De Dijk

Antonie Broek (Drums), Hans van der Lubbe (Bass Guitar), Huub van der Lubbe (Vocals), Nico Arzbach (Guitar & Backing Vocals), Pim Kops (Keyboards & Violin)

Members of De Dijk: Antonie Broek, Hans Van Der Lubbe, Huub van der Lubbe, Nico Arzbach, Pim Kops
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Discography of De Dijk:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Niemand In De Stad 10 Audio 1989 Mercury
2 Zevende Hemel 11 Audio 2000 Mercury
3 Het Beste Van De Dijk [Periode '82 - '83] 16 Audio 1998
4 Groot Hart 2 Audio 1998 Mercury
5 De Blauwe Schuit 11 Audio 1994 Mercury
6 De Stand Van De Maan 10 Audio 1997 Mercury
7 Als Ze Er Niet Is 3 Audio 1994 Mercury
8 Het Beste Van 18 Audio 1998 Mercury
9 Elke Keer 2 Audio 1984 Sky
10 Dansen Op De Vulkaan 2 Audio 1987 Mercury
11 Ik Kan Het Niet Alleen 2 Audio 1989 Mercury
12 Niemand In De Stad 10 Audio 1989 Mercury
13 Slow Motion 2 Audio 1983 Dureco Benelux
14 Wat Een Vrouw 2 Audio 1989 Mercury
15 Nergens Goed Voor 2 Audio 1989 Mercury
16 Iedereen Is Van De Wereld 4 Audio 1993 Mercury
17 20 Jaar De Dijk 6 Audio 2002-08-19 Mercury
18 Bloedend Hart 2 Audio 1990 Mercury
19 Wakker In Een Vreemde Wereld 10 Audio 1987 Mercury
20 Voor De Tover (live) - Limited Editon Box & Boek 15 Audio 1998 Mercury
21 Ga In Mijn Schoenen Staan 4 Audio 2002 Mercury
22 5 Uur 4 Audio 1996 Mercury
23 Laaiend Vuur 2 Audio 1994 Mercury
24 We Beginnen Pas 4 Audio 2001 Mercury
25 Hold On Tight 12 Audio 2010 Universal Music
26 Hold On Tight 12 Audio 2010 Universal Music
27 Brussel 13 Audio 2008 Universal Music
28 Als Het Golft 2 Audio 2000 Mercury
29 Bloedend Hart 2 Audio 1982 Dureco Benelux
30 Wil Je Altijd Van Me Houden 2 Audio 2003 Mercury
31 Live 20 Audio 1990 Mercury
32 Het Eerste Jaar Van.......... 17 Audio 2002-08-26 Dureco
33 Zullen We Dansen 1981-2006 35 Audio 2006 Universal Music
34 Nooit Meer Tarzan 10 Audio 1983 Dureco
35 Brussel 17 Audio 2008 Universal
36 Zoals Nog Nooit 4 Audio 2002 Mercury
37 25 Jaar De Dijk - We Beginnen Pas - Ahoyconcert 2006 29 Audio 2006 Universal Music
38 De Jonge Jaren Van De Dijk - 50 Jaar Nederpop 22 Audio 2008
39 Hold On Tight 12 Audio 2011-09-26 Music On Vinyl
40 Scherp De Zeis 12 Audio 2011-09-23 Universal Music
41 Stampvol Café 3 Audio 1997 Mercury
42 Icon 18 Audio 2011 Universal Music
43 100 X De Dijk 100 Audio 2010-11-25 Universal
44 Je Weet Nooit Wanneer 2 Audio 1991 Mercury
45 Elke Dag Een Nieuwe Hoed 10 Audio 1985 Sky
46 Laat Het Vanavond Gebeuren 4 Audio 1997 Mercury
47 Niemand In De Stad 10 Audio 2012-11-19 Music On Vinyl
48 Hou Me Vast 2 Audio 1991 Mercury
49 De Stilte Voor De Storm 2 Audio 1982 Dureco Benelux
50 Nergens Goed Voor 2 Audio 1989 Mercury

Leading Dutch-language rock, soul and rhythm & blues band from Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

De Dijk formed in 1981 by drummer Daniel Derks and the Van Der Lubbe brothers. The market for Dutch-language music has much improved and although the single 'Bloedend Hart' fails to enter the Dutch chart, the group's 1982 debut album 'De Dijk' is very successful. The second album 'Nooit Meer Tarzan' is released in 1983. Keyboard player Pim Kops and drummer Antonie Broek join De Dijk. Nooit Meer Tarzan is less successful than De Dijk's debut and as a result record company Dureco ends the band's contract. In 1985 they released on the Telstar label the third album 'Elke Dag Een Nieuwe Hoed'. The album receives favourable reviews. In 1987 De Dijk signs to Phonogram. The single 'Mag Het Licht Uit' enters the Dutch Top 40. The 4th album 'Wakker In Een Vreemde Wereld' receives a Zilveren Harp Music Award. The 5th album 'Niemand In De Stad' is released in 1989 and 2 songs from this album 'Ik Kan Het Niet Alleen' and 'Nergens Goed Voor' are big Top 40 hits. In 1990 the group plays at the New Music Seminar in New York and they released a live album. 'Nooit Genoeg' is the name of the 6th album that was released in 1991. In 1992 the 7th album 'Zeven Levens' comes out. In 1993 De Dijk and fellow Dutch language rockers The Scene recorded a single called 'De Wereld Is Van Iedereen'. In 1994 the groups receives a Gouden Harp Music Award. The 8th album 'De Blauwe Schuit' comes out. A single from this album 'Als Ze Er Niet Is' is the group's biggest hit so far. De Dijk records in 1995 the single 'Heb Je Hart', which will later appear on the album 'De Stand Van De Maan' in 1997. The group plays gigs in St. Petersburg and Moscow in 1996. In 1998 the compilation 'Het Beste Van De Dijk' and the live album 'Voor De Tover' are released. A photo exhibition about the band can be seen in the Melkweg in Amsterdam that year. With the year 2000 a new century is coming and De Dijk plays at the Pinkpop Festival in Landgraaf for the first time in the band's career. They also released the album 'Zevende Hemel'. In 2002 De Dijk celebrates its 20th anniversary. In June the band plays at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam, supported by Dutch dialect rockers Skik. The single 'Ga In Mijn Schoenen Staan', their take on Joe South's 1969 classic 'Walk A Mile In My Shoes' and the album 'Muzikanten Dansen Niet' are released. The album enters the Dutch Album Top 100 chart at number one. In 2003 De Dijk released the DVD and CD 'Door'. These recordings are recorded partly acoustic and contains many of the De Dijk songs. After a sabbatical year in 2004, De Dijk receives in January 2005 an Edison Music Award for their entire work.

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