 Audio 2000 Steamhammer
21 ReliXIV 10 Audio 2005 Regain Records
22 Taking Over 9 Audio
23 RELIXIV 10 Audio 2005 Spitfire Records
24 The Rip N' Tear 3 Audio 1997 CMC International Records
25 From The Underground And Below 10 Audio 1997 Steamhammer
26 ReliXIV 10 Audio 2005 Regain Records
27 Horrorscope 11 Audio 1991-09-03
28 Coverkill 12 Audio 1999 CMC International Records
29 Coverkill 12 Audio 1999 Steamhammer
30 Hello From The Gutter - The Best Of Overkill 24 Audio 2002 Steamhammer
31 Wrecking Everything 13 Audio 2002 Spitfire Records
32 I Hear Black 11 Audio 1993 Atlantic
33 The Killing Kind 10 Audio 1996
34 The Killing Kind 10 Audio 1996
35 From The Underground And Below 10 Audio 2009-02-00 Night Of The Vinyl Dead Records
36 Under The Influence 9 Audio 1988
37 Feel The Fire 9 Audio 1987 Caroline Records
38 Ironbound 10 Audio 2010 Nuclear Blast
39 Bloodletting 10 Audio 2004-05-11 Sanctuary Records
40 Under The Influence 9 Audio 1988
41 Feel The Fire 10 Audio Megaforce Records
42 Ironbound 10 Audio 2010 E1 Music
43 Under The Influence 9 Audio 1988 Megaforce Worldwide
44 I Hear Black 11 Audio 1993 Warner Music Korea Ltd.
45 !!!Fuck You!!! 5 Audio 1987
46 Wrecking Your Neck - Live 22 Audio 1995 Concrete (2)
47 Killbox 13 10 Audio 2009 Night Of The Vinyl Dead Records
48 Taking Over 9 Audio 1987 Megaforce Worldwide
49 The Years Of Decay 9 Audio 1989-10-13
50 Feel The Fire 10 Audio 2008 Megaforce Records

Overkill are one of the first thrash metal bands. They were formed in New Jersey, USA. After rejecting several names, including "Virgin Killer", this new band finally settled on "Overkill", naming themselves after a Motörhead album.

Overkill were formed in New Jersey when a previous D.D. Verni/Rat Skates (real names: Carlos Verni and Lee Kundrat - the stage names were tributes to favourite punk bands, the Ramones featuring Dee Dee Ramone, and the Damned, featuring Rat Scabies... Bobby Blitz was taken from The Dead Boys' Johnny Blitz!) project, a punk band called The Lubricunts, broke up in 1980. (There's a picture of the Lubricunts demo cover in the Wrecking Your Neck liner notes.) D.D. quickly wanted to form a new band, so he put out an ad which was answered by guitarist Robert Pisarek (who came up with the name Overkill), but he was quickly replaced by Dan Spitz and Anthony Ammendolo.

Early covers (especially those done under the Virgin Killer name in the very very early days) were punk songs for the most part, including selections by the Ramones, and The Dead Boys. By 1980, they had recruited two guitarists (names forgotten over time) and the setlist included songs by Motorhead ("Overkill", half of the Ace of Spades album, and others), Judas Priest ("Tyrant" was their closer for a while), and later Iron Maiden and Riot, as well as a smattering of punk covers, which were played with extra distortion, intensity, and concentration on riffs.

In 1981, guitarists Dan Spitz (later of Anthrax) and Anthony Ammendolo left the band and Rich Conte entered with Mike Sherry. At this point, they started writing originals, including "Grave Robbers", "Raise the Dead", "Overkill", and "Unleash the Beast Within". More originals would follow, including "Rotten to the Core". Somewhere around this time Rich and Dan left and Bobby entered with Joe somebody on guitars. The band became a staple at New York and New Jersey clubs around 1982, and soon Bobby lived up to his "Blitz" nickname, earning an ejection from the band for a few days in 1983!

Around this time, the fluorescent green logo was adopted - it was specifically chosen to stand out on a poster with lots of red logos of other bands on the bill.

The lineup would stay consistent until 1987, when "Rat" Skates left the band. He was replaced by Mark Archibole for a few gigs, and then on a permanent basis Sid Falck, previously of Paul Di'anno's Battlezone. (Bobby Blitz once said that the only former member he misses is co-founder Rat Skates.) Then, in 1990, Bobby G. left and was replaced by Rob Cannavino and Merritt Gant (Faith or Fear).

This lineup lasted until 1992, when Tim Mallare came in on drums. Rob and Merritt both left the band in 1995 (Rob became a motorcycle racer, and Merritt formed several other bands), being replaced by Joe Comeau (Liege Lord) and Sebastian Marino. Joe left in 1999 to become the vocalist for Annihilator, and the Coverkill album was recorded with new guitarist Dave Linsk. Sebastian left to spend more time with family, so Linsk played all the guitar parts on 2000's Bloodletting album, and Derek Tailor joined for the subsequent tour, and was also featured on Killbox 13. Tim Mallare left Overkill on his own accord after 14 years with the band in 2005.

Current line-up

Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth: vocals (1980-)

Carlo "D.D. Blaze" Verni: bass (1980-)

Dave Linsk: lead guitar (1999-)

Derek "Skull" Tailer: rhythm guitar (2001-)

Ron Lipnicki: drums (2005-)

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