Art of Beatbox

Artur Balsam

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# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Was wäre wenn? 3 Audio 2011-03-11 Pink Crow Records
2 Urywki 2 Audio 2011-03-14 Pink Crow Records
3 Stell Dir vor 3 Audio 2009-12-14 Pink Crow Records
4 ARTcore 16 Audio 2011-04-11 Pink Crow Records

The artist “Art of Beatbox” from Hamburg shows with his music that beatbox is more than hip-hop. The artist whose family has a big musical background developed at an early age a wide range of musical preferences which are reflected in his music today. With his versatile songs he wants to show the people that beatbox music can also be [b]suitable for radio play[/b]. He himself describes his songs as a “reflection of his own specific musical habits”. This way you can find [b]in addition to the typical hip-hop sounds also influences from jazz, latin, house, drum & bass all the way to classical music and metal[/b]. In contrast to other beatbox producers Art concentrates more on the drum part and utilizes his voice moreover as attendance.

In the year of 1998 Art had his first contact with beatboxing music. Even though it was [b]“love at first sound”[/b] and he already wanted to learn the art of production of drum and percussion sounds with his mouth it was not easy. Finally in the summer of 1999 he met people who were able to help him. Hereby it proved that explaining the different techniques with words was nearly impossible. Therefore Art began to listen and to observe the beatboxers how they created the different kind of drum and percussion sounds with their mouth in order to also create similar sounds. Even though at the beginning everything sounded the same he tirelessly tried to create the [b]most different kinds of sound with his mouth[/b]. With the time going past slowly some sounds were starting to sound different. After this he started to copy sounds from other beatboxers. Time after time he utilized the learned beatbox techniques to [b]compose his own songs[/b]. The first public performance occurred in the middle of the year 2000 in Berlin. Since then “Art of Beatbox” has shown his talent at countless performances for example at [b]live-show of “Top 815” from “Radio Hamburg”[/b] in the year of 2004 or as [b]support for artists like “[a66152]”, “[a106719]”, “[a24211]” and “[a54619]”[/b].

Art was also present on some sound recording media, he committed himself to [b]many beatbox events like “The German Beatbox Battle” as a member of the judges’ panel[/b] and arranges [b]regularly workshops for beatboxing[/b]. With his dedication to beatboxing he wants to make it more public and to commit himself to the perception of this music style.

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