Caiphus Semenya

Also known as C Semenya, C. Semenya, C.K. Semenya, Caiaphas Semenya And Crew, Caiphus (Caution) Semenya, Caiphus Séménya, Caiphus Semanya, Caiphus Semenia, Caiphus Semnya, Caiphus Semonya, Caiphus Somenya, Cairhais Semenya, Calphus Semenya, Ciaphus Semenya, K. C. Semenya, K. Caiphus Semenya, Semenia, Semenya, Semenya Caipus, Semeya, Semonya

Discography of Caiphus Semenya:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Angelina 2 Audio 1983 Jive
2 Angelina 2 Audio 1983-07-07
3 Angelina 2 Audio 1983 Jive Afrika
4 Angelina 2 Audio 1983 Sonet
5 Angelina 2 Audio 1983 Jive
6 Angelina 2 Audio 1983 Jive
7 Angelina 2 Audio 1983-07-07 Jive
8 Streams Today, Rivers Tomorrow 7 Audio 1984 Priority Records (6)
9 The Very Best Of 10 Audio 1996 Sony Music Entertainment (South Africa)

South African composer, musician, and husband of singer [a=Letta Mbulu].

In the late sixties, he settled in Los Angeles on account of the apartheid policies back home and teamed up with people like [a=Harry Belafonte] and [a=Quincy Jones] as well as compatriots [a=Hugh Masekela], [a=Miriam Makeba] and [a=Jonas Gwangwa].

In the early nineties the couple returned to South Africa, after 26 years of self-imposed exile.

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