Further Seems Forever

Members of Further Seems Forever: Chad Neptune, Chris Carrabba, Derick Cordoba, Jason Gleason, Jon Bunch, Joshua Colbert, Nick Dominguez, Steve Kleisath
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Discography of Further Seems Forever:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Pride War / Modern Day Prayer 2 Audio 2002-12-17 Tooth & Nail Records
2 The Moon Is Down 10 Audio 2001-03-27 Tooth & Nail Records
3 Hide Nothing 13 Audio 2004-08-24 Tooth & Nail Records
4 Hide Nothing 10 Audio 2004-08-24 Tooth & Nail Records
5 How To Start A Fire 10 Audio 2003-02-11 Tooth & Nail Records
6 The Sound 4 Audio 2003 Tooth & Nail Records
7 The Moon Is Down (Single) 4 Audio 2002 Tooth & Nail Records
8 Hope This Finds You Well 21 Audio 2006-03-21 Tooth & Nail Records
9 From The 27th State 6 Audio 1999-07-04 Takehold Records
10 The Final Curtain 26 Audio 2007-04-03 567 Records
11 The Final Curtain 42 Audio 2007-04-03
12 The Moon Is Down 11 Audio 2001 Dead Droid Records
13 How To Start A Fire 10 Audio 2003 Sorepoint Records
14 The Sound 2 Audio 2003 Sorepoint Records
15 Acoustic 7" 2 Audio 2010-12-21 Not On Label (Further Seems Forever Self-Released)
16 Hide Nothing 10 Audio 2004-08-24
17 The Moon Is Down 10 Audio 2001 Sorepoint Records
18 Penny Black 24 Audio 2012-10-23 Rise Records (3)
19 Penny Black 24 Audio 2012-10-22 Rise Records (3)
20 Penny Black 24 Audio 2012-10-23 Rise Records (3)
21 The Moon Is Down 10 Audio 2001-03-27 Tooth & Nail Records
22 How To Start A Fire 10 Audio 2008
23 Penny Black 24 Audio 2012-10-23 Rise Records (3)

American rock band formed in 1998 in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA. Guitarists Josh Colbert and Nick Dominguez, bassist Chad Neptune, and drummer Steve Kleisath; all from the recently disbanded [a=Strongarm] recruited vocalist Chris Carrabba from the band Vacant Andy. After recording some songs and signing to Tooth & Nail Records, Chris decided to leave the band to devote himself to his solo effort, [a=Dashboard Confessional], but stayed on long enough to record vocals for their first full-length album "The Moon is Down", released 2001. Next, they recruited vocalist Jason Gleason from the band Affinity, and when guitarist Nick Dominguez left the band in 2002, he was replaced with Derick Cordoba. Their second full-length album "How To Start A Fire" was released in 2003. With a new vocalist and different sound from before, their fans were divided over the new lineup, and the tensions in the band culminated in early 2004 when Jason left the band to play in [a=ActionReaction] with his wife [a=Crissie Verhagen]. By this time their third album was nearly complete, so as a replacement, Jon Bunch from the recently disbanded [a=Sense Field] was recruited to write and record new lyrics and vocals for the album, which was released later in 2004. Being their third album, with their third vocalist, fans were once again split over the new sound and lineup. Many rejoiced when Chris Carrabba did a reunion show with the band in 2005, performing their first album in it's entirity. Later that year, the band announced a hiatus, and in early 2006 announced that their upcoming tour would be their last before disbanding. This tour took them to Europe, and eventually ended with a last performance at The Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia on June 17. This show was recorded and released on a final live/compilation album in 2007, after the bandmembers had already moved on with their lives.

In August 2010, the band announced their reunion, with the original 1998 lineup. Since then, the band has released a 7" vinyl single and played at the Groezrock festival in Belgium. They continue playing shows, and new material has been heard at the concerts.

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