Also known as Mututsi, Tutsi Tribe, Watussi Tribe
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Discography of Tutsi:

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1 Music From Rwanda 17 Audio

Discogs notice: This artist does not refer to a specific group of named individuals (such as a band or musical group) but rather defines the collective term for [b]a Central African ethnic group, living mainly in Rwanda and Burundi[/b].

Please use this "artist" name (or any language variation thereof, via an ANV) for [b]Banyamulenge, Banyaruanda, Banyarwanda, Batusi, Batussi, Batuti, Batutsi, Buha, Mulenge, Ruanda, Rwanda, Tusi, Tussi, Tuti , Tutsi Hima, Tutsi, Tutsis, Tuutsi, Watousi, Watoussi, Watoutsi, Watusi, Watussi, Watutsi people[/b].

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