Last, The

Also known as Last
Members of Last, The: Bill Stevenson, Dave Naz, David Nolte, Jack Reynolds, Joe Nolte, John Rosewall, Karl Alvarez, Larry Manke, Luke Lohnes, Mike Nolte, Vitus Mataré
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Discography of Last, The:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 L.A. Explosion ! 15 Audio 1979 BOMP!
2 L.A. Explosion ! 15 Audio 1991 Line Records
3 She Don't Know Why I'm Here 2 Audio 1985 Line Records
4 She Don't Know Why I'm Here 2 Audio 1978 BOMP!
5 L.A. Explosion 2 Audio 1978 Backlash
6 L.A. Explosion! 22 Audio 2003-01-23 BOMP!
7 Gin & Innuendoes 16 Audio 1996 SST Records
8 Confession 12 Audio 1988 SST Records
9 Awakening 12 Audio 1989 SST Records
10 Awakening 12 Audio 1989 SST Records
11 Awakening 12 Audio 1989 SST Records
12 Fade To Black 4 Audio 1982 BOMP!
13 Painting Smiles On A Dead Man 12 Audio 1983 Lolita
14 Up In The Air 3 Audio 1982 WarfRat Grammophon
15 Every Summer Day 2 Audio 1979 Bomp!
16 L.A. Explosion ! 15 Audio 1985 Lolita
17 Objections / Be-Bop-A-Lula 2 Audio 1979 Bomp!
18 Every Summer Day / Hitler's Brother 2 Audio 1978 Backlash
19 She Don't Know Why I'm Here 2 Audio 1978
20 This Kind Of Feeling 3 Audio 1979
21 Danger 14 Audio 2013-11-05 End Sounds
22 Danger 14 Audio 2013-11-05 End Sounds
23 Danger 14 Audio 2013-11-05 End Sounds
24 L.A. Explosion ! 15 Audio 1979 London Records
25 Danger 14 Audio 2013-11-05 End Sounds

The Last are a pop-rock band from Los Angeles, CA, led by singer/guitarist/songwriter Joe Nolte. Joe and his brother, Mike (keyboards, vocals, & occasional songwriting), have been the only constant members of the band since its formation in the mid 1970s. The band spawned from the same scene the launched such bands as [a=Black Flag], [a=Redd Kross], the [a=Descendents], and the [a=Circle Jerks]. The early line-ups also included another Nolte brother, David, on bass and Vitus Mataré on keyboards and flute. In 1979, this line-up (including drummer Jack Reynolds), recorded their first album, "LA Explosion!", now considered a classic amongst the band's fans. In 1980, the band, with new drummer John Frank, recorded a follow up titled "Look Again" which has never been officially released. The following years were spent dealing with various line-up changes. In 1983, "Painting Smiles On A Dead Man", a collection of demos, was released. In 1985, following more line up changes, the band split.

In 1987, Joe and Mike resurrected the band with a new line up that included Luke Lohnes (guitar), Larry Manke (bass), and Dave Nazworthy (drums) and signed a deal with [l=SST Records]. In 1988 "Confessions" appeared, followed in 1989 by "Awakening". Unfortunately for the band, neither album sold very well and "Awakening" cost so much to produce that it allegedly caused severe repercussions for the label. Despite this, SST was willing to do another album with the band, but Joe Nolte was so disillusioned by the group's 1989 tour that it took some time to get motivated for a new record. The band began recording a follow-up in 1991 but, due to scheduling issues, the record was not completed until 1994. After that, the band got caught up in a contract renegotiation with SST that delayed the release even further and the final product, entitled "Gin & Innuendoes" did not appear until 1996.

Since then, the band has continued to exist, playing shows occasionally. Most recently, the rhythm section duties have been handled by Karl Alvarez and Bill Stevenson (both of the Descendents and ALL).

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