Fatboy Slim

Norman Quentin Cook (born Quentin Leo Cook — name changed by deed poll in 2002)

Also known as F Slim, F. Slim, F.Slim, Fat Boy, Fat Boy Slim, Fatbot Slim, Fatboy, Fatboy Fat, Fatboy Slime, Fatboyslim, Norman Cook, Slim, Slim Boy Fat, Slim Clark
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Discography of Fatboy Slim:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
201 Praise You 2 Audio 1998 Skint
202 Planet Of The Phatbird 3 Audio 2002 Southern Fried Records
203 Satisfaction Skank 3 Audio
204 That Old Pair Of Jeans 6 Audio 2006-05-00 Skint
205 Star 69 (Schranz Mix) 3 Audio 2006-04-00 Schranz
206 Right Here, Right Now 2 Audio 1999-04-19 Skint
207 Michael Jackson 2 Audio 1996 Astralwerks
208 Right Here, Right Now 2 Audio 1999 Skint
209 The Greatest Hits - Why Try Harder 18 Audio 2006 Astralwerks
210 The Greatest Remixes Part One (Club Promo) 4 Audio 2006 Skint
211 The Joker 2 Audio 2004
212 Champion Sound 2 Audio 2006-11-06 Skint
213 Champion Sound 6 Audio 2006-11-06 Skint
214 Champion Sound 4 Audio 2006-11-06 Skint
215 Star 69 (What The F**k) / Weapon Of Choice 5 Audio 2001 Skint
216 Champion Sound 6 Audio 2006-10-00 Skint
217 Praise You 3 Audio 1999-01-04 Skint
218 Palookaville 12 Audio 2004
219 Fatboy Slim's Greatest Remixes 10 Audio 2000 Brooklyn Music Limited (BML)
220 Live On Brighton Beach 18 Audio 2002 Ministry Of Sound
221 Big Beach Boutique II - The Movie 29 Audio 2002 Eagle Vision
222 The Greatest Hits - Why Try Harder 18 Audio 2006
223 Praise You 2 Audio 1998 Skint
224 The Greatest Hits - Why Try Harder 28 Audio 2006
225 Take No Shhhhhhhh vs. What The Fuck 3 Audio 2007-01-30 Not On Label (Fatboy Slim)
226 James Brown 50th 2 Audio 2005
227 The Rockafeller Skank (FAT Remixes) 2 Audio
228 You've Come A Long Way, Baby 12 Audio 1998
229 Better Living Through Chemistry 10 Audio 1996 Trema
230 Praise You 5 Audio 1999-02-20 Skint
231 Live On Brighton Beach 17 Audio 2002 Southern Fried Records
232 The Greatest Hits Remixed 4 Audio 2007 Skint
233 4 Edited Classic Tracks 4 Audio 1997
234 On The Floor At The Boutique 19 Audio 1998-06-08 Skint
235 Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars 12 Audio 2000-11-07 Skint
236 Ya Mama / Song For Shelter 4 Audio 2001 Skint
237 Gangster Trippin 2 Audio 1998-10-05 Skint
238 Rockafeller Skank (Mulders Urban Takeover Mix) / Intergalactic (Prisoners Of Technology TMS 1 Remix) 2 Audio 2008-04-18 Pure Pirate
239 The Greatest Hits - Why Try Harder 18 Audio 2006 Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Australia) Pty Limited
240 Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars 12 Audio 2000-11-01
241 You've Come A Long Way, Baby 11 Audio 1998-10-19 Astralwerks
242 Galaxy Bounce / Illuminati 3 Audio 2001 Virgin Records America, Inc.
243 The Greatest Hits - Why Try Harder 28 Audio 2006 Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd.
244 What The Fuck Is That (Unreleased Remix) 3 Audio 2008 Unrestricted Recordings
245 The Rockafeller Skank 2 Audio 1998
246 Star 69 / Pump Up The Volume 2 Audio Not On Label
247 Remixes 4 Audio 2008-07-00 Not On Label (Fatboy Slim)
248 Demons 2 Audio 2000 Skint
249 The Greatest Hits Remixed 23 Audio 2007-09-19
250 Talkin Bout My Baby (Midfield General Disco Reshuffle) 4 Audio 2002 Skint

Born in the UK as Quentin Leo Cook on 31 July 1963. Married to radio DJ & television presenter Zoë Ball, thus son-in-law of British television personality [a=Johnny Ball].

Cook adopted the new pseudonym Fatboy Slim in 1996. The Fatboy Slim album and Cook's second solo album Better Living Through Chemistry (released through Skint Records) contained the Top 40 UK hit, "Everybody Needs a 303".

Fatboy Slim's next work was the single "The Rockafeller Skank", released prior to the album You've Come a Long Way, Baby, both of which were released in 1998. "Praise You", also from this album, was Cook's first UK solo number one. Its music video, starring Spike Jonze, won numerous awards.

In 2000, Fatboy Slim released his third studio album, Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars, and featured two collaborations with Macy Gray and "Weapon of Choice", which also was made into an award-winning video starring Christopher Walken.

In 2003, he produced Crazy Beat and Gene by Gene from the Blur album Think Tank, and in 2004, Palookaville was Cook's first studio album for four years.

Fatboy Slim's greatest hits album Why Try Harder was released on 19 June 2006. It comprises eighteen tracks, including ten Top 40 singles, a couple of Number Ones and two exclusive new tracks – "Champion Sound" and "That Old Pair of Jeans". Most of the songs were shortened and heavily edited, resulting in almost fifteen minutes of unused space on the compact disc release. (wikipedia - edited)

Not simply a DJ, Norman Cook has surpassed this role as a producer whilst using one of many aliases; the chief one being Fatboy Slim.

Many UK DJ's have managed to crossover to a large extent in the US and beyond, however Norman Cook, under alias Fatboy Slim, has done much more than this.

Rather than being a faceless [i]behind the decks head-down[/i] DJ, Norman's exuberant character whilst performing on the decks simply takes any audience with him regardless of the country or culture he is playing to.

His devotion to his chosen place of residence, Brighton, is legendary, even donning "I Love Brighton" T-shirts on occasion. Despite massive pressure to go wholly with a major label, he continues to stick with his original Brighton-based label [l=Skint Records]. He also has put-on two massive free beach parties on Brighton beach, as a thanks to the love and respect fellow residents of the city have given him.

On New Years Day 2007, he held the third beach event. Whilst it was forced to be scaled down and ticketed --due to Brighton City Council's heath & safety concerns-- this event shows his devotion to Brighton remains undiminished.

He staged a fourth event on Saturday 27 September 2008, "Big Beach Boutique 4" for Brighton residents only, just in time for the end of summer.

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