NBC Symphony Orchestra

Also known as Оркестр NBC, Симфонический Оркестр, Симфонический Оркестр Эн-Би-Си, Хор И Оркестр NBC, Former NBC Symphony Orchestra, The, La Orquesta Sinfonica NBC, Members Of The NBC Symphony, Members Of The NBC Symphony Orchestra, N. B. C. Symphony Orchestra, N.B.C. Symphony Orchestra, N.B.C. Symphony Orchestra, The, NBC SO, NBC Symph. Orchester, NBC Symphonic Orchestra, NBC Symphonie-Orchester, NBC Symphony, NBC Symphony Orchestra New York, NBC Symphony Orchestra, The, NBC-Orchester, NBC-Symphony-Orchestra, Orchestra Sinfonica della NBC di New York, Orchestra Sinfonică NBC, Orquesta Sinfónica N.B.C., Orquesta Sinfónica NBC, Orquesta Sinfonica NBC, Symphony Orchestra, Toscanini Orchestra, The, Victory At Sea Orchestra, The
Members of NBC Symphony Orchestra: Alexander Williams, Arthur Berv, Benar Heifetz, Carlton Cooley, Daniel Guilet, Edwin Bachmann, Elias Carmen, Emanuel Vardi, Felix Galimir, Harry Glantz, Harry Lookofsky, Harvey Shapiro, Henry Siegl, John Wummer, Neal DiBiase, Paul Renzi, Philip Sklar, Robert Bloom
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Discography of NBC Symphony Orchestra:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
151 Die Walküre / Die Götterdämmerung 2 Audio 1961 RCA Red Seal
152 Piano Concertos 10 Audio 2003 TIM The International Music Company AG
153 Symphonies Nos. 1 And 9 2 Audio RCA Victor Red Seal
154 Brahms Concerto No. 2, In B-Flat, Op. 83 8 Audio RCA Red Seal
155 Toscanini Plays Light Classics 9 Audio RCA Victor
156 Toscanini Conducts Overtures 13 Audio 1964 RCA Victor Red Seal
157 Beethoven Symphonies No.5 And No.4 8 Audio RCA
158 Enigma Variations / Feste Romane 2 Audio 1968 RCA Victrola
159 Symphony No. 9 In D Minor ("Choral") 1st, 2nd & 3rd Movements 6 Audio His Master's Voice
160 Symphony No. 9 In D Minor ("Choral") 4th Movement - Symphony No. 1 In C Major 18 Audio His Master's Voice
161 Les Pins De Rome - Les Fontaines De Rome 10 Audio 1959 La Voix De Son Maître
162 Verdi: Te Deum, Hymn Of The Nations, Nabucco: Act III- Va, Pensiero 3 Audio 1968 RCA Victrola
163 Manfred Op. 58 5 Audio Paragon (4)
164 Documenti Sonori 6 Audio 1982 Fonit Cetra
165 Schubert Symphony No. 8, In B Minor ("Unfinished) / Schumann Overture To Manfred, Op. 115 / Beethoven Overture To Consecration Of The House, In C, Op. 124 3 Audio RCA Victor
166 Symphonies 5 Audio 1999
167 Cello Concerto / Scherzo Capriccioso 6 Audio 1999 Naxos Historical
168 I Vespri Siciliani 4 Audio
169 Adagio For Strings - Part 1 / Adagio For Strings - Conclusion 4 Audio His Master's Voice
170 Arturo Toscanini E La NBC Symphony Orchestra 9 Audio
171 Die Walküre / Siegfried / Götterdämmerung (Excerpts) 4 Audio 1968 RCA Victrola
172 Toscanini Plays Light Classics 9 Audio 1963 RCA Victor
173 Symphony No. 8, In F Major (Op. 93) 11 Audio Victor Red Seal
174 Music For Harp And Strings 4 Audio 1972 Orion
175 Solvieg's Song / Overture To "Il Signor Bruschino" 2 Audio V Disc
176 Brahms: Symphony No. 1 in C minor, Op. 68 4 Audio RCA
177 La Mer / Ibéria / Psyché And Eros 3 Audio 1967 RCA Victrola
178 Symphony No.6 "Pastorale" 9 Audio 1953 RCA Victor Red Seal
179 Divertimento No. 15 In B-flat, K. 287 For Strings And Two Horns 5 Audio 1950 RCA Victor Red Seal
180 Manfred, Op. 58 (Symphonic Poem) 5 Audio RCA Victor
181 Beethoven - Symphony No. 1 In C Major; Symphony No.2 In D Major 8 Audio RCA Victrola
182 Toscanini Conducts Favorite Scenes From Traviata - Boheme - Aida 3 Audio 1971 RCA Victor
183 Symphony No. 9 In C 4 Audio 1950
184 Live At Carnegie Hall 4 Audio 2013-09-13 Sony Classical
185 Mozart, Symphony No. 39, Symphony No. 40 4 Audio 1968 RCA Victrola
186 Tchaikovsky - Concerto No. 1 2 Audio 1971 RCA Victor
187 Symphony No. 2 In D Major 5 Audio
188 William Tell: Overture 4 Audio
189 Carmen / Mignon 2 Audio RCA
190 Toscanini Conducts Overtures 13 Audio 1964 RCA Victor Red Seal
191 Toscanini Conducts Wagner 41 Audio 2013-03-29 RCA Red Seal
192 Nutcracker Suite Part 1 & 2 7 Audio V Disc
193 Nutcracker Suite Part 3 & 4 5 Audio V Disc
194 Romeo And Juliet Opus 17, Dramatic Symphony Excerpts 6 Audio RCA Victor Red Seal
195 Divertimento No. 15 In B-Flat, K. 287 For Strings And Two Horns 9 Audio 1950 RCA Victor Red Seal
196 Concerto N. 2 In B Flat Major - For Piano, Op. 83 4 Audio 1972
197 Sinfonia N. 6 In Si Min., Op. 74, "Patetica" 4 Audio RCA Victor Red Seal
198 Wagner 5 Audio 1980
199 Dvořák's Symphony From The New World / Symphony No. 5, In E Minor, Op. 95 4 Audio 1959 RCA Red Seal

[b]Founded:[/b] 1937 - New York, USA

[b]Disbanded:[/b] 1954

This was a fabled orchestra specially constituted by David Sarnoff, chairman of RCA (which owned both RCA Victor Records and NBC radio) for conductor [a=Arturo Toscanini]. Offering the highest salaries of any orchestra at the time and a 52-week contract, NBC attracted top orchestral musicians: 21 of them were former section leaders of other orchestras. [a=Artur Rodzinski] was hired to train and mold the Orchestra to impeccable standards in anticipation of the leadership of Arturo Toscanini. The Orchestra took the air under Toscanini on Christmas day, 1937. It was immediately ranked as one of the world's great orchestras, famed for its precise and lean sound. It made numerous classic recordings for RCA, sometimes recording as the "RCA Victor Symphony," including the famous recording of Richard Rodgers' [i]Victory at Sea[/i] (a 13-hour musical score), and worked with famous conductors such as [a=Leopold Stokowski] (who was co-conductor from 1941 to 1944). Arturo Toscanini led the Orchestra for 17 years.

Toscanini retired after his April 4, 1954, concert. Much to his distress, NBC laid the Orchestra off after that. Most of its members (with a few new players) reassembled as the "[a=Symphony of the Air]", which went on to charter its own distinguished, if brief, path to fame. "[a=Symphony of the Air]" finally disbanded in 1963.

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