Jimmy Lewis

James Eddie Lewis.

Also known as J. Lewis, James E. Lewis, James Lewis, L. Jimmy, Lewis, Louis, T. Lewis
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Discography of Jimmy Lewis:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 The Girls From Texas / Let Me Know 2 Audio 1966 Minit
2 Help Me Understand You 2 Audio 1974 Hotlanta
3 We Can Make It 2 Audio Tangerine Records
4 Is That Any Way To Treat A Lady 4 Audio 1974 Hotlanta
5 Is That Any Way To Treat A Lady 2 Audio 1974 Hotlanta
6 If It Wasn't For Bad Luck 2 Audio 1969 Stateside
7 Where Was He / Stop Half Loving These Women 2 Audio 1973 Volt
8 Wait Until Spring 2 Audio 1963 4 J Records
9 Feelin In Mah Bones / Koppin A Plea 2 Audio 1963 4 J Records
10 It Ain't What's On The Woman 2 Audio Era Records (6)
11 Give The Poor Man A Break 23 Audio 2002 Kent Soul
12 I'm Stepping Out / Let's Call The Whole Thing Off 2 Audio 1969 Tangerine Records
13 Time For Peace 2 Audio 1978 Tuna
14 Wait Until Spring 2 Audio 1963 4 J Records
15 I Quit, You Win / I Can't Get No Lovin Nowhere 2 Audio 1969 Tangerine Records
16 Totally Involved 8 Audio 1974 Hotlanta
17 Turn Your Damper Down / Where Is My Baby 2 Audio 1968 Minit
18 That's A Girl For You / I Just Want To Talk You 2 Audio 1971 Stateside
19 It Ain't What's On The Woman / There Ain't No Man That Can't Becaght 2 Audio ERA Records
20 The Girls From Texas / Let Me Know 2 Audio 1966 Minit
21 We Can Make It / Two Women 2 Audio Tangerine Records
22 It Ain't What's On The Woman 2 Audio 1974 Hotlanta
23 That's A Girl For You/I Just Want To Talk About You 2 Audio 1970 Tangerine Records

American rhythm and blues (and soul) singer and songwriter.

Born : November 19, 1939 in Itta Bena, near Greenwood, Mississippi.

Died : September 10, 2004 in USA.

Not to be confused with jazz bassist (born in Nashville, TN)Jimmy Lewis (1918-2000).

In his youth Lewis travelled extensively, leading to doubts about his place of birth. Some sources suggest this was Nashville, Tennessee, although Itta Bena, Mississippi, seems more likely. While still young, he settled in Los Angeles where he became interested in making a career in music, in particular developing a talent for writing lyrics. He made records for various small labels, enjoying modest success for [l=Era Records] with "Wait Until Spring" and "What Can I Do Now". In the mid-60s he joined Bill Pinkney, Gerhart Thrasher and Bobby Hollis in [a=Drifters, The]. Later in the 60s, he teamed up with [a=Ray Charles] to record a duet, "If It Wasn't For Bad Luck". Lewis' relationship with Charles was very successful and in 1969 he was co-composer and arranger for Charles' Grammy Award-nominated "Doing His Thing". Lewis also recorded several 45s for Charles' [l=Tangerine Records] and continued writing material for Charles into the 90s.

Although Lewis recorded as a raw and emotional soul singer, he is best remembered as a writer of soul lyrics, collaborating with [a=Cliff Chambers], [a=Arthur Adams], [a=Frank Johnson], [a=Raymond Jackson] and [a=Rich Cason] among several composers. Artists who have sung his songs, often on record, are [a=Bobby Bland], [a=Solomon Burke], [a=Ry Cooder], [a=Rita Coolidge], [a=Leon Haywood], [a=Z.Z. Hill], [a=Albert King], [a=Latimore (2)], [a=Denise LaSalle], [a=Little Richard], [a=Johnnie Taylor], [a=Ted Taylor], and [a=Bobby Womack]. Among songs in Lewis' repertoire, many of which are his own compositions, are "No Chicken Wings", "String Bean", "Stop Half Loving These Women", "I'm Just Doing To You (What You Done To Me)", "Help Me Understand You", "The Love Doctor", "How Long Is A Heartache Supposed To Last", "It Ain't What's On The Woman", "Betty This And Betty That", "Still Wanna Be Black Again", "Don't Send A Girl To Do A Woman's Job", "Wife #1, Wife #2" and "That Baby Ain't Black Enough".

In the early 1990s, Lewis started his own label, Miss Butch Records, on which he recorded [a=Peggy Scott], "I'm Willing To Be A Friend" and "Bill", and [a=Chuck Strong], as well as himself through into the year before his death in 2004.

This artist is not to be confused with other Nashville native of the same name, jazz bass player [a=Jimmy Lewis (2)]

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