Andrew W.K.

Andrew Fetterly Wilkes-Krier

Also known as A. Wilkes-Krier, Andrew, Andrew AAB, Andrew F. Wilkes-Krier, Andrew W K, Andrew W.K, Andrew Wilkes-Krier, Andrew WK, Andy W. Krier, AWK, Wilkes Krier
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Discography of Andrew W.K.:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 I Get Wet 12 Audio 2001 Island Records
2 Party Hard 2 Audio 2001 Mercury
3 Tear It Up 6 Audio 2003-07-15 Island Records
4 I Get Wet 12 Audio 2002-03-26 Island Records
5 The Wolf 12 Audio 2003-09-09 Island Records
6 Close Calls With Brick Walls 23 Audio 2006-09-18 Dope Entertainment
7 She Is Beautiful 3 Audio 2002 Island Def Jam Music Group
8 Andrew W.K. 6 Audio 2001 Island Def Jam Music Group
9 She Is Beautiful 4 Audio 2002 Mercury
10 The Wolf 12 Audio 2003-00-00 Island
11 I Get Wet 12 Audio 2001 Island Records
12 We Want Fun 3 Audio 2002
13 Close Calls With Brick Walls 27 Audio 2007-08-28 Load Records
14 I Get Wet 12 Audio 2002-03-26 Island Records
15 Universal Music Publishing Group Presents Andrew W.K. 5 Audio 2006 Universal Music Publishing Group
16 A Wild Pear 7 Audio 2009
17 Gundam Rock 16 Audio 2009-09-09 Universal Strategic Marketing Japan
18 We Got A Groove / Prophetic Visions Of The Coming End Times 2 Audio 2009 Volcom Ent. Vinyl Club
19 Party Til You Puke 6 Audio 2000 Bulb Records
20 She Is Beautiful / We Want Fun 2 Audio 2002
21 55 Cadillac 8 Audio 2009-09-08 Ecstatic Peace!
22 I'm A Vagabond 3 Audio 2010-02-15
23 Damn! The Mixtape Vol. 1 24 Audio 2009-05-25 Skyscraper Music Maker
24 Close Calls With Brick Walls / Mother Of Mankind 41 Audio 2010-03-22 STEEV MIKE
25 We Want Fun 4 Audio 2002 Island Records
26 Close Calls With Brick Walls 21 Audio 2006-07-05 Universal International
27 She Is Beautiful 3 Audio 2002 Island Records
28 The Wolf 14 Audio 2003-08-27 Island Records
29 Party Hard 3 Audio 2001-10-29 Mercury
30 We Want Fun 3 Audio 2002 American Recordings
31 55 Cadillac 8 Audio 2009-09-07 Skyscraper Music Maker
32 Ultra X-treme 25 Audio Invisible Halahup
33 The Wolf 12 Audio 2003
34 The "Party All Goddamn Night" EP 7 Audio 2011
35 Never Let Down 3 Audio 2003-09-09 Island Def Jam Music Group
36 The Zen Of Positive Partying 18 Audio 2002 Wonder Boy Records
37 Party Til You Puke 6 Audio 2000 Academy Records (8)
38 I Get Wet 26 Audio 2012-09-25
39 I Get Wet 30 Audio 2012-08-28
40 Premium Collection - The Very Best So Far 19 Audio 2008 Universal International
41 Premium Collection - The Japan Covers 14 Audio 2008 Universal International
42 The Journal Of Popular Noise Vol. 1 Issues 13 - 15 Spring/Summer 2009 9 Audio 2009 Journal Of Popular Noise
43 I Get Wet 12 Audio 2001 Island Records
44 Party Hard 2 Audio 2001 Island Def Jam Music Group
45 The Wolf 20 Audio 2003-08-27 Island Records
46 Premium Collection 35 Audio 2008-11-26 Universal International
47 Kiseki 2 Audio 2008-08-20 Universal Music K.K.
48 I Was Born To Love You 4 Audio 2011-01-19 Universal Music LLC
49 Party All Goddamn Night 3 Audio 2011-03-16 Steev Mike
50 Party Hard 3 Audio 2001 Island Def Jam Music Group

Andrew W.K. was born May 9, 1979 in Stanford, California, and grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

At age 4, he began learning classical piano at The University of Michigan School of Music. He attended the private college preparatory Greenhills School for middle school before attending the alternative Community High School from 1993–1997, where he studied jazz keyboard.

In 1993, when he was 14, Andrew joined the band Slam, later to be called Reverse Polarity. His first public recording, "Mr. Surprise", came out on the [r=2408092] compilation released by the [l66706] label (now known as [l42560]) out of Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Over the next 5 years he was in many different bands in Michigan such as [a2792682], [a818345], [a966073], [a407960], [a1238424], The Portly Boys, [a1957355], [a220702], Stormy Rodent, a later iteration of Scheme, the Malt Lickers, [a655024], and [a1892424]. In 1994 he also started a group called [a852668], later making it a solo project titled AAB, which ended in 1998, when Andrew moved from Ypsilanti to New York City. Later in 1998, his first official solo release as Andrew Wilkes-Krier, titled [r=1715858], was released on the Brighton (later Ann Arbor) noise/experimental label [l21058].

In 2005, Andrew announced that he would begin performing as a self-help, new age motivational speaker. He accepted invitations to speak at Yale University, New York University, The University of Wisconsin, Carnegie Mellon University, The Cooper Union, Missouri Western State University, and Northeastern University.

At the end of 2007 Andrew accepted an invitation to produce a new album, [m=159423], for veteran reggae artist [a41272]. The two had met when Andrew interviewed Perry for DirecTV.

In April 2008 Andrew performed live at Roadburn with [a95998]'s [a33801], playing bass. This show was documented on the [m=119198] release. He also contributed vocals to the 2009 album [m=146705].

In Spring of 2008, Andrew and three partners opened a multi-level nightclub and live concert hall in downtown Manhattan, New York City. The venue is named Santos Party House, and features 8,000 square feet of dance floor and concert facilities, and over 150 loud-speakers.

In February 2009, Andrew found a loophole in his contractual constraints and formed the record label [l176159], based in London, England and Manhattan, New York City. The second release on the label was Andrew's album of "spontaneous solo piano improvisations", entitled [m=375111].

In the Summer of 2009, the Cartoon Network announced that Andrew would be hosting and creating music for a new live-action TV program called [i]Destroy Build Destroy[/i]. The show features Andrew working with two teams of teenagers, competing to "blow stuff up and use the wreckage to build amazing machines". The show premiered on June 20, 2009.

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